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23 July, 2016

Making Changes 404 (storing wealth)

Fully consider how you wish to store your surplus currency units for future use.

Reconsider how you denominate your wealth.

For example, in April I exchanged 2000 currency units for silver, instead of buying an electrically assisted bicycle. The silver is now valued at 2700 currency units. However, I do not value my wealth in currency units. I value wealth in grams of gold. My silver is up 15% percent in terms of gold. I can exchange the silver for 15% more gold than if I originally swapped the currency units for gold.

Anyway, the point is not to gain but to save / store surplus wealth for the future.

Currency units are useful, or at least potentially useful. The electric bike would be useful. Swapping currency for silver is how I chose to store some wealth. My choice, my responsibility, my problem, my opportunity. I did not exchange my own sovereignty by asking a government puppet what the government has told him to tell me.

Did you UNDERSTAND? Do you know what is real?

Your children are real.
Your skills are real.
Your home is real.

Government is an illusion of power.
Banks are illusions of wealth.

Together, finance and politics, are an illusory controlling mechanism.

Terrorists continue to prove that governments are not powerful.

Bailing out the banks in 2008 proved that the banks are not wealthy.

Yet we still cling to the illusion of (financial and political) control tighter than a mewling baby to its safety blanket. At least the baby clings to something that is REAL

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