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18 August, 2017

Monthly Musing

Helicopter money is being mentioned far more often and at ever increasing levels of 'authority'.

Now helicopter money is not a simple concept. It is a method of control within existing methods of control. It is designed to make banks look wealthy and governments look powerful. Thus it is illusory.

First, forget the word money. Money is not being distributed. Money is only an idea. Gold and silver can perform as money but these metals will not be being flung from helicopters.

Now you can also forget about helicopters, obviously.

What helicopter money is supposed to do is prolong a financial system based upon debt. All our current currencies are only ever borrowed into existence. Once the debt is repaid that currency no longer exists. Each year more currency needs to be borrowed into existence to enable previous debt to be extinguished and the interest to be paid. This works provided the public don't realise they are being scammed and that the public are prepared to be continually more productive each year, ultimately, for less and less.

Anyway, the concept of helicopter money is similar or the same as universal income. Each week or month, or perhaps randomly, funds are added to your bank account balance.

There are two ways this currency can be created. One is that the government borrows it into existence. The principal will never be repaid but a sliver of interest payment will be expected. The second method is that your bank balance is merely increased.

Many people have, as a core belief, the absolute understanding that currency is money. What complicates things is that money is only an idea. Money doesn't exist. However, we can choose to use whatever we like as money. On that basis, currency can be money. What is now crucial is how this 'money because we believe it is' is created. Our current system has us borrowing currency into existence. This has two innate structural flaws / features. It favours the rich who can borrow cheaply. It favours the government who never repay any of the debt. Helicopter money will always be introduced as a concept when the people can no longer be encouraged to borrow more currency into existence than they did the previous year.

Therefore helicopter money performs the function of delaying a deflationary collapse and extends the life of a financial system that is actually a clever mechanism for both controlling the masses as well as taking wealth from them.

What the banks and government hope is for things to soon get back to normal. Only critical thinkers who spend / waste their time analysing the global financial system / public scamming structure recognise what helicopter money is and what its 'unintended' consequences will be.

I am of course referring to you.

I have led you to the 'water'. Why are you looking at me expectantly? What is the point of me drinking it and describing it to you?

It is now time for you to give some critical thought to your own core beliefs.

Use the idea of helicopter money / universal income as your starting point. What do you feel will be the result? Which of your core beliefs guides you?

Now, bizarre as this sounds, I don't know what would happen if we did the stuff I recommend we do. I hope for a good outcome. I can see quite clearly the world as it is and where it is heading but I am not prescient.

However, I believe that humans are at least as good as monkeys. Should the dominant monkeys be removed from a group. Then the group thrives. Should a dominant monkey discover this unled group it soon discovers that the group will not tolerate its dominance.

Assuming humans are at least as good as monkeys, then the future looks bright. If we allow our leaders to lead us then the future looks far darker.

Not black and white exactly, just darker or lighter. Good or evil should you wish a simple binary choice.

After lots of critical thought, I would like to share my belief with you. I believe that humans believe in themselves. A rich human will readily believe he has worked hard, is skilful and perhaps a little lucky. A rich human can easily believe that a poor human has lacked these abilities and not expended enough effort, yet. A poor human can easily believe that the system is against them. Both are right. Both are wrong. The system is gamed. The system works far harder against the poor than the rich but it works against everybody. The system works for no one.

Certainly, the system can be exploited. However, the system seeks control and dominance over billions of people. The force it seeks to control is far more powerful than the force it wields. Those exploiting it risk exposure to forces beyond, or perhaps not, their wildest nightmares.

Exploiting the system requires access to the banking system and the political systems. There are people and groups who are currently taking advantage of the system and of our collective good nature's. No doubt they consider themselves to be clever and not greedy little pigs. They are both.

The system has no morals and has no concern as to the horrors of another world war or two. Each human owes it to themselves to give some critical thought to the world and to the system of rules we obey without thought, that both limit and govern our destiny.

Rules should never overwhelm common sense. However, rules rule. Yet another controlling mechanism. We say law and justice. Laws are rules. Laws overwhelm both justice and common sense. This is basic stuff we all know but don't understand.

Language and words shape our thoughts. Helicopter money or universal income or basic resource allocation?

Who could object to a basic resource allocation program for all human beings on a CIVILISED planet?

(Only those who feel that a basic human being ought to be controlled by other human beings. I deem that to be foolish and yet that is the world I endure.)

I hope I have furthered your understanding of 'The Matrix'. A subtle / brutal inhuman controlling mechanism creating the bars of your cell you cannot see, touch or taste.

Unfortunately, the Matrix cannot be seen, touched or tasted either. It exists yet does not exist. It doesn't care if you know about it or even if you understand it. The Matrix has entwined itself amongst our core beliefs and we must deliberately shine a bright light on all our beliefs to expunge this inhuman, uncaring, amoral darkness. In other words, question everything - always.

P.S. For those wondering what happens to the debt that governments never repay. It finds its way into your pension fund. I call debt that is never repaid a bad debt of zero value. You call it your pension. The Matrix reinforces your belief. Just an example of the Matrix in action. (This sort of thing does not matter, until it does.)

Remembering now that Governments start world wars, not civilised human beings.

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