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19 June, 2016

Enterprise vs Critical Thinker (part two).

In part one I discuss what happened, so I humbly suggest that you read that before this.

The law states that I must prove negligence before the Hotel owners are liable. The owners are not legally bound to answer my emails, letters or phone calls. Thus the law and justice are firmly on the property owners side.

I am a big boy and I profess to understanding how the world works. Law and Justice is another controlling mechanism. (As is our currency.) It is how the few control the many. There are rules, the openly admitted rules and the nod and wink rules. The rules are based on projecting power and the ability to control force. Your basic dominant monkey type rules. These have only a tiny role in a truly civilised society. Our society is far from civilised.

I have contacted the Hoteliers and they haven't responded.
I have contacted Enterprise and they haven't responded.
I have contacted VISA, the credit card people. They said they would help.

I did not see that coming. Visa have put the payment of £1400 in dispute. Which means Enterprise don't get it and I don't pay it, yet.   Which is interesting. I have no idea what happens next.

However, it does highlight an interesting point. Visa, don't much care for the judicial system of one small island. In the same way that US senators don't much care for the international justice system. Much in the same way I don't give much thought to what the slugs in my back garden like or don't like.

This, people, is what you cling to. British Justice. The right to vote. The controlling few just need to keep the controlling measures in place. We pay for them, the wealth comes from us. Their power comes from us. It is us that are powerful and wealthy and not them!

The ultimate controlling mechanism is our currency.
Even Mr Rothschild has openly told us that, three hundred years ago!

Who are these elites? Can I state for the record that there are no elites. Not the Queen, not the Rothschilds, not anybody. What it is is simple and obvious. Your basic human has an ages old monkey brain component. This part of the brain can be stimulated, making him or her easier to control. An elite is someone who understands this and uses it to his/her own advantage. Like what I do.

Give this concept some critical thought. Then some more. Then some more.
Eventually, the sixty million UK people can demonstrate to the world how these 'elites' can be defeated.

Unfortunately, this blog is far bigger in the U.S. than the UK. For now.

That, my dear readers, is why all the referendum people bombard you with fear, fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, a weak and easily influenced man has killed a beautiful and intelligent young wife, mother and politician out of pure fear. His monkey brain completely overwhelming his under developed human brain.

I hope this is causing you a few head scratching moments whilst you decide if I am for real or a Russian Gay Muslim Terrorist. I am of course gently mocking your tendency to see everything in absolutes.

I know what I am, this blog is about you and the type of world you allow.

Feel free to comment.
Feel free to do something, write something, say something.

Oh yes, I forgot. You are not free. Your monkey brain has been stimulated to bursting point. Stop watching the news and reading newspapers. Find out the hard way what is happening or give away your sovereignty to another. Your choice.


  1. Listen Neo, you ain't Russian, Muslim or a Terrorist

    1. Hi, there. So, I am definitely gay then? :-)
      You take care.

  2. Have you reread my earlier comment about awakened vs still sleeping due to misguidance, morality vs amorality, as you said you would, now that the hotel saga is in limbo?

  3. Yes and I am still pondering what you wrote. You made many comments which I found interesting. I have dispersed the concepts about the web and they shaped how I am dealing with Enterprise.

    My currents thought are about how to transition the current financial system into the financial systems we will get once the current one implodes, whilst avoiding WWIII and other unpleasantness.

    Tying together my ideas, a couple of other people's and your concepts is what I am currently up to.