X marks the spot


27 August, 2017

C.I.A. (part one)

The C.I.A. exists to keep Americans safe and has a website, so have a look yourself.
The website is designed to make you feel safe and to accept that the C.I.A. is necessary, for your safety.
They call themselves a Central Intelligence Agency. This is true, sort of. The name helps them to do what they do. Which is, where possible, Control or failing that, Influence. If those two fail, then they Alienate.
For the C.I.A. to exist they only need two things. For Americans to believe that the C.I.A. exists to keep them safe and a large powerful government.
The number one priority of the C.I.A. is not to keep you safe, it is to continue to exist. CONTROL, INFLUENCE or ALIENATE are its three core methods of survival.
The C.I.A. is simply part of society. The function of the C.I.A. is to promote and stabilise society. Which is a good thing. Unless, you understand the difference between a society and a civilisation.
A society is what we get when the ‘monkey’ parts of our brain are over stimulated.
A civilisation is what we get when the ‘human’ parts of our brain are in control.
Therefore, the C.I.A. has a higher level function to maintain our society by ensuring the ‘monkey’ parts of our brain are continually stimulated.
Fun fact – did you know that the C.I.A. coined the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’, to describe any article that did not promote the ‘Government’ narrative concerning the Kennedy assassination?
Executive summary – the C.I.A. does not keep you safe, it keeps you both angry and fearful.