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19 August, 2017

Why so much hate?

A simple enough question with a stunningly complex set of answers. Perhaps a better question would be, 'why is hate starting to flourish in the world?'

It is the economy, stupid.

Or more specifically, the root of all evil is money.

The answer was soon found and is simple enough for anybody to understand.

Let us go deeper, the answer remains the same but our 'seedling' of understanding can grow into a strong oak tree.

Money is just an idea, it isn't real. Modern society, an increasingly hate filled society, uses bank credit as money. These bank credits do not exist until borrowed into existence. Once the loan is repaid, the bank credits cease to exist.

Now, contrast the reality of bank credits with what society have us believe money is. Banks have money. Banks lend that money to society and if the loan is repaid, the banks can loan that money again. Also, banks are allowed to loan more of this money than they have because that is how it works.

In reality, banks simply create bank credit. This is simply a number that the bank adds to your balance, if your loan application is successful. There is no money, as money is a lie society needs us to believe.

I am progressing towards answering the increasing hate question.

So, where have all the bank credits come from that fill our pension accounts? Well, some entity must be borrowing vast sums and never repaying them. Ever. We call these entities who borrow such vast sums of bank credit into existence, governments. There is no intention of ever not borrowing more every year. For as long as society allows them to.

Government is a vast bank credit borrowing and spending machine. For hundreds of years it doubles the amount of bank credit it borrows every eight  to ten years.

Most members of society have a firm belief that bank credits are money. That saved bank credits are 'money in the bank'. This is most unfortunate.

We can determine how well the economy is performing by looking at interest rates. As our governments borrow more and more bank credits each year, they get larger and larger every year. Should the people be getting more productive each year, then no one really notices how much of their wealth the government is taking. Should productivity fail to rise quickly enough, then the people will start to notice that they are being stolen from. This creates anger but not understanding. Instead of blaming themselves for allowing their governments to grow far too large we blame jews, black people, bankers, muslims, disabled people, LGBT's, Trump, Bush, Clinton, Washington, Iraq, China, diesel cars, petrol cars, the weather or aliens. No. No. No.

We must blame ourselves for never bothering to critically think. We must blame ourselves for being members of society, rather than that which we are. Human beings capable of living in a civilisation.

Not knowing that this choice exists is our failing.

Not knowing that there is a difference between society and a civilisation is our fault.

Hate is increasing and will increase far faster and faster still, as we continue to live in a society based on viewing bank credit as money. Society allows governments to borrow without ever repaying a loan. It allows large corporations and the wealthy to borrow vast sums of bank credit at far lower interest rates than members of society.  This is simply stealing by stealth as few people are educated to the necessary level to understand it. Regardless, low interest rates indicate that the people are not being productive enough to tolerate higher interest rates.

How can society be stopped? How can all this hate be stopped?

There is the easy way and there is the hard way.

The easiest way is the hard way. We simply carry on. Society will explode in time. The explosion will be devastating. This will be hard beyond my imagination. Suicide will be the exit of choice for many.

The hard way, is the easiest. Stop thinking of bank credit as money.

This will probably need some explanation.
A home valued at 200,000 bank credits is a home.
200,000 bank credits in your pension account could be a home. BUT UNTIL IT IS, IT ISN'T

For every 3.2 million bank credits in a pension account, there is only one 200,000 bank credit home.

In simpler terms, for every sixteen retirees who believe they have enough wealth to purchase a rental property, piece of art, lump of gold, silver bullion, piece of land, etc, only one such thing exists.

Therefore, the first person to believe bank credits are not money, gets to swap them for something that is real. The other 15 get nothing.

When one person in 16, stops believing in the illusion that bank credit is money. Society ends.

Civilisation can then get underway.

Society crushes our humanity.

Civilisation encourages our humanity.

98% of people are beautiful human beings.

The other 2% are easily recognised by those living in a human civilisation.

Simply put, there is so much hate because there is so little understanding by anybody.

Anyway, good luck with your beliefs. Sorry about all the hate but that is your fault, not mine.

I finish on a cliche, as I started on several.

Human beings are wonderful creatures.
Crowds (society) is an ugly beast.

I forget the exact words but remember, I make all this up.