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13 March, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance - example one (Putin and the nerve gas) UPDATED 1.1

From my perspective, the effect of cognitive dissonance in the general population is profound. All members of the public are mentally crippled. It really is that simple and utterly unbelievable. The reverse is also true. Many will find that the example I give of cognitive dissonance below unbelievable. Just two of many reactions will be that I am a conspiracy theorist or overly imaginative.

Let us start there. The term 'conspiracy theorist' was brought into our collective consciousness by the American Intelligence Services, I will call them the C.I.A. In a publicly available memo, the CIA suggest the phrase be used to label and undermine anyone who deviated away from the official JFK narrative.

The Government gives its spin on something or other and those who question it are called 'conspiracy theorists'. In the old days, they were called reporters. Today, the CIA help shape the narrative our reporters give us as and act as analysts and special advisers for government.

I haven't actually got to the example yet but how are you finding the above information? Far fetched or obvious? Do you want to know where my 'proof' is or do you wish me to get to example one of cognitive dissonance?

Do you know that 10% of our population are so crippled by cognitive dissonance that they simply are not able to think a problem through to its solution? They get IQ scores below 83. Cognitive dissonance causes great internal stress and the amygdala releases cortisone which causes lots of unhappy symptoms, many of which accelerate your aging. When I write something, it really is in your best interest to attempt to understand it. Your cognitive dissonance reduces your IQ and ages you at an accelerated rate. Now, who doesn't want to age slower and be able to think clearer and be far more content and feel capable, confident and powerful?

How many reactions have you had so far to this post? None would be good other than get on with it as all this is obvious.

Example one.

This morning on BBC radio news I was informed of something so utterly unbelievable I was struck dumb by how crippling cognitive dissonance is at the BBC and in British Government as well as the US government. This is actually important as I wish to avoid or at least delay a nuclear themed World War Three.

Apparently, Theresa May has decided that Russia has been naughty and has 24 or is it 36 hours to admit their guilt. Russia, a significant player in the world of Military Power and allied to China. Now in the UK, Russia supply us with gas to heat our homes and China provides us with loads of stuff to put into our homes. America supplies us with 'nothing'? Anyway, Russia has either lost control of nerve gas or used it to kill a dodgy spy in the UK. That's it. We are accelerating towards WW3 without much in the way of 'evidence'.

Unbelievable. Litvenko was mentioned. Another dodgy spy killed with pollonium or some such like. The narrative put forward by govt and the media (CIA) is that Putin did it.

Imagine that you are Putin. You go on record as saying that there are 100 dodgy spies that shouldn't be on Russian soil because they have betrayed their country men. He said, on record, that they deserve to be strangled. This is verifiable, if you are able to think, reason and research using the publicly available official records on the internet. Now, the rest of the world swapped some spies with Russia including the dodgy spy killed with nerve gas. Are you understanding this yet? Putin has basically said, rather kindly, get these traitors out of my country or they will be strangled. So, the US and UK swapped some spies over. If Putin wanted Litvenko or the other chap dead, they would not have been offered for swap, they would already have been strangled.

I don't have any problem with this. From the James Bond films we know spies have cyanide capsules in case of capture and all one hundred were captured but didn't feel the need to take the cyanide capsule. This implies that they weren't really expecting to be tortured or mistreated too badly. Or perhaps the MOD had mistaken cocaine for cyanide? I jest. Regardless, Putin has told everybody not crippled by cognitive dissonance what is going to happen and why, without threats.

So, who exactly could spend millions of dollars obtaining very difficult to acquire chemical agents and nuclear isotopes and then plant lots of stories in the media and advise the UK and US govts that Putin definitely did it?

