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30 June, 2016

Banks and governments (16/30)

I have mentioned an unholy alliance between banks and governments, then failed to explain what it was. You, dearest reader, was supposed to think about it yourself after researching what 'money' is.

I am convinced that explaining it is pointless and that you must determine what is is for yourself. I have repeatedly pointed out that you must break your conditioning. Then rambled on about education.

Basically, I don't know how to help you break your conditioning. I can only keep pointing out anomalies.

We have, as western world occupants, given away our power to a government we know lies to us. This is easy when the lies they tell are lies we want to hear. The big lie is do as you are told and have a nice life and lovely retirement. Well, so far so good. The lie is believed and the central banks are doing everything possible to sustain this belief system.

The government's say the banks can counterfeit at will, legally, because the government say so. The banks never refuse to loan counterfeit 'money' to the government. That is the unholy alliance.

All those 'yes But' explanations you are bursting to give me is due to your conditioning. What an actual human being would do would be to think, both long and hard, due to the seriousness of my accusation.

You require proof? Of what exactly?

100 years ago $100 is placed in a box. Today the box is opened. It contains $100. It's purchasing power is less than 1% of what it was.

That is theft, orchestrated by the unholy alliance between banks and governments. Welcome to the real world. You already know this, I am trying to help you understand it. Things change real fast once you do.

26 June, 2016

Transitioning - intelligently managing change

The current financial system is based on using debt as money. It has served us well for three hundred years. Fed by the industrial revolution, fed by population growth, reset by world wars, fed by more population growth, women in the work force, computers and finally by financialisation. In order to avoid another world war reset, we need a new set of loosely connected financial systems rather than a too big to fail until it implodes financial system.

How do we manage the change, intelligently?

Why bother? We don't usually. We have a world war reset and the winners cobble together a new system. A poor one is resolved with another world war.

Well, dear reader, I wish to avoid the unpleasantness of yet another world war.

I suggest a universal income for all. This is the transitioning mechanism. It slowly deflates a whole raft of bubbles and its inherent flaws will become obvious and human ingenuity will generate a raft of financial systems each with their own flaws.

As a double benefit, mankind will rid itself of its unbelievable belief in central planners, governments and too big to fail banks. This will be done slowly, over time, rather than suddenly when reality catches up with the unsustainable.

Short and brief and free. Would you rather I wrote a several hundred page book? (Not free.)

Time will have the last say but if I am right, I am, then expect to see lower taxes on the bottom 85%. One off windfall taxes on the least 'connected'. One off rebates to the bottom 85%. A few more one off repeats. Then huge government departments being streamlined. More one off gifts to the bottom 85%. More reasons to give payments to large groups of people. More government streamlining. More reasons to give larger sections of the population electronic currency. Then finally, universal incomes for all, which become larger as government becomes smaller.

Only joking, world war three is far more likely.

People. You need to start to awaken or awaken more. Soon is good.

This is quite advanced stuff. You need to have read all thirty learning to critically think posts or be a fairly advanced critical thinker or be well down the path to personal enlightenment / awakening. Or whatever.

You all take care

25 June, 2016

Accountability 203 (central planners vs God)

I have covered a great deal of topics. You should have plenty to think about. You should be engaging more with people and having some interesting chats.

Public opinion does change, sometimes rapidly. We are each a single member of the public. What we think about something can change in an instant. Thus, public opinion can to.

These posts are about you and the personal power I am attempting to give each and everyone of you. Yes, some will abuse it but not many. That is why I write these accountability posts, so the many can either tolerate or neutralise their abusers.

Central planners want one thing, more control over you.
For them to succeed, you must give them control of your life.

God gave you free will. Central planners want you to want the limited choices that they offer.
Many religions also like to offer you a limited range of options too. Jesus would be appalled. He saw the beauty of people's souls, as we all should. Jesus did a fantastic job of helping people see others souls as well as their own. To recognise that we each walk around with a spark of life, a touch of divinity or whatever you wish to name it.

After two thousand years, we should all be aware of our souls and their innate beauty. We should be nourishing our souls with art, poetry, music, dance, writing, sculptures and basically enjoying each other's company.

This isn't happening is it? These central planners have produced a world of menace and tyranny. Of children starving. What do we do? Nothing. We accept it as the way things are. Well people, things will only get worse. See Detroit, see Greece. Watch for companies going bankrupt and pensions evaporating.

Do you want the truth? Can you handle it? I am preparing you for it.

