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30 December, 2017

Sovereignty, Protectionism & Individualism - Is there a deeper meaning to #Brexit and Star Wars?

There is a war being fought and we are all in it. Jesus noticed it and fought against it in his own way, as do I.

Most people are not intellectually aware of this ongoing war. Those who are aware believe that they are on the side of good. That they are doing Gods work or some such like.

Well, quite obviously, Jesus was on the side of God. Once you become aware of the war, choosing the right side will be obvious to you. The right side is with God and the wrong side is with darkness. Or love and hate, should my God not meet with your approval.

Hopefully, you are aware of Star Wars. Very superficially, everything was going well with the Republic and the Jedi and then we have an intergalactic war provoked into existence by the Sith - the dark side. Jedi good and Sith bad. Jedi practise the light side and Sith the dark side.

We can all agree on who the bad guys are.

Critical thought, higher order analysis reveals a far deeper truth or reality. The war Jesus and I noticed is almost entirely won. By the wrong side.

Please stay with this line of reasoning, however difficult that might be for you.

Star wars represents one possible future for us. It is the path we follow, blindly. The ages old war is based upon centralised control versus decentralised control. Also known as sovereignty. In Star Wars, control was with the Senate, each member democratically elected on their home world. The senate housed on one planet, Coruscant. Now, many will say that this is as it should be. Let us dig far deeper and broader.

Notice how Corusant is the only planet in the imperium to be completely built over. This all takes wealth. Vast wealth. A moisture farmer on the outer rim pays his taxes, which are 'wisely' spent with a small skim going back to Coruscant. All these small skims add up to a vast wealth. Again, you may be correct in thinking that all is well. The system works. The moisture farmer has access to police and courts and banking and has a vote. He is a member of society, of an intergalactic republic.

Now the Star Wars republic is similar to our own with banks, government, armies, police, courts, laws, taxes and votes. The unseen war is one of personal sovereignty vs centralised control. As we have more and greater centralised planning and control we have less and weaker personal sovereignty.

Many people will agree but say this is for the best. Without government we will have anarchy and lawlessness and it will be horrible. Let us think far deeper, far deeper.

The moisture farmer has legal protection and rights. In theory, no-one should be able to steal from him without risking jail. In reality, the police don't persue every crime as they do not have the resources. On the outer rim, he may run the risk of slavers taking his wife and selling her to whoever. In reality, he will have to provide security for his family. I hope that this shows that the protection of government is simply not available to all as advertised. Many will see the opposite. How bad things would be without even the threat of conviction for the thieves and pirates. You have a point.

The war, this unseen ages old war is basically the result of us as individuals and our own internal conflicts. Simplified greatly, when we are at our best we are truly great. When we are at our worst we are truly horrible. Individually, we need to be aware of self. Our inner monkey can be very destructive. Our inner human very creative.

Our inner monkey likes status symbols and to know his place. Our inner human knows we are all equal and just have differing areas of responsibility and accountability.

The unseen war is within ourselves and this is how we create a society, a country, a government, a republic or even an intergalactic republic as shown in Star Wars. This is how the few get to control more and more of the resources. At every opportunity, the government takes more from us in exchange for protection, or at least the illusion of protection. You know that it is an illusion because you know that the police do not persue every crime. You may argue that they need more resources. That they do a great job with what they have. I will not argue with you.

Now, the alternative is not anarchy, chaos and destruction. That is essentially what the unseen war is about.

Imagine a small village. perhaps a pit village in England before Thatcher destroyed them. Imagine a local man who is a little bit rapey. Not rapey enough for the police to arrest and the courts to convict. But is 'sort of' accused of rape often. Let us imagine his conquests / victims are getting younger. The police are concerned but there is nothing they can do, yet. This is a battle in the war. Should a man have strong words with the rapey man, there will be an arrest. Perhaps not a conviction but a show of force by the Police. Now, let us imagine a dozen or so men having words with Mr Rapey. They will set him some boundaries. No women under thirty and no more rape accusations. None. Punishment will be increasingly severe beatings for each offense.