I have no idea, other than the CIA. Another interesting point was that BBC Radio News also mentioned that Litvenko died in an equally imaginative and expensive way. Did you know that two dodgy spies were poisoned with the pollonium stuff? Just weeks apart? Course not. The other spy, as he lay dying in an appallingly horrific and slow way, was asked on camera if he believed that Putin had ordered his death. Despite intense pain and the sure knowledge that he was going to suffer far more agony before his death - he laughed. His response was no. The likelihood of Putins involvement was zero. He had no doubts at all on this subject.

Are you able to research independently or do you feel my version makes far more sense than the official narrative? Putin had these dodgy spies in his custody. None had bothered with the cyanide pill. Putin said they would be strangled if they remained on Russian soil. Two of these dodgy spies were, years later, killed on UK soil in the most expensive way possible. As opposed to being strangled.

Just for a moment allow yourself to believe that Putin ordered these retired dodgy spies to be killed and they were all strangled on UK soil by whoever you like. Would anyone care? Would it make the news? Some old KGB spy strangled in his living room? No. No. No. It only makes the national news if they die in some bizarre and horrific way.

This is all obvious to anyone not suffering with cognitive dissonance. It really is. Putin keeps making speeches at how he struggles to believe the mentality of the UK and US govt and the media in the US and the UK. Perhaps listen to them?

Most people, will struggle to accept any of the above. Which is example one of cognitive dissonance.


Well, did you like my version of the 'truth'. Did you prefer the official govt narrative?

My version is harmless and offends no-one. I am happy for Putin to read this whilst in the company of his security team and to patiently await his response. If he orders my execution, how long will his people have to come up with a bizarre and ridiculously expensive way of killing me? A method costing at least one million dollars as per someone like the fictional character Dr Evil in an Austin Powers film.

The official story, if everyone accepts it without comment, sets us further along the path to a nuclear themed world war three. The UK and US vs China, Russia and Germany.

If I am, more or less, correct - why would the CIA spend 2 - 3 million dollars killing three dodgy spies and stage manage the narrative that Putin did it?

Well, that is easy to answer. What reason did the US Govt give for 'Putins actions'? DESTABILISATION. So, there you go the CIA did it to destabilise the UK and EUROPES economic ties to Russia. As well as attempting to coerce China into choose to side with the US or Russia. Destabilising the entire world.

What, exactly, is your cognitive dissonance telling you about that? Perhaps, why would the CIA want to destabilise the entire world? Well, they are and I don't think answering 'why' is particularly important.

I know exactly what your cognitive dissonance is demanding. Exactly. How? It doesn't matter. Your cognitive dissonance will believe none of my version until it is given a reasonable explanation as to why would the CIA do all this. So, if I tell you, all you are going to review is my explanation. No. No. No. This blog is called Critical Thought, so go do some.

NB When I refer to the CIA I more specifically mean the small group of influential men who 'guide' American Intelligence. Men who have massive financial interests in mankind remaining crippled by cognitive dissonance. They do not prevent me reaching my goal of creating Heaven On Earth, every member of the public does. This small group of men will never acknowledge me or admit to any CIA connection. Amazingly, they suffer from cognitive dissonance too! (The truth makes no sense.)

How much actual reality / truth can you cope with?


The world really is this easy for me to understand.

Theresa May (and her cabinet and advisers) and Trump (and his team) are clueless and yet you insist that they take your wealth and do all the critical thinking for you. They are and you are all suffering from cognitive dissonance.

This can change and will change. For the better or for the worse. The person in the mirror decides your future.


CIA - Corruption Inter Alia


WW3 people




update 14th March 2018

The deadline passes and Theresa May continues to walk down a dark and dangerous path. At this point MI6 will have advised her on how to proceed. MI6 show exactly the same form of cognitive dissonance that May and the Tory Leadership all share. Evidence is now pointless. All Theresa May will believe is that Russia is guilty and nothing will shake this belief. Nothing. Russian Diplomats are now openly called Russian spies. Unreal people, of course they are either spies or assets of spies. This is just the way of things.