Truth is understanding. Knowing is the comfort blanket of an immature mankind.

Knowing is a barrier against understanding. The greatest barrier.

Central planners are fighting against the will of God. They are fighting the very thing that makes us human.

God didn't give us free will for us to then collectively give it Trump or Clinton or Lagarde or me.

God gave us some great gifts. We are just one small step away from greatness.

I keep mentioning God and Jesus. Please feel free to substitute these words for others that are more in line with your own personal beliefs.

There are seven billion of us. Ideally, I want to see seven billion individuals with seven billion ideas on how to live beautiful lives. I want to see 7 billion interesting blogs or Facebook pages.

Central planners want one idea and us all to accept it. That one idea being theirs.

No one on this planet out ranks me. No one.

Does anyone out rank you?

I do have a boss, I do have a job. I have discussed this with him. He has his areas of responsibility and accountability and I have mine. In the army, 250 is the maximum number for units under your control. The FED chairman assumes control of the world's reserve currency. One of these institutions is competent, the other wants us to believe in her more than most believe in a God.

24 June, 2016

The world is as you perceive it (15/30)

Today, at work, I was making a rather theatrical big deal about all the pressure  I was under. Someone took the bait and a sarcastic comment was made. I carried on talking nonsense for a while but was ignored. I changed tack. I thanked the sarcastic comment maker for his earlier compliment. He laughed and this provoked another jester into making a sarcastic comment. I deliberately and with great effect, took that as a compliment too. The sarcastic duo then laughed at my seeming inability to detect their sarcasm. I then said, 'The world is as you perceive it'.

Which preamble leads me to my point, how do you perceive the world? In another post I touched upon the fact that the world wasn't as virtually everyone perceives it. Surely, I have contradicted myself? Perhaps I have.

Most find the world, the economy and the machinations of government incredibly complex. This indicates that your knowledge is preventing you from understanding the world.

I could just tell you but it is a waste of time, you wouldn't believe me. I fear that I am talking in riddles.

A while back I encouraged you to research 'money'. You should as understanding 'money' is crucial to understanding banks and governments.

I will just tell you. Banks and governments have formed an alliance to steal wealth from millions of productive men and women. Now, don't bother with that feeling you are having that I am a conspiracy theorist. I am a systems analyst and design engineer who has spent four years studying the global financial system. Don't bother with that feeling that you don't believe me. Think, think and then think some more.

Not that you will. Thinking is hard. It just is. Do you understand why you find it so hard? You haven't ever been encouraged to do it, nothing more than a superficial stab at giving an authority figure the answer they are expecting.

Individuals are wonderful creatures. Why, collectively, do I refer to us all as drones?

I have covered several points that you need to spend time considering. Yet you read on waiting to see how you feel about the explanations that you expect me to give.

Think again.

19 June, 2016

Enterprise vs Critical Thinker (part two).

In part one I discuss what happened, so I humbly suggest that you read that before this.

The law states that I must prove negligence before the Hotel owners are liable. The owners are not legally bound to answer my emails, letters or phone calls. Thus the law and justice are firmly on the property owners side.

I am a big boy and I profess to understanding how the world works. Law and Justice is another controlling mechanism. (As is our currency.) It is how the few control the many. There are rules, the openly admitted rules and the nod and wink rules. The rules are based on projecting power and the ability to control force. Your basic dominant monkey type rules. These have only a tiny role in a truly civilised society. Our society is far from civilised.

I have contacted the Hoteliers and they haven't responded.
I have contacted Enterprise and they haven't responded.
I have contacted VISA, the credit card people. They said they would help.

I did not see that coming. Visa have put the payment of £1400 in dispute. Which means Enterprise don't get it and I don't pay it, yet.   Which is interesting. I have no idea what happens next.

However, it does highlight an interesting point. Visa, don't much care for the judicial system of one small island. In the same way that US senators don't much care for the international justice system. Much in the same way I don't give much thought to what the slugs in my back garden like or don't like.

This, people, is what you cling to. British Justice. The right to vote. The controlling few just need to keep the controlling measures in place. We pay for them, the wealth comes from us. Their power comes from us. It is us that are powerful and wealthy and not them!

The ultimate controlling mechanism is our currency.
Even Mr Rothschild has openly told us that, three hundred years ago!

Who are these elites? Can I state for the record that there are no elites. Not the Queen, not the Rothschilds, not anybody. What it is is simple and obvious. Your basic human has an ages old monkey brain component. This part of the brain can be stimulated, making him or her easier to control. An elite is someone who understands this and uses it to his/her own advantage. Like what I do.