Now, how do you feel about that? The Police can do nothing about stopping the borderline rapist. They will stop an individual from assaulting the possible rapist. The Police do not have the resources to watch the man 24/7. Will the police tolerate the 12 man street justice team? Realistically, they have no choice. All they can do is wait for the 12 man team to get carried away with their new found power. In my village we had a visiting possible / potential paedophile, he attempted to entice several children and within two minutes was severely beaten without warning or explanation. He never visited again. Despite the beating occurring in public, in daylight - none of the many witnesses the police questioned had anything to say about who beat him up. They had a lot to say about what the man was doing before he was dealt with locally. Now, how do you feel about that? Know this, the man who beat up the paedophile was told to do it by two of the mothers of the children. How do you feel about that? The children got free sweets, the mothers protected their children, a man did as he was asked. Was this justice? I don't know. It was natural. They way of things for our village, decades ago. Some things change. Somethings don't.

My opinion, for what it is worth is as follows. A man was caught enticing children with free sweets. He was not a local man. One of the children went to tell his mum. His mum called a neighbour over and she asked her child what the man in the car was doing. The explanation was judged by the women and a verdict reached. Punishment was swift. Justice did flow naturally from those charged with a duty of care for their children. That is how a civilisation works, not perfectly but reasonably well. The punishment 'balanced' with the seriousness of the potential crime. Now, how does your society work in similar circumstances? How effective is it? How much does it cost, financially? The civilised solution had no financial cost. You may well be able to justify to yourself, easily, that the beating was not justified. It was illegal. Illegal just means not government sanctioned. Government would never give away the power to judge, or any power once it has it.

Well, that is the war. Society has laws. A civilisation has justice. In a society, a skim is taken by the few from the many. In a civilisation, no such skim is tolerated.

Back to Star Wars. Here the Jedi provide justice. In reality there aren't enough of them to provide justice for all. But they do provide some justice and the possibility of justice for each member of the intergalactic Republic. There are taxes and the like and the small skim is a distant memory. Even we are taxed a fair chunk. Now the Jedi are good. The Jedi are powerful. Each Jedi is more powerful than the average Joe. They band together like the 12 men in the pit story above. They are a threat to the Republic Govrnment. Who would you choose to solve a crime committed against you? Your young daughter accuses a local man, accused dozens of times by other woman, of rape. Who do you seek help from? A local Police man or a Jedi? Can you detect a change in the flow of power? Each village will seek out its own Jedi. The good judgement of this Jedi would be sought out for disagreements in business and over land use. The Republic government will wither and die. Thus the Jedi are obvious but unknowing enemies of the Republic government. Are you beginning to realise the difference between society and a civilisation?

You may well be comfortable with a Jedi making binding and final decisions in your village. How about 12 men of good character?

Back to Star Wars. The Jedi are an unseen threat to the Republic Government, to democracy, to the status quo. They are not a threat to the members of the Republic. That thought, in and of itself, is worthy of your time.

What does it take for the Republic to buy / own the Jedi? The Jedi get some sovereignty but at a price of their freewill. The Republic gives them tax free status. They get a huge building on Coruscant, rent free and property tax free. They get other rights too. From this point on, any Jedi acting on the behalf of a village will be called 'Rogue' and their decisions will be classified as illegal. The local police will arrest them without any instructions to do so. It is how society has conditioned its members to react to threats to Government.

Just a small query from me. Any children showing an ability in the force are taken from their families, by force of the Republic if necessary and given to the Jedi. Does this strike you as good? I am sure many Jedi fans can argue it is and I will not argue against them. It does however prevent a village from acquiring its own Jedi. One brought up within the village, who might one day govern it wisely. Again, this is an example of the unseen war.

Enough with the Star Wars. I have demonstrated what we all know. Government is not perfect but we know of no alternative. Government will not allow an alternative and as such government is proven to serve itself and not its voters.

The alternative to believing in Tory, Labour, Democrat, Republican, red, yellow, blue or green is to believe in yourself and your fellow man. As does both my God and what I believe Jesus to be.

