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08 July, 2016

Making Changes 401 (retirement)

The trend to reverse, is giving away your own power and responsibility to another person or group.

For example, your retirement.

You give away your responsibility to finance your own retirement to a politician.

Good luck with that.


  1. Living here in Sweden,where the state takes a sum of my pay and "iinvests" it on my behalf,I have realised that the prudent thing to do is to own my house without a mortgage at retirement,not play at the casi...err stock market and maybe even go so far as to go to some of those survivalist sites and start stockpiling some food that lasts,say 20 years. And yes,I have,like you, read Peter Schiff and FOFOA.....
    By the way,I think it is FOFOA who gets to laugh last,he seems to have gotten it all right. Central bankers DO know what they are doing,they act very coordinated and they all seem to cooperate now by preserving the dollar reserve status by keeping everybody elses interest rates lower than the Federal reserves! (even if it means negative rates in some countries)

  2. I am pleased that you have a plan and thanks for commenting.
    Central banks and government just want us to have full faith and confidence in them. I have neither.