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02 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (25/30)

So any thoughts about DOLLARS?
Or pounds or euros or quatloos or any other fiat currencies?

Are they a neutral lubricant for commercial interaction?
Or a method for the few to skim wealth from the many?

Get good at arguing both sides. Do your own research. Talk to people. Use YouTube.

This blog is about you critically thinking about big things and small things. The dollar is a big thing, regardless of where you live. Give that some thought.

If we assume that the dollar / Euro / sterling is a subtle form of theft, any ideas on how best to minimise this theft?

A new article next week. Old Man Time will reveal all but he certainly won't be explaining anything.

This year, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, at eleven minutes past eleven, I shall publish my own conclusions. Any research you do will enable you to rapidly evaluate my theories. You may deem my findings as good as gold or about as valuable as a politicians promise. (Hint / subtle manipulation / well intentioned guidance / what difference does it make?)

1 comment:

  1. 11 past 11? Or 11 past 23? What time zone?
    Just critically questioning..