This post is about sovereignty, personal sovereignty. Government takes your sovereignty away from you. Government then seeks more and more. Building ever more complex centres of centralised control. In the UK we voted brexit to reclaim back the sovereignty we gave to the EU aka Germany aka the central planners aka the few. In the US a similar vote saw Trump voted in by the flyover states / outer rim, causing outrage on DC / Coruscant and other centres of power.

This my friends is the unseen war and now you have glimpsed it. Star Wars shows you our future, a huge bloody war. The alternative to Government is not anarchy and chaos. The huge bloody war is the anarchy and chaos that you are trying to avoid, willed into existence by Government.

The actual alternative to being a member of society voting for ever increasing Government control is to be that which you already are. A civilised human being and part of a human civilisation.

All you need is to believe in yourself. Having achieved this awareness of self, you need then to believe in others. Having achieved this awareness of others, you can then begin to more fully understand this post and become sensitive to the demands of society.

Anyway, what about the Sith? The Sith and Jedi are both force sensitive. The Jedi have sold out / joined the Republic. The Sith have not. One Sith seeks to control the Republic, bring peace to the galaxy and destroy the Jedi. I hope that I have shown the Republic / Government to be the enemy of the people regardless of who actually controls it.

F.A.Q - frequently asked questions

Q. So how does this civilisation thing work?

A. Well, it is already here and you are a part of it. It works reasonably well, thanks for asking.

Q. How do we win the unseen battle?

A. By seeing it.

Q. Then what?

A. Behave with decency and honour in all matters. Let your words and actions become one.

The few will always attempt to control the many and continually seek out the means to do it

The many ought to be made aware of this but the few do not promote such nonsense.

Ending with Star Wars, note that the second word is wars. This is not good.

In a war of the many against the few, there need not be any casualties. This is good.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have written three very concise books about:-

Mindfulness of Self

Awareness of Others

Demands of Society

These are designed to help you see the unseen war that has existed for nearly as long as man has. Earth has seen a few civilisations but far more Governments. The few are persistent and protection against an unseen and unknown foe is difficult.

I am not sure whether or not I ought to apologise for indirectly comparing myself to Jesus. Or for perhaps annoying fans of the Jedi. If after reading this, you feel that I owe you an apology. Then I am sorry, deeply sorry that you feel this need.


I hope you enjoyed this but be aware that I do refer to myself as Darth Rayne. The Jedi are not scum, they interpret the meaning of the force, differently. This is as it should be. A balance in all things.

I personally associate with Sith but I have no ambition to seek power over others. If sought out, I may offer an opinion. The rule of two sits well with me. Actually, I am power sensitive. Sensitive to the subtle uses of power. I detest those who use their power in a fraudulent manner especially when that power is aimed at me. Government and finance, in their current guise, do not sit well with me.

Darth Sideous wished to bring peace to the Galaxy. To become Emperor and to groom his successor. Or perhaps he did it all just to destroy the Jedi. Whatever, the rebels pushed back and pushed back hard.

What I share with Darth Sideous is the intense dislike of those who wish to seek power over me. My solution differs to his. I do not wish to fight to the top of the pile and exert my will over all others. I wish to bring balance, not peace. A balance where we are all equal in the eyes of my God and the eyes of everyone else too. Power is not sought but freely given, temporarily, as necessary to complete an agreed task. Essentially, that is what a civilisation is.

The main reason for the difference between Sideous and myself is that I wasn't born into wealth and nobility. He feels entitled to rule and I do not. I merely feel capable. Where we are alike is in that we both are powerful beings. He is force sensitive but fictional and I am power sensitive or as a Consultant phrased it, very highly aware. I did not ask him to further explain himself, he shared freely what he shared and I respect that.

To bring balance I need to create / found / develop a civilisation. The easiest way to do that is to write these blogs and get the idea of civilisation into circulation. To create an awareness of balance, not just in ourselves but that is a great start. We may have time to ponder this idea at length. To refine my crude idea of balance into something beautiful. To gently bring civilisation in and to gently fade society and government and banking out.

The core question is, are people weak and need to be dominated for their own good?

Or do the weak need to dominate to feel powerful?

I seek a balance.

Not one world bank, one world army and one world government. That is not balance. That is a top heavy structure prone to capsizing and drowning most on board.

