X marks the spot


25 December, 2017

My Christmas message to all

I / we have spent a considerable portion of our lives considering the sustainability of two enormous artificial constructs named government and banking.

I now choose not to be bothered by such illusions of wealth and power.

I decide what is valuable, to me.

I decide where I should best spend my time / efforts and energies.

I suggest valuable things would be clean air, pure water and wholesome foods.

At a higher level, art, great design, novel ideas, keepsakes and items crafted by artisans.

Which brings us to the very highest level, people. Or more precisely, our relationships with people.

Our society is not based on people. It is based upon rules and regulations.

We would not choose to allow a disreputable individual repeated access to our lives, wealth and loved ones.

Governments and banks hide this choice from us.

My logic may need to be polished but the basic concept I am attempting to communicate is that sustaining the illusion of 'wealthy' banks and 'powerful' government is not going to build the civilisation that we want our children to be a part of.

You can choose to serve yourself or to serve others. If you choose others, you cannot help but benefit yourself too.

Do you choose to make the next decade as comfortable as you can for yourself, or do you act to create a world that you wish you were born into?

What can you do to help birth a new civilisation? Withdraw your support of your government and your financial support of the banks. Bankers and politicians will scream about the collapse of society but refuse to understand the birth of an enlightened civilisation, made up of people who understand that we can each choose to serve ourselves or each other.

Choose life
Choose humanity
Choose civilisation

Or choose to destroy the futures of others in a foolish attempt to sustain the unsustainable.

In choosing to destroy the futures of others, ultimately you destroy you own future too.

In choosing to create a new civilisation for others to enjoy, you get to enjoy it too.

Choose wisely but bear in mind that whatever anybody says, you do have that choice.

A society, which is what we have devolved into, is a collection of rules. These rules are a comfort blanket for those not wishing to accept responsibility for their own lives. Many of these people thrive in a bureaucratic or military environment. These environments are maintained at great cost to the productive people. Certain rules are especially rigid and are called laws. Society has laws.

For those frightened of a world without laws, fear not. Civilisation provides justice, freely dispensed and available to all.

Just in case you were wondering how we move from a society to a civilisation, it is conceptually simple, the general populous merely starts to have faith in themselves.

Society is founded on fear. The ages old monkey / lizard part of the brain is easily stimulated. The two legs of stability for society are government and finance. Laws and rules.

Civilisation is not based on fear, it is based on cooperation, mutual support, celebrating achievement, learning, improving, teaching, building and creating. It has many legs and is naturally strong and stable. It is robust, with no single point of failure.

Society forces you to do this or not do that. To follow the rules.
Civilisation encourages you to do this or do that. To see what happens.

Society has labels on packets of nuts informing you that it contains nuts. Young parents feed them to toddlers and are amazed to see them turn blue.

Civilisation has no such warning. You are expected to be able to reason for yourself. To seek advice. To evaluate conflicting opinions. To hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

Justice is a difficult concept to explain. Justice depends entirely upon the circumstances.

Laws are easy and require no thought. Laws are enforced or not enforced at the whim of the court or government.

Justice applies to all by all.

I will leave those doubting my magnificence with a thought. One hundred years ago government was ten times SMALLER than what it is today. How big do you believe government will be in another 100 years?

Ten times bigger?
Ten times smaller?

Exactly the same?

Give it some critical thought.

My own opinion is simple. Government will be ten times smaller, due to World War Three or massive global impoverishment.

The birthing of a civilisation, seeded by critical thought is also a possibility. I would like to make it a probability. We can make it a certainty.

One of the more difficult concepts to grasp is that society and civilisation co-exist. Personally, I keep bouncing from one to the other, often in mid sentence. Society is at one end of the spectrum and civilisation at the other. Should just a few of us move slightly toward civilisation then a tipping point is readily reached which accelerates the decline of societies more negative aspects and what everybody knows everybody else knows simply changes.

Each of us need only play a small part in helping usher in this dawn of civilisation, or rather the realisation that it is already here. The concept can be uttered in a single word. One, unfortunately, I struggle with. LOVE

I wrote this in September 2016. Clinton was being labelled with Parkinson's disease and Trump was blaming lots of different people's for the decline of USA. Zero love and lots of hate and fear.

In a civilisation, we can still have presidents and kings. They would not be spewing hate and nonsense. They would be spreading love and suggestions on ways to improve the planet for the benefit of everybody. Each of us could choose to support one, both or none of them. A vote would merely be symbolic. Not a mandate to seize and destroy.

As a trivial example. If someone asks me if Clinton / Trump would make a good president I say no, they are mentally ill. One is so unbalanced her body is rejecting her mind. The other, completely deluded about his own abilities and the complexities of the problems facing him. Those problems being the collapse of everything they believe in.

Which is what everything simplifies into, belief.

Before critical thought you have feelings. These feelings are easily manipulated by those keen to synthesize fear. Monkey / lizard brained individuals use fear as their tool of choice to manipulate the majority. Thus over stimulating an ages old portion of our brains.

After critical thought, fear is gone. We are now in the realm of belief.

