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08 July, 2016

Executing black people in the USA

Recently two black people have been executed. Actually, that isn't news. Black people are routinely executed. No, in the land of the free, police have been filmed executing two men.

Now I read that five policemen have been executed.

All of this is atrocious. Each atrocity births the next.

Now the Government has a choice. It can choose to end the atrocities. Close Guantanamo Bay, stop using exploding drones to indiscriminately kill. Stop blowing up hospitals, twice. Investigate and severely punish officers who respond differently to similar situations based on skin colour.

That would be the appropriate response of a Government in the land of the free.

It would be an obvious response. The leader of the free world is black. His wife is black. His children are black. He has held all this power for eight years. Yet young black men are routinely executed. This suggests a great many problems are not being addressed in the correct manner.

So, what would a corrupt and tyrannical government do? Well, pretty much what they have been doing. Give the police ex army weapons. Give the police more 'legal' power. Turn a blind eye to the use of excessive force. Just be simply 'saddened' when police are actually filmed executing young men.

Either things suddenly change, abruptly. Or one day it won't just be black men being executed it will be you and me.

The Jewish community are being very quiet. Have they not learned a thing?

Every community should be concerned. #everylifematters

Her Majesty has asked for calm, particularly in the political arena. I fully support Her Majesty in this and I hope Mr Obama sets an appropriate example as the elected leader of the free world.

Should he fail to do so, then government has failed us.

I call for calm. I call for several days of critical thought from everyone.


  1. Excellent & thought provoking, yet again...
    Getting along together as individual humans, and as our various groups, is incredibly simple, really. And this is one of only a few places where I feel the binary logic approach fitting. Certainly, humanities's greater harmony and understanding will result when most people remember the following two important fundamentals. Whether when we encounter the "other group's" identities, or when dealing with each other as individuals, we should respect their existence, or expect their resistance. It is that simple, as if written in a volume of nature's law. The converse of this axiom is equally important, as it is also true. When others fail to respect our/my existence, it is rightful to serve them with our/my resistance. The harmonious state of our mutual respect for the other's existence is achievable, And easily so, considering the great majority of individuals innate, if terribly quiet, thirst for personal sovereignty. For even after choosing to remain/become submissive sheeple, that person still desires to have their decision respected by others. I may not condone their decisions, however they deserve my respect. And my respect they shall receive, but only if they demonstrate responsibility for their actions, and do not infringe upon my/our fellow individual's rights.
    TLDR/ Respect existence, or expect resistance. Is this not an exceptionally beneficial logical binary for human monkeys? Or merely my naive perceptions resulting in gross oversimplification? Actually, I must credit one admirable Mr. Mark Passio for originally sharing this idea.

    1. TLDR - too long didn't read.

      No, I read every word twice.

      "Respect existence, or expect resistance"

      This should be mankind's motto. Thanks for taking the time to share it.