She is now no longer competent to make any decisions. MI6 have shown themselves to be unfit for purpose. At this point consider MI6 and the CIA to essentially be the same parasitic organism. If Putin has lost control of nerve gas, as May suggested one day previously, it is in the interest of everyone to investigate that thoroughly. No, today, even that has been forgotten.

The human part of May is no longer functioning properly as her amygdala / inner monkey has seized control. There must be an enemy and May has seized upon Putin. As May is no longer rational, who actually has the necessary integrity to help her regain control of her humanity. Obviously, the MI6 flunky values his/her career more than their honour. The only person left with any power is Her Majesty. Her advisers must dine frequently with Mays as all appear to be suffering from the same cognitive dissonance. (This is not a conspiracy, it is just how it is and quite natural for 'western' society.)

Notice how the news and press support the nonsense that 'our' govt is creating. Showing themselves to be unfit for purpose too. This is all to be expected but is crushingly disappointing anyway. The CIA has assets all over the world. They have literally pallets of one hundred dollar bills to burn. A nod here and a wink there will advance your highly visible and public career in your preferred direction. A handful of men own the major news outlets, a handful of bankers will finance these men. There are not many people the CIA need to influence to promote their agenda. Anyone the CIA choose to influence is recorded as being a CIA asset. In 1950 the CIA began infiltrating newspapers, finance and govt and have not stopped their efforts for nearly 70 years. Continually helping to centralise control into fewer and fewer hands, such that they can advance their agenda at will, almost. As they get bolder and more powerful, they get ever more obvious.

What is the CIA agenda? Basically, the US is losing its status as the worlds super power. Slowly but surely. A loss of status often causes the amygdala to exert extreme force over a persons basic humanity. Cognitive dissonance spreads freely amongst those who stand to lose power, control and wealth. May and her cabinet will be having difficulty maintaining their humanity, as their amygdalas fear the farce of brexit. The CIA are aware of this and gentle nudges can easily sway anyone who is under the control of their amygdala. The CIA is creating and developing fear to destabilise Russia, China, Europe and the UK. Relatively speaking, a destabilised rest of the world makes America look great again.

Again, even the CIA are suffering the effects of cognitive dissonance. Most everyone in the western world is. This is due to the simple fact that we never bother seeking to tame and control our own inner monkey / amygdala. We call ourselves human without ever promoting or encouraging our inner humanity. Once the amygdala starts over-reacting our own intelligence creates an impenetrable cloud of cognitive dissonance.

What can be done. First, regain control of your humanity. The first book I ever published deals with that. Then read the next two.

Your cognitive dissonance now allows you to label me as a 'whatever' with absolute certainty. The same absolute certainty that May feels about Russia or the CIA feels about its duty to protect Americas interests abroad, is what you are most likely suffering from too.

If not, I apologise. What we can do is encourage others to control their inner monkey / amygdala and continually point out the irrationality of May, Trump and whoever else is shrieking about 'threats' and 'dangers'.

It is a strange world.

It needn't be.

It could easily be Heaven on Earth.

The CIA would not like that.

Not that the CIA are evil. They are well intentioned. They have just completely failed to develop their inner humanity. Their amygdalas rule them. The seek power over others and collect status symbols to appease their inner monkey / amygdala. As do most beings, particularly western beings.

May is not evil. She believes that Putin needs to be controlled in some way. She is well intentioned. Unfortunately, she isn't really in control of herself and is completely unaware of this. Cognitive discordance provides her with everything she needs to know, her beliefs make her feel strong. Her lack of awareness makes her an exceedingly poor choice as UK govt leader.

Not that I blame her, this awareness is not taught at schools. Why would it? At school the amygdala is developed to produce members of public that seek comfort in hierarchy and status symbols.

It is a funny old world. You can change it by first 'changing' yourself. Dampen down your amygdala / inner monkey and encourage your humanity. It is good for the soul. Don't worry about your cognitive dissonance as that will simply dissolve.

Obviously, I believe that my three books will help but whatever works for you, works for you.

You take care and have fun