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07 January, 2018

The 'current' Real World

I have been told about the real world, often, throughout my entire life.

Apparently, you study hard at school.
Go to University.
Get a job.
Work hard.
Seek promotion.
Buy a house.
Fill it with stuff
Buy a bigger house.
Have children.
Buy a bigger house?
Sell them the same story.
Dream of retirement in a much smaller house
Eventually, you die.

This real world is not real, it is just a template for producing homogenised members of a society. In this way we can all pretend that there are major differences between Labour and Conservative or between Trump and Clinton. Each political party wants you to believe the same type of things but with subtle differences that we can argue about and potentially die for.

Now, don't expect out leaders to understand any of this either. Some do but most simply do not. Our leaders will blame most problems on our inability to follow their rules. We will blame most of our problems on our leaders inability to understand the unintended consequences of their rules. When this strategy loses efficacy we blame Putin, China or have another war. Hopefully not with Putin or China. (I write this from a UK perspective.)

The problem is society itself. Perhaps I ought to define society.

Society is where the few attempt to control the many.


Where the many force the few to control everybody else.

At work, you may discuss a current news topic. These traditionally end with someone saying that the government ought to do something about it.

At home, when confronted with a pile of dirty dishes do you assume that the government ought to do something about it?

I have discussed that an alternative to society is not chaos and anarchy but civilisation. What exactly is a civilisation?

Basically, you never say that the government ought to do something. During the transition phase from society to civilisation, the most common phrase you will hear ought to be, this is nothing to do with government.

Those that read me often will be expecting a scathing comment about banks. So, let me define a bank for you.

Banks are a mechanism for taking wealth from the many and channeling it to the few. Well, that is what societies banks do. In a civilisation banks help the productive to be more so.

Again, do not expect bankers or financiers to be aware of any of this. The few who are ultra wealthy are more likely to believe that their wealth derives from their financial acumen.

Believe what you will. Which is the point of a civilisation.

In a civilisation

Develop skills, understanding and find ways of being productive

Determine a balance between your production and consumption

Spend time with others to share your experiences with

Have children (optional)

Help others develop skills, understanding and find ways of being productive.

I shall give one example. In a society, should you become unemployed the government steps in with a heavy boot. In a civilisation, there is always something you can do or help with.

Finally, I don't believe that you fully understand how much this government boot costs you. I know that you don't understand how much society costs us. If you understood the cost, then you simply would not accept it. Of course, you know of nothing different and are barely able to imagine anything better.

The cost is heavy, financially, spiritually and in terms of your physical and mental health.

In many countries the people can easily live on (the equivalent of) 2 dollars a day. We ought to be able to live very comfortably on (the equivalent of) ten dollars a day. Drinking untainted water and eating very high quality (basic) foodstuffs. Paid work for five hours per WEEK ought to be considered to be normal. Being 'unemployed' in that environment is going to be extremely difficult to achieve. Someone will find you something useful to do and pay you a little for it.

Many may scream about one circumstance or another, or that I live in a dream world. Perhaps.
Others will pause and think, perhaps deeply.

I live in a civilisation, within the rules of your society, just not within your belief system. My personal empowerment continues. Basically, understanding and knowledge is becoming belief.

You take care