Give this concept some critical thought. Then some more. Then some more.
Eventually, the sixty million UK people can demonstrate to the world how these 'elites' can be defeated.

Unfortunately, this blog is far bigger in the U.S. than the UK. For now.

That, my dear readers, is why all the referendum people bombard you with fear, fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, a weak and easily influenced man has killed a beautiful and intelligent young wife, mother and politician out of pure fear. His monkey brain completely overwhelming his under developed human brain.

I hope this is causing you a few head scratching moments whilst you decide if I am for real or a Russian Gay Muslim Terrorist. I am of course gently mocking your tendency to see everything in absolutes.

I know what I am, this blog is about you and the type of world you allow.

Feel free to comment.
Feel free to do something, write something, say something.

Oh yes, I forgot. You are not free. Your monkey brain has been stimulated to bursting point. Stop watching the news and reading newspapers. Find out the hard way what is happening or give away your sovereignty to another. Your choice.

18 June, 2016

Accountability 202 (Eric Berne)


I have had a few months of people watching from a parent - adult - child mode perspective. I can now no longer stomach BBC news or newspapers. They seem to be in parent mode and whilst watching the news or reading newspapers I am attempting to stay in adult mode. Therefore communication is pointless.

It is the same with politicians. In the UK we jokingly call it the nanny state. However, it is a nanny state.

Controlling 60 million independent critical thinkers is like herding cats. It just is not possible. Therefore, we are not a nation of 60 million critical thinkers.

Recently, I had another conversation with a baby boomer about financial assets. He went from a productive adult member of society into a frightened little boy in minutes. A lifetimes hard work accumulating savings, self employed and owner of two houses to someone who needs to have a financial advisor for general advice.

The point here is that he should have a firm idea of what he wants to do with his savings and ask a financial advisor for specific advice on how to best realise his goal.

No, that isn't what happens. He gets the same advice from his financial advisor as other baby boomers get from theirs. These government accredited financial advisors peddle the same ideas as to do otherwise opens them up to being sued and losing their government approved financial advisor status. My favourite is that I am not allowed by law to proffer my opinion. So, tow the government approved line or get punished. Pure parent child nonsense.

We are individually accountable to ourselves. Instead of my baby boomer friend accepting responsibility and risk for his own savings he would rather trust a government that he knows lies.

I do understand why. Going against the herd is difficult. If you are wrong, they ridicule you. If you are right they feel cheated.

Anyway, the baby boomer is doing as he is told, if he loses then so will nearly all his associates, they will blame whoever the government tells them to. Bizarre doesn't begin to describe the world in which we live.

Anyway, the baby boomer is beginning to take responsibility for where he places his life savings but he struggles with managing risk. When his pension starts losing 'money' rather than flat lining, he might reassess the risk of not placing his wealth outside the reach of  the increasingly desperate financial sector.

Time reveals all.

17 June, 2016

My next motorbike, part two (14/30)

This post is actually about inspiration. I had some this morning in the shower. My brain must have been mulling over my bike situation and it just gave me the answer. 'Ride your bigger bike to work more often.'

Critical thinking is very different from worrying. With critical thinking you retain or exercise your own free will. You empower yourself. With worrying you give all your power away.

Inspiration is more likely to strike in a topic that you are personally knowledgeable about. Very few brain surgeons get an inspirational idea about earth moving equipment. I hope you get the point, assuming I had one.

12 June, 2016

Enterprise vs me vs Glynvale Hotel (part one)

On Saturday June 4th at 10:00 I picked up an AMG Mercedes E220D from the Wakefield branch of Enterprise car hire.

At 16:00 I parked it a the Glynvale Hotel at Skegness, where my partner (Jenny Phillips.) and I were staying for bed and breakfast. Free car parking and WiFi were provided.

On Sunday June 5th at 09:45 another guest and I were looking at the damage to the bonnet of the Mercedes caused by a piece of the Glynvale Hotel no longer being attached to the hotel.

I had an instant negative emotion, which I am struggling to shift. I moved the car to allow another guest to leave and my partner went back into the hotel to report the incident.

Jenny, my partner, came back out of the hotel informing me that I had parked there at my own risk. The initial negative emotion became stronger.

Sue and Norman, who run the hotel, have now made an error of judgement. They should have come out, inspected the car and the shattered remains of the piece of their hotel that fell off, apologised and asked for the bill for damages to be sent to them. At this point, they haven't accepted liability but have accepted that they need to critically think about what has happened and what needs to happen next.

