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12 March, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance - vital reading

Engineers do 'root cause analysis', well good ones do if they have the time. My critical thinking is aimed towards the so-called 'real world'. Finance, government and people. There is a splinter in my mind that I am struggling to remove. Something is not quite right and with 'root cause analysis' I seek to find out what this is. Luckily or perhaps a small indication of my dedication in this area, I am a Systems Analyst and Design Engineer. A system being made up of two things; people and other stuff.

Banking is a system. Government is a system. Society is just a system. My suggestion in this post is that the entire system is based upon cognitive dissonance. In other words, what we think banking is, it isn't. What we think government is, it isn't. What we think society is, it isn't.

I believe I have covered banking extensively. Fundamentally, the stuff we think of as money isn't. We use bank credit and cognitive dissonance allows us to believe this credit is money. Cognitive dissonance supplies you with a raft of explanations as to why I am wrong, or why this is a flawed idea but what is the alternative? That is what cognitive dissonance is. Most of us have this particular one.

I believe that I have covered government extensively. Fundamentally, the idea of government does not match up to what it actually does. Again, many of you will be shaking their head believing me to be a communist or fascist or most likely a reasonable intelligent, well intentioned, fool. Again, this is cognitive dissonance, yours not mine.

I believe my last post was about society. Your cognitive dissonance here will be full of explanations as to why society might not be perfect but it is far better than any foolish notions I may have. This is probably commonsense but society is massively ineffective and increasingly likely to end with a catastrophic failure. Again, your mind will be conjuring up all sorts of sound bites that allows your cognitive dissonance to remain intact.

If you are still reading, well done. This is a critical thought blog so I assume most of you will at least entertain the ideas I put forward. This one regarding cognitive dissonance is the result of four decades work.

Now, I am going to tell you things that you probably already know but show that cognitive dissonance allows you to ignore what you know. The British Army is made up of a men of varying ranks. From private, all the way up to Generals and finally Her Majesty. Each man saluting whoever ranks above them. You know this, mostly. How else could you organise an Army? I suggest that society is similar. Government and private companies all use this form of organisation. How else could you form a government or run a company of 100 souls or more? Apparently, 250 is the magic number. In that, one person can only handle 250 subordinates. At this point your cognitive dissonance will be screaming at you not to read on as this is not only boring, it is pointless and I know nothing. Or perhaps you are intrigued?

No matter, let me introduce you to the SAS. Here we have four men teams with each individual having at least one specialised skill. SAS HQ get a mission brief and after some thought, one or more teams are assembled. In a mission, whoever has the relevant specialist skill instantly takes command and this changes as the mission unfolds. SAS men do not salute anyone. The British Army may be effective but the SAS are devastating.

Imagine the British Army abandoning the current hierarchical structure and adopting the SAS structure. Your cognitive dissonance could well be running wild at this point. it cannot be done because, what exactly? You will have a great many answers, provided by cognitive dissonance.

The Ghurkas very much use the same command structure as the SAS. You give them a mission target and then quickly get out of the way. Questioning how they achieve their objective will give any sane person nightmares. The SAS and the Ghurkas are very potent enemies. They are very effective. Yet, our society and the Army ignores and large companies ignore completely the organisational structure of the SAS, mostly. There are exceptions. Small groups broken off the whole to pursue a single objective.

There you have it. There is a far more effective way of organising society and we simply do not do it.

We do not do it because of cognitive dissonance.

There is more, much more. Are you ready for this?

Society conditions us from birth to be good members of society. The Amy then conditions members of society to kill other (different) members of society. Apparently, this is very difficult. Getting a man to kill another, on demand, is basically all Army training is. So, what makes a good SAS soldier? Any member of society who is impervious to the military conditioning but who rapidly obtains skills because of internally generated reasons. If handled correctly, this man will die to meet whatever objective you give him.

What happens if someone is impervious to social conditioning? Well, that would be me and probably most of the best of the SAS soldiers. For internally generated reasons, I would give my life to meet the objective(s) that I have given myself. Gladly and without hesitation. Are you following this?

Basically, you are born as a 'human being'. Capable of learning whatever skills are necessary to meet your internally generated objectives. You are devastatingly effective in whatever field you choose to operate. This is everybody.

Social conditioning blends us all into one bland member of public, upon which a hierarchy is stamped to create the most ineffective, pointless and internally conflicted structure possible. The one we have that cognitive dissonance tells us cannot be bettered.

How is this read so far? Uncomfortable or enlightening? Have you decided that I know nothing? Is it remotely possible that I am right?

How active is your cognitive dissonance? If you have had an emotional response to anything here, then forget about it and read it again next week. Continue to do this until you can read the post in its entirety without emotion. Allow your humanity to read this without any influence of your inner monkey / amygdala.

Do you want your new born child (any gender) to be as potent as an SAS soldier in whatever field they choose. Or simply a good citizen / member of public?

Would you like your Grand Children born into a world where their limits were not known. Where they are encouraged to be the best that they can be. Or into a world where they must fit in?

I find the above question to be pointless. As is your society. 

Cognitive dissonance limits individuals and any system in which they operate.

Cognitive dissonance can be removed by properly reading this one post.

Do you want to believe that you and this society is operating at a reasonable level. Or do you wish to unleash your innate human potential?

Perhaps you own a company, is it the best it can be? Are you brave enough to unleash its potential by enabling your employees to be what they were born, human beings?

At this point, your cognitive dissonance will be telling you all sorts of nonsense. Just accept that it is. Go and do something else. Read this post again next month. Then go do something else. Repeat this until you know that you are both capable and powerful. You just are and this post is of no importance whatsoever. My opinion is of no consequence and this article is incoherent nonsense. All that matters is that you are a powerful human being and are considering how best to deploy your unique skill set or perhaps develop more. You are comfortable with your power and that you remember to take care with the delicate members of public, whatever their 'social' rank.

My three books may help you to accelerate your realisation of yourself.


You may well be wondering who I am and how I write these posts. Or perhaps just how powerful I am. Feel free to wonder but it is a waste of your time. Your time is better spent developing yourself and then your time will be best deployed however you see fit.


Executive summary.

Gain control over your own inner monkey / amygdala

Realise the crippling reality of the effects of everyone cognitive dissonance created by the amygdala

Use your capabilities and power to achieve whatever objectives you desire


I seek to create Heaven on Earth - what will you seek to achieve? 

(Your children will achieve far more.)