I seek a balance. One bank per village perhaps. Not bank branches but independent banks serving local people and owned by the local people. As opposed to five banks that are too big to fail (without destroying society).  Each local Post Office, at Her Majesties pleasure, could easily manage the paperwork. I don't seek to destroy what we have but to use it in a balanced way. Her Majesty has a place in such a balance. An important place. As does Government, as a bureaucracy not as a power centre. Remembering now that Her Majesty serves at our pleasure. She does serve and has given almost the entirety of her life to that ideal. It is my great hope that our Monarch helps ease the transition from an unbalanced society into a balanced civilisation. Other countries ought to be so blessed as ours. However, they are free to choose differing paths to achieve a balanced civilisation.

That balance is my dream and I have openly shared it with you.

Mark these words well, a balanced civilisation is inherently robust.

The society we have is becoming increasingly brittle at an ever increasing rate.

At some point the masses will notice this. Let us hope that they bring balance and not mindless destruction. Let us heed the warnings deeply submerged in Star Wars. Let us be sensitive to our own natures and may our words and actions align, an external sign of inner balance. (Government has no such balance.)

The Force is already with you. The power is inherently yours. Exercise this power with purpose. Balance your own needs, wants and desires with those of your fellow man. Or as Jesus said, do to others that which you would have done to you. Or as Yoda said, fear is the path to darkness.

I could fill books with this stuff. If people bought and read them enough such that I could write full-time, I would. Reading this stuff is of no value and simply wastes your time. Try understanding that which I write. Stop thinking you know who you are and what the 'real world' is and start to believe that you are at one with the Universe, simply because you are. Heaven on Earth is not an expression but what will be, the instant we achieve balance.

To Paul who inspired this post #sithvsjedi
A balance must be continually sought and this task is necessarily without end.

(Yoda began to realise this but only after 1400 years. He began to understand the lesson the Galaxy stamped upon Darth Vader, at vast cost.)

Knowing is an impregnable barrier to understanding. Confusion is the beginning of understanding.

Belief does not rely on understanding or knowing. If you believe in God, He exists for you.

You need not believe any of this nonsense. I just ask that you believe in yourself, that you are a powerful being and ought to be mindful of your power and to deploy it in a 'balanced' way.

The entirety of this post was to begin to explain the meaning behind the word 'balance'.

'Balance' is something that I am seeking. I believe that Jesus mastered it, eventually and so can you. Remembering now that we were all born balanced, an unbalanced society unbalances nearly all of us.

I have met several children who have not been unbalanced by their parents or society. They have a beautiful 'other' world 'Angelic' type quality that other people have instantly recognised too but no label for this quality has yet to stick. These children are remarkable, naturally and without apparent effort. Another described one of his very young children as having a strange calmness unaffected by the surrounding chaos. Hopefully, she will continue to survive state docile drone training or 'school', as we currently call it. What 'school' thinks they can teach her is a mystery to me. If she is an actual Angel then 'school' will do its upmost to cut off her wings, for the greater good (of school I suppose). I seriously doubt her father would allow such a thing. Metaphorically or otherwise. Regardless, if she wishes to know a thing then she will. If she wishes to do a thing, then she will. My confidence in her is higher than my confidence in me. I am a qualified Engineer and she is a small child. I know what I am capable of because I have done it. She embodies that which I seek, balance. Without balance we are not who we are. Just poor copies of what we once were. She teaches me, without words, that Mankinds future will be bright and hopefully a nuclear winter is not a necessary lesson that we need to endure along the way.

Q. How much can humanity achieve when born 'balanced' into a 'balanced' civilisation?

A. Literally Heaven on Earth (instantly) and the Stars themselves will be well within our grasp

Somebody, no doubt high in government, said that if you want peace then prepare for war. This is fine but without balance there is no peace, only war.

If you want peace then aim for balance. Your rewards will be many, one of which will be peace.

I look forward 2018 and to Trump, May, Blair and some EU blowhard repeatedly mouthing the word balance without any comprehension of its meaning. I will find it amusing.

May the Force find balance within you

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