They didn't.

Monday at 08:45, I returned the now damaged Mercedes back to Enterprise in Wakefield. More than one hour before I had to, giving them one hour of my time to inspect the car and make decisions. I apologised for the inconvenience I would cause by returning a damaged car. Unfortunately, the Manager, was no different to Sue and Norman at the hotel. He was apologetic but he would be taking all £1,400 of the deposit I paid and it was up to me to make a claim against the Hotel owners.

The Hotel owners and the Manager of Enterprise both act only in their own pursuit of profit. Neither care about what ought to be done or justice. For whatever reason, this is now my problem.

I mentioned justice. This private problem between the Glyvale Hotel and Enterprise is now mine and I must write letters and document everything I do. I will add to it as time goes by and this saga continues. Eventually, it is resolved or a claim through the small claims courts will be initiated. What was a private matter that could easily have been resolved by civilised human beings, is then settled at the public's expense.

Is this what society now is? Sue and Norman have no interest in any damage caused by falling pieces of masonry from their hotel onto their guests cars parked in their car park. Enterprise have no policy of assisting their customers in third party claims. All expenses are immediately passed onto whoever is the easiest to Bill. Ultimately, the tax payer pays for all infrastructure costs for settling this dispute.

The cost of all this is more than financial. It costs us our happiness. I am unhappy at both Enterprise and Sue and Norman. Shaun, the Enterprise Manager will be under pressure to get a premium car available for hire as soon as possible. Sue and Norman will be unhappy when I Bill them £1,400.

What should have happened is that Enterprise send a bill and covering letter to Glynvale and Sue and Norman respond in a civilised manner. Either negotiate the bill down or turn it over to their insurance provider who will.

Details of the car hire, damage charge and hotel follow.


Thank you for your reservation.
Your reservation number is 1809714557.

Pick-Up Details

Date & Time
Saturday, June 04, 2016 @ 10:00 AM
165-169 Dewsbury Road
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

Return Details

Date & Time
Monday, June 06, 2016 @ 10:00 AM
165-169 Dewsbury Road
Monday: 08:00 - 18:00

Renter Details


Pricing Details

Vehicle Class
Small Premium
Mercedes C Class or similar


2 DAILY @ £45.00

Unlimited Mileage
Damage Waiver
Taxes & Fees


Estimated Total£90.00
04/06/2016 09:53
06/06/2016 08:40
VEH #1 2016 MERC E 4S21
VIN# WDD2120012B315688
Charge DescriptionDateQuantityPerRateTotal
TIME & DISTANCE04/06 - 06/062DAY£37.50£75.00
REFUELING CHARGE04/06 - 06/06£0.00
Miscellaneous Charges/Ref funds
Taxes & Surcharges
VALUE ADDED TAX04/06 - 06/0620%£15.00
Total Charges:£1,490.00
Bill-To / Deposits
TIME & DISTANCE04/06 - 06/062DAY
Total Amount Due£0.00
This is not a VAT Invoice

Glynvale Hotel
Susan and Norman Wood
101 Drummond Road
PE25 3EH

Sue and Norman we both pleasant and personable. The Hotel was clean and the food acceptable. I wouldn't park there. I advise some basic personal protective clothing of steel toe capped boots, hard hat and goggles. 
Not suitable for children.

Critical Thought time.
Enterprise is a global company. As it grows, at some point it will become too big to fail. Like the banks. This means it is systemically important and as such more important than all the tax payers. Enterprise, is now big which means that it is more important than me. It can increase damage waivers to whatever it likes as it has no real competition. Actual car owners pay two or three hundred pounds excess fees, not £1,400. Without critical thought by the masses, these numbers continue to grow.

Enterprise are now big enough that they can force the courts into taking on the cost of dispute resolution. The bill for all this goes to the tax payer. The court will eventually decide who pays. They have already decided that it won't be Enterprise, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. I cannot be the first Enterprise customer to ever find himself in this situation. No, either myself or Sue and Norman will be billed. Their insurance company will follow the path of maximising profit and not pay. The courts are already on their side.

Obviously, a great many people will disagree with a least some of what I have written. However, my key point is this. The courts are bigger than me. Enterprise is bigger than me. However, me and all you are paying for all this as either customers or tax payers. Enterprise should serve us. The courts should serve us. The banks should serve us. The government should serve us. We pay for all this and they do not serve us.

