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22 July, 2016

What is real? (19/30)

Perhaps you may find it interesting to know what I discovered when I recently invested lots of my free time critically thinking about which watch to buy. I have guessed the answer is no and deleted lots of text but not all of it.

I started with Rolex. I ended up with a Casio and a Chinese watch. However, even the Casio was 'cased' in China and the watch strap has China written on it. I suspect that a great many luxury / expensive Swiss watches have some Chinese assembly or Chinese parts in them. Not Rolex but the others, I am not so sure.

After buying my two new watches I viewed a YouTube clip from a watch maker suggesting what type of watch to purchase. Neither of my watches met his criteria. He made his points clearly and I could not find fault with his advice. However, I am still just as happy with both watches.

The watch makers advice was to buy a standard Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, 100m minimum water resistance and a screw case back. Each of my watches only meets one or two of his criteria. I suggest you follow his advice. If you are spending less than one hundred pounds buy whatever you like the look of.

Google images is great for rapidly looking at a great many things to determine what it is that you have an affinity for. For example, most Rolex watches do not appeal to me and Breitling currently use the wrong font on their bezels.

By this stage, I am spending lots of time watching you tube videos and reading other people's views on watches. I am becoming knowledgeable, slightly obsessed but thoroughly enjoying myself. The pay off being buying the right watch or watches. I can now also chat (endlessly according to the girlfriend) about watches.

Critical thinking is much more than making good decisions. It is about being comfortable with yourself and your life. Bear in mind that your current life is largely determined by the results of all your previous decisions and your parents decisions when you were a youngling.

For me to say that critical thinking is important is me merely being modest. It is critical.

You take care.

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