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15 March, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance - example two (Why is Putin so evil) Ver 1.1

So, how did you react to the title?

You looking for 'proof' that Putin is evil?

Or did you assume that I was either joking or an idiot?

Well, I was joking.

With cognitive dissonance you 'know' Putin is evil.

Without cognitive dissonance, you need to do some research and decide for yourself how evil or not Putin really is.

Critical thought requires us to ask, why is Putin being portrayed as a one of the Devils own?

The human brain loves the unknown, surprises, adventures and mysteries.
The ancient parts of our brain (Amygdala etc) does not.

You can tell when a 'society' is under the influence of the ancient parts of our brain by comparing adults with children. Children love the unknown, surprises, adventures and mysteries. Adults fear it.

Western 'society' is thoroughly saturated with the effects of the amygdala. Take Mrs May, for example. Is she a young at heart, fun loving woman who runs joyously through wheat fields as she did when younger. No and this does not surprise anybody who is excessively controlled by their amygdala / inner monkey / ancient parts of the brain.

Your inner monkey has a very playful side and you ought to encourage this. However, this side is very much dominated by the fearful side of our inner monkey.

I really don't care to read about your 'explanations'. I truly don't. You are just wrong.

Now, what about Putin? Is he evil? 

No, just capable and powerful and not under the control of his inner monkey. I know this because the UK isn't a lifeless landmass. Well, not yet anyway. things can change. Has he a fun side? Have you not seen the pictures of him riding horses and fighting bears?

Or collective and individual cognitive dissonance arises due to the imbalance of our inner playful monkey, our inner scared monkey and our humanity. All three need to be properly functioning and balanced. Our 'society' requires us to accept a rigid hierarchical system and that only happens if our inner scared monkey is excessively stimulated.

Is Putin trying to excessively stimulate our scared inner monkey or is he doing everything he can think of to not stimulate our scared inner monkey?

No, Treasonous May is trying to over stimulate our scared inner monkey. What happened to all the terrorist threat alerts? Well, we took no notice of them. Unlike our American cousins. So, now we have a new 'threat', Putin.

Seriously people, if you think as I then please laugh at your colleagues who believe the 'official' narrative that Putin is some sort of enemy. Do it as though your way of life depended upon it as it might do sooner than we think.

Have you decided who the enemy is yet? Look in the mirror because it is you.

Spend a moment imagining how joyous the world would be if our inner scared monkey rarely bothered seizing control of our bodies and minds. It would be Heaven On Earth.

Cognitive dissonance will be telling you various things, what about rapists and burglars in this Heaven On Earth nonsense I am writing about? Well, they would NOT be tolerated. What about liars and cheaters? They would be excluded. Your disbelieving  cognitive dissonance will want to know one thing, how? Easily.

Once you start to believe in what I write, you will start to believe in yourself. You will believe in and rely on your own abilities to detect liars, rapists, the selfish, psychopaths, the violent and the deranged. You will choose not to associate with them.

Today, your child care provider needs a government certificate. In the future, you will laugh at the stupidity of this concept. You will only consider leaving your children with people that you and your group are happy with. Poor child service providers will receive far less business than the good ones. Child care service providers who enjoy paedephilia will not be protected by the due process of government 'law'.

Again, your cognitive dissonance will be screaming at you that I am 'whatever'. Any explanation about me will ease your mind. The reality of the situation is that I have put together a collection of shapes for you to interpret as best you can. Reality should be obvious to you but as Jesus said, please trust your own eyes and ears. He said nothing about having a government approval to do this.

Peace out people

Please remember that I am making general points and not stating absolute facts about anything. My lack of budget (time) means that I don't fact check. I have a 'proper' job, absorbing time, and this ain't it.

Be seeing you


Update 1.1

You might be beginning to appreciate why we like our cognitive dissonance so much.  Without cognitive dissonance you have to do your own due diligence. You are responsible for all your decisions. You cannot blame 'the government' for your own poor choices. You have to actually educate your own children. You have to take responsibility for your banking, savings and investments. Basically, you have to be a human being and not a member of the public.

Before you decide that life is OK as it is, heed this warning well my friend. Cognitive dissonance allows you to completely ignore reality. That is fine, that is your choice. Cognitive dissonance does not allow you to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.


Putin is both powerful and capable. It takes one to know one. You could be one too.