The entire world is the exact opposite of what we are told it is. 

I have filled in Enterprises online email form asking for clarification and 

support as follows;

I returned the car with some superficial damage. Part of the hotel I was 

staying at fell off and impacted upon your car.

I now need all relevant documentation emailed or posted out to me, as well as a covering letter. This documentation will be required for me to forward copies to the hoteliers and eventually, perhaps, to a small claims court. You should be in a far better position than me to know what documents I will need. An important one will be an Engineers report of the damage. Sending an 
automated notice that £1,400 has been taken from my credit card without a covering letter is an appalling level of customer service. 

I have already verbally asked that the Manager of your Wakefield branch send 
bill out to the hoteliers.

Your customer service, when hiring is exemplary. I expect no less now.

I expect a full answer, in a format that is acceptable by the judicial system.

Please make an effort to behave appropriately.

The automated response, so far, is:-


Thank you for your email! We will review your correspondence and reply appropriately as quickly as we are able.

Whatever, no doubt they will send me a copy of the following as they have no fears of the judicial system finding fault with their pursuit of profit.

Your rental agreement will include the following protection products:
Damage Waiver
Damage waiver is included in the price of the rental, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Damage waiver reduces the amount you are responsible for in the event of damage to and or theft of the vehicle. The excess amounts applicable with damage waiver are- all cars – 1000.00 GBP- MINI MPVs, MPVs and commercial vehicles - 1150.00 GBP all premiums and 4x4s equals 1400.00 GBP.

No doubt, more will follow.


11 June, 2016

Accountability 201 (PAC parent, adult, child)

Adults, basically, operate in one of three modes.

Parent - this is where, without thought, you channel your parents words.
In my case, this will be when I address my partner with such gems as who has left this light on? What ARE you doing? Do you ever think?

None of the comments or questions serve any purpose.

Another mode is child mode. An example of this is when a 'superior' goes into parent mode and you go into child mode to avoid holding the 'superior' to account.
For example,
Parent mode boss, 'why by did you do that, you should have done this?'
My child mode response,'erm, I am not sure.'

When someone is in parent mode, the entire conversation is pointless, so don't concern yourself with it.

Child mode is no better. Someone may ask me a perfectly straight forward question and I immediately turn into an eight year old boy. My response will be something similar to, ' it isn't my fault, you always pick on me.' I did this Monday morning at work. I am nearly fifty.

When someone is in child mode, further conversation is pointless.
Let them calm down.

So what is left? The only productive conversation is when both adults are in adult mode.

It isn't all serious. I often go into child mode, deliberately, to enjoy a silly joke, to have a silly discussion, to have a laugh over something deadly serious or trivially unimportant, to make someone smile, to enjoy a cake, to ease tension, to have some fun and enjoy being alive, to thoroughly engage with people and lower people's inbuilt defences. To enhance relationships but mainly because I can.

Just sharing what I learned reading two books by a dead author. I will credit him in a future Accountability post. Thanks Eric.

10 June, 2016

Centralisation vs de-centralisation (13/30)

A few posts back, I said I would explain everything. I have done my best to prepare you for this.

Centralisation is where you give away your power / sovereignty in exchange for a politicians promise.

De-centralisation is where you don't give away your power / sovereignty for a politicians promise.

That should be sufficient for those of you who have actually put in the required effort, to begin to UNDERSTAND what you already KNOW

We are trained to believe that time is linear. It obviously isn't. It is cyclical. A few examples, just to reinforce the point.
Day, night, day, night etcetera
Spring, summer, Autumn, winter, spring, summer, etcetera
Big bang, expanding galaxy, collapsing galaxy, big bang, expanding galaxy, etcetera

Civilisation goes from decentralisation to centralisation back to decentralisation.

Government and banks get bigger and bigger until they collapse. Economies get bigger and bigger until they collapse. The explanation is easy, they aren't sustainable. Economies cannot grow forever, neither can banks or government.

In 2008, growth in the economy faltered. Banks started collapsing, your government threw your wealth at the banks. That should have inspired lots of critical thinking. It didn't. What will? Will anything? When?

In even simpler terms, the central planners are being increasingly dominant. Therefore, we become increasingly submissive. A true human being will struggle accepting the dominance of any one or any group. A true human being does not seek to dominate others.

05 June, 2016

Accountability 112 Ghordius

04 June, 2016

Understanding 305 what is America?

What is America doing?

