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26 June, 2016

Transitioning - intelligently managing change

The current financial system is based on using debt as money. It has served us well for three hundred years. Fed by the industrial revolution, fed by population growth, reset by world wars, fed by more population growth, women in the work force, computers and finally by financialisation. In order to avoid another world war reset, we need a new set of loosely connected financial systems rather than a too big to fail until it implodes financial system.

How do we manage the change, intelligently?

Why bother? We don't usually. We have a world war reset and the winners cobble together a new system. A poor one is resolved with another world war.

Well, dear reader, I wish to avoid the unpleasantness of yet another world war.

I suggest a universal income for all. This is the transitioning mechanism. It slowly deflates a whole raft of bubbles and its inherent flaws will become obvious and human ingenuity will generate a raft of financial systems each with their own flaws.

As a double benefit, mankind will rid itself of its unbelievable belief in central planners, governments and too big to fail banks. This will be done slowly, over time, rather than suddenly when reality catches up with the unsustainable.

Short and brief and free. Would you rather I wrote a several hundred page book? (Not free.)

Time will have the last say but if I am right, I am, then expect to see lower taxes on the bottom 85%. One off windfall taxes on the least 'connected'. One off rebates to the bottom 85%. A few more one off repeats. Then huge government departments being streamlined. More one off gifts to the bottom 85%. More reasons to give payments to large groups of people. More government streamlining. More reasons to give larger sections of the population electronic currency. Then finally, universal incomes for all, which become larger as government becomes smaller.

Only joking, world war three is far more likely.

People. You need to start to awaken or awaken more. Soon is good.

This is quite advanced stuff. You need to have read all thirty learning to critically think posts or be a fairly advanced critical thinker or be well down the path to personal enlightenment / awakening. Or whatever.

You all take care

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