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10 March, 2018

What is society?

I am me. You are you. We are the same and different. I was born as a white male in England and raised as a Christian. That is the basic flavour of the society that has existed my entire life.

For some reason, I was born and although I take part in society it has never really felt real to me. To be fair, I have never felt real to me either. My body feels like a simple / complex structure to carry my brain about. That said, my brain just feels like a structure designed to resonate with an aspect of a greater spiritual being.

Now, try and capture that basic / complex idea concisely described above. It is simply how I feel. You need neither believe or not believe it. To be able to critically think you need to be able to both disbelieve and believe the above. Only temporarily and only for as long as you decide to hold that thought. If your brain is capable, try to both believe and not believe it at the same time.

Relax and try to hold the above thought in your consciousness. The greater spiritual being can be whatever is easiest for you to believe. Your brain / mind / consciousness / soul simply resonates with one frequency / aspect of this greater being. No need to feel special, a rock also resonates with the greater spiritual being also.

Each of us and everything is therefore part of the same thing. Remembering that you are not judging these words as true or false. You are merely allowing yourself to entertain the concept. what is the shape of this idea / concept? What about its texture and density. Is it soft, sharp, hot, cold, comforting or frightening? How is your body and mind reacting to this concept / idea?

I have no idea of determining how flexible / supple your mind is. However, if you find yourself unable to hold the above described concept in your mind then you are not flexible. If you can, then good for you. Whilst holding this thought in your mind, use it as your framework and lens for viewing one or more aspects of society.

The major aspects are government and finance. You ought really start smaller. Society is made up of banking, government and members of the public. For this to work, there has to be rules, lots and lots of rules. Thousands of them. These rules multiply. They must. This is all a farce. However, members of the public are so conditioned to accepting this farce that they cannot survive without the idea of society. Without believing that societies laws are just. That wars are fought for freedom. That without government we have chaos and anarchy - a dark age.

How did your body and mind react to the previous paragraph? Did you read it with your 'normal' eyes? Or whilst holding the thought that you are simply resonating with one aspect of a greater spritual being? Read it again and again and again whilst holding different belief structures in your mind.

I have found that understanding comes from attempting to explain something you think you know to someone who doesn't. This soon reveals to you what concepts you are unclear about. Which is one reason for me writing the stuff I write. I know I know something but what is it that I know? Writing helps me to bring what I was born knowing into my own consciousness.

So, a member of society believes that they are better off believing in society, rather than not believing in society. I don't believe this to be true. In society, I am of very low status. To an outsider anyway. Those who come into contact with me regularly do not believe for a moment that I am of low rank. Unless, of course, I choose to play to their mindset.

This is difficult for me but I am trying to get a single idea into your mind. If you believe in society (more than you believe in yourself) then you are playing a pointless game. Perhaps you are of high rank. Of high social status. A President perhaps. A billionaire. Or even both. You do not outrank me as I am not playing your childish game. I drive a car that cost me £550. Perhaps I ought to buy a better car. Well, a member of society has no problem 'knowing' which cars are better than mine. Newer cars are better. Lower mileage cars are better. More expensive cars are better. Perhaps sports cars are better. Currently SUV's are the cars to own. We each have an idea of what is better. However, for me things are different. My choice is simple. This weekend do I spend my time and resources obtaining a different vehicle or not. My perceived status, by you, is meaningless to me. This is a crucial distinction between a member of society and whatever you think I am.

Give this some thought. How I feel about myself and my life has no connection to my job, car, watch, clothes, income or anything material. It is all to do with how much I am able to allow myself to resonate with the whole of the thing.

The more I resonate with the whole of the thing, the more I am able to recognise and help others to resonate with the whole of the thing too. That is what I do in person. However, there are billions of you. The blog is how I choose to resonate with you but mainly to become more attuned to the whole of the thing.

Currently, I am mostly not in tune with the universe. However, I am spending increasingly more of my time in tune with the universe. The benefits of being in tune with the universe are:-

power - no-one outranks me
one on one communication is enjoyable, interesting and stimulating
interacting with physical objects is simply satisfying
just breathing is magical
seeing things, sensing things, smelling things, this is all part of enjoying our time in this 'this'. Whatever 'this' is.

Pure enjoyment, moment to moment.

I am attuned now, at this moment, typing these words.

Without review, checking for errors, or rewriting, I will simply press 'publish' at the peak of my resonance / total satisfaction

In this state, cars, watches and that mean very little. I have a car and I have a watch. The exact form of these things makes very little real difference. I have job, I find it satisfying and enjoyable. The exact nature of the job is of no real concern. Society simply melts away, leaving behind people. Some resonate and most do not. I will change that. It is the way of things. The whole of the thing speaks through me. Remembering that I only resonate with a small part of 'it'. You each all have your part in
'this' too.

A member of society has as much substance, relative to me, as a character in a TV series. From time to time allow yourself to be who you are. Spend time with those who allow you / enable you to be who you really are. Be (seeing) you

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