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16 March, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance - example three David Icke

Cognitive Dissonance is created when we absolutely believe something that we know isn't true. Then cognitive dissonance supplies us with all the answers as to why the untrue thing we wish to believe is actually true.

Hopefully, that did not make any sense whatsoever. Which fully describes what cognitive dissonance is. A great deal of stress, anger and violence is created by our cognitive dissonance. On a personal and societal level.

I want to make this absolutely clear. Dissipating the cloud of cognitive dissonance that surrounds you is not easy and when it is gone you ought to expect a significant impact on your psychological well being. I have had several overlapping but separate clouds of cognitive dissonance enveloping me. Dispersing one left me feeling disorientated, unreal and ungrounded for around three months. However, the first was the most traumatic and I did have a David Icke moment, this lasted around one year.

So, who is this David Icke? Well, from memory, he was a BBC sports pundit who managed to disperse his cloud of cognitive dissonance on the TV. It wasn't easy viewing. He gave every appearance of being a lunatic having some sort of nervous breakdown. The BBC did nothing to stop us thinking that. In fact, they encouraged it. In public David Icke was laughed at and ridiculed. Not the best thing to happen when everything you believe in but know isn't true is suddenly revealed to you as not being true.

If you Google David Icke you will discover him meeting with people all over the world and giving talks about Rothchilds, Banking, Sumerians, bloodlines and insisting that what we call reality is just waves of energy. I think I have heard him mention Lizard people and the Masons. I would like to meet him and I know we would chat for hours. I would try and convince him that I am right and he would, most likely, explain to me why he is right. Fundamentally, we are in agreement. I mention the essential difference later on in this post.

Society labels David Icke as a consiracy theorist and border line lunatic but largely ignores him. This is the way of things. Society is the product of our collective and individual cognitive dissonance so why would it embrace those who see through the lies / illusion?

David Icke was the first person that caused me to evaluate the world around me. This was over one quarter of a century ago. He has developed his views since then, probably. I agree with him on the key points but we do have differing opinions. I feel that he is almost right but that I am actually right. The differences matter to me but is of no consequence to anyone else.

The point of this is to state that losing your cognitive dissonance will be really disorientating and society will not help you evolve into that what  you ought to be, a human being without cognitive dissonance. If anything society will want you back into its grips, failing that, discredit you. David Icke is a very public example of that.

The major problem with conversing with someone about this topic, who is a member of society / fully cognitive dissonant, is that it is impossible. I had another go around one hour ago. Utterly pointless.

I write these posts for many reasons. Reasons, within reasons, within reasons. Two of them are to delay / prevent WW3 and the other is to gift your children with Heaven On Earth. You may feel that these objectives are beyond the power of one man and you would be wrong. These objectives feel entirely reasonable for a being of my power and capability. Now, your cognitive dissonance will be telling you that I am a lunatic. Well, that is your concern and not mine. I am merely stating that this very same power that flows through my being is readily available to you to. It just is.

You cannot have this truly outstanding God like awareness and be cognitive dissonant. So, the choice is yours. At least for now. Cognitive dissonance allows you to ignore reality but the consequences of ignoring reality become increasingly dangerous as time passes. Tick, tock.


David Icke believes that mankind has been enslaved for thousands of years. He is right.

David Icke believes that a few bloodlines have willfully dominated us for thousands of years. He is wrong.

We have forced them to dominate us for thousands of years. (We like the sweet, comforting lies.)

The moment we stop forcing them to dominate us is the instant that they no longer have the power to dominate us. Our individual power rises up to meet theirs. One on one, our power is equal. We out number them by hundreds of millions to one, so we win. When you think of these elite, know this, I am one.

I have no idea how you will perceive that last paragraph through your cognitive dissonance cloud. I am not interested either. As I stated earlier, discussing this stuff with members of the public is futile. Discussing it with those who are beginning to believe what their eyes see and ears hear is wondrous.

You are a wondrous being. Society is merely the reflection of our amygdala. Civilisation a reflection of our humanity. Both society and civilisation exist simultaneously. Currently society appears far stronger but civilisation is in ascendance.

Society is founded on fear.

Civilisation is seeded around love.

Our amygdala creates fear.

Our humanity creates love.

We need to be mindful in creating a balance.

I am fairly confident that Jesus has already explained all this to us. Perhaps seeing with our eyes is insufficient. Hearing with our ears is not enough. We need to expend effort actually looking and listening. However, through our cognitive dissonance clouds we do not realise that there is a difference between an actual human being and a member of public. A member of the public is enthralled by his amygdala which is ten times more powerful than his / her humanity. A human being is simply aware, in real-time, of his / her amygdalas strength and influence.

Anyway, buy my books and read them because they are designed to help you manage your transition from a member of public enthralled with society / your amygdala to an inherently powerful and self aware human being fully capable of realising such objectives as creating Heaven On Earth.

Again, I could go on but only human beings without cognitive dissonance will fully understand the concepts that I am attempting to describe, mostly. The others will 'know' or 'believe' that I am writing all this for wealth, fame and 'whatever'. Or perhaps to 'trick' you into wasting two of your bank credits and make you feel foolish. (It is actually your amygdala that makes you feel foolish.)

I ought to charge 1,000 bank credits for each of my three books.

However, on March 30th two or three of the trilogy will be free to celebrate my 49th birthday.

Best of luck regaining control of your amygdala / inner monkey / lizard / ancient parts of your nervous system / or whatever you wish to call it.

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