America does what it has done since World War Two, whatever is in its own best interest.

However, who actually is America? Not the people but the few financiers who backed the few industrialists who channelled wealth back into the financiers vaults. So, let us say the moneyed interests who use the American people, the American Government to increase their already massive wealth.

The moneyed interests / America deficit spend pretend money aka currency and tax the U.S. people pretend money. Unfortunately, the U.S. people have to exchange their labour for this pretend money. So, via pretend money fraud, the moneyed interests simply take a big portion of the people's labour.

For the moneyed interests, this vast theft is insufficient. They also like to use the U.S. Army to protect their overseas interests / thieving. This is where local dictators are bribed with pallets of U.S. pretend money and real weapons. U.S. corporations then take oil, rare metals, rare earth and anything else of value, in exchange for pretend money.

For the moneyed interests this global theft is insufficient. Using the world bank or IMF, third world countries leaders are bribed with pallets of U.S. pretend money, weapons and U.S. military protection to accept massive loans of pretend U.S. money, which their tax payers then need to earn local currency, which then needs to be exchanged for dollars to service the pretend money interest. Thus creating an overseas demand for U.S. pretend money.

Taking all this wealth via the pretend money fraud is still not enough.

Bombing and rebuilding Iraq and the others, still isn't enough for the moneyed interests.

These wealthy few have also removed vast amounts of wealth from our pension accounts. Leaving behind a brittle facade of the bear minimum. The masses will notice just before the pretend money scam is destroyed in hyperinflation. Perhaps because of terrorists? / EXTREME SARCASM.

Seriously, this is a great deal of wealth. I live in the UK and our overlords do the pretend money scam on our population and via the IMF, scam other countries people to. Obviously, the U.S. take the lions share.

Now, the U.S. moneyed interests are trying to start WW3. Using WWII as their template. So, get Europe to destroy it's own manufacturing base and also destabilise China into a destructive civil war. How? The Muslim nonsense is starting to destabilise many European countries. China have been led down a dangerous path of massive credit growth. The pretend money scam needs to progress slowly. In China it has been forced along at a rapid clip. The wealth stolen from the Chinese people's is vast. They might not understand it but they will realise something is wrong and be very perturbed. Social cohesion may be lost. Faith in the pretend money may evaporate.

War loans and rebuilding industries are very profitable for the moneyed interests. A benefit of huge wars is that the people's of the world blame the other people's of the world for their financial losses. Not the financial overlords, so the game repeats.

That still is not a sufficient theft for the moneyed interests. They also want your respect and unending servitude for their descendants for millennia.


What can we do?
Get everybody to read this blog.

Once you actually UNDERSTAND the world, things will change in a heartbeat.

This blog is for sale, £100 million. I know it is pretend money but enough of you believe in it for me to exchange it for financial assets, real assets and for me to wander the Earth on a nice yacht. Ideally, the people organise themselves and buy the blog, ideally.

Writing more of this is not going to change anything. Getting more of you critically thinking about the world will. Encouraging critical thinkers to consider the world around us, to develop an understanding of what is and what could be. Wouldn't that be worth £100,000,000? The ROI will be more than £100,000,000,000,0000 for the people plus no World War three and no Chinese civil war. Quite a good offer but excessive modesty stops me from accepting a fair price for my rather rare and specific skill set. (The words do not exist to describe my talents.)
How well did you handle the truth?

I don't suppose the moneyed interests will need to extinguish my light, an angry unable to critically think, unable to handle the truth human being will do it for them. Plenty of legal concoctions about that reduce the people's capacity for critical thought and to unbalance them.

Forget the pretend money thing, do what is right.

I have given you a choice, remember that.

03 June, 2016

What can we do? (12/30)

What world do you want to live in? A beautiful world of plenty or the current invisible bars one. Or the other I have already forgotten. Oh yes, the real world?

Pick one and live it, the end.

What I hadn't realised is that each world already exists. Most live in the invisible bars world. It isn't compulsory. It is just what we have been trained for. What are parents were trained for, etcetera.

The world I live in is very pleasant. Occasionally, I have to deal with the police but as they have my fingerprints, DNA and psychological profile, they tend to be on their very best behaviour. I accept nothing less. (Dispensing justice, not submitting to 'authority' is not without its costs, more about this in a future post, possibly.)

You are training your children for the same world that you live in. Why? Easy, because thinking, especially critical thinking, is hard. So are world wars. Make your choice, try understanding your choice. Critical Thought will be required.