What do you choose to belief? At this point, you have free will and I just ask that you consider believing in love. Love for your partner or children is relatively easy for most. Try extending that to humanity in general.

I suggest we go from a society founded and based upon fear.
To a civilisation founded and based on love.
My personal stepping stone from one to the other was critical thought, many will just feel it.

You are welcome.

More next month? Why?

It is me that needs help with the love bit.
I am more logic and critical thought than love and spirituality.

My journey of enlightenment continues, I am half way into entering the civilisation that is already here. I can enter it in a heart beat, if only my heart wasn't so distorted.

Raging against society, creates anger within myself. This anger prevents my heart from functioning correctly. Thus I am preventing myself from becoming part of the civilisation I have described.

Trump / Clinton are doing nothing to help. Neither are they doing anything to stop me. I understand the world. I understand myself. Understanding is not preventing me from fully immersing myself in and appreciating the world and life itself. Filling my heart with rage instead of allowing it to fill with love, as it is designed to do, prevents me. That is all down to me, there is no one to blame.

I choose to be enraged. I could choose to laugh. I could choose to ignore them. I could choose to love them despite our completely opposed views.

Each of us is responsible for ourselves. We can choose how we relate to others. We can feel, we can think, we can believe, we can change our perception of ourselves and the world in a heartbeat. We can attempt to understand but this is transient and illusory. We have free will, choose love. (Love is strength and not weakness which is my own personal barrier to my own potential.)

I could be so much more and I knowingly and deliberately sabotage myself.

Knowledge is the greatest barrier to understanding.

Understanding is just one path towards being one with creation. To enlightenment. To fully enjoying and appreciating the gift of life. The gift of being self aware. The gift of free will.

In conclusion, it is me and me alone, that is preventing me from fully appreciating and enjoying my time here on this planet, locally known, as Earth.

I found writing this blog to be extremely helpful. Thanks for any and all of your help.

You all take care.

P.S. before some of you rush to write that I have gone all soft, bear in mind that my analysis and conclusions are based on sound systems analysis and design principles. For those hard of logic and cold of heart, consider the following:-


Everything (matter) comes from pure energy
For whatever reason, this energy is seeking / developing / evolving into matter then life then consciousness then it seeks knowledge and understanding. Some highly evolved conscious beings choose to think critically to understand what life is all about.  A great many already know, it is to either believe or understand why we are here.

Life is supposed to generate more life, to create, to develop, to enjoy, to appreciate, to actively build and sustain habitats and become at peace with ourselves and to feel at one with everything as everything was once just one undifferentiated expanse of energy.

This energy is seeking something and we are a part of that seeking, as is a pebble on a beach. We are magnificent. I am magnificent. You are magnificent. We deserve something more than a society, we deserve to be part of a civilisation.

I believe that the infinite expanse of oneness is seeking one thing and one thing only. From the boring blandness of sameness, it is seeking diversity and interest.

Our society does not seek diversity, it seeks conformity and sameness. Our society works against, what I have just described, as an opposing force to the intent of God, the creator, the infinite energy, life itself, society shouldn't just collapse it should have never existed. Civilisation is already here, governments and banks distract you from it. Government cast illusions of power and banks cast illusions of wealth. I have defeated both through cold hard logic. Approaching from a spiritual direction, in one post I have determined that governments and banks are almost entirely redundant and in their current form, abhorrent.

Choose to love yourself or choose to love others. Anything else is ultimately pointless, soul less and empty. Embrace civilisation or accept yet another world war.

To be honest, I don't really know if the original energy, I described, is infinite or finite. It does not matter to me in the slightest, as I have chosen not to be concerned.

We have choices, you have choices and I have choices.

1) Create and share (it)

2) Destroy and control (what is left)

3) Create and control (it)

4) Destroy and share (the spoils)

Surely the choice is obvious? (Choose one.)

Free will gives us that choice, not governments and certainly not banks.

In the UK our Queen gives us a Christmas message, May and Corbyn have given us theirs. One mentions 'unity' and the other 'society'. These are the same thing, our governments offers no choice, only an illusion of choice. Life is about choices, not theirs, not ours but yours. Society is about following the rules. Civilisation is about creativity, choice, accountability and belief. We need to believe in ourselves. Each of us needs to become that which we already are. Individual human beings who are a necessary and integral part of the whole thing. Not a replaceable cog in a machine. Not a member of society. Not any one thing. We are the thing, we are the one, as is everything else.

Why simply be part of the human race when you can create a civilisation? No one need agree with you or even help you. Just do it.

Just do it because you can.

Just do it because you are that powerful.

Just do it because that is the reason you exist, it is your purpose.

The Universe has willed creators into existence and they are us. Be who you are and do what you were born to do, create. You were not born to serve a society. You were born to create, so do it. It will be fun and you will enjoy it. The universe is with you in this, its power is within you. Feel this force and engage with it to create joy, love and beauty. Be happy.

You will experience fear, sadness and grief but do not be defined by it. Simply accept it as a necessary part of the whole thing.

Well that was emotional, you take care of yourself and others, should you choose too.