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30 December, 2017

Sovereignty, Protectionism & Individualism - Is there a deeper meaning to #Brexit and Star Wars?

There is a war being fought and we are all in it. Jesus noticed it and fought against it in his own way, as do I.

Most people are not intellectually aware of this ongoing war. Those who are aware believe that they are on the side of good. That they are doing Gods work or some such like.

Well, quite obviously, Jesus was on the side of God. Once you become aware of the war, choosing the right side will be obvious to you. The right side is with God and the wrong side is with darkness. Or love and hate, should my God not meet with your approval.

Hopefully, you are aware of Star Wars. Very superficially, everything was going well with the Republic and the Jedi and then we have an intergalactic war provoked into existence by the Sith - the dark side. Jedi good and Sith bad. Jedi practise the light side and Sith the dark side.

We can all agree on who the bad guys are.

Critical thought, higher order analysis reveals a far deeper truth or reality. The war Jesus and I noticed is almost entirely won. By the wrong side.

Please stay with this line of reasoning, however difficult that might be for you.

Star wars represents one possible future for us. It is the path we follow, blindly. The ages old war is based upon centralised control versus decentralised control. Also known as sovereignty. In Star Wars, control was with the Senate, each member democratically elected on their home world. The senate housed on one planet, Coruscant. Now, many will say that this is as it should be. Let us dig far deeper and broader.

Notice how Corusant is the only planet in the imperium to be completely built over. This all takes wealth. Vast wealth. A moisture farmer on the outer rim pays his taxes, which are 'wisely' spent with a small skim going back to Coruscant. All these small skims add up to a vast wealth. Again, you may be correct in thinking that all is well. The system works. The moisture farmer has access to police and courts and banking and has a vote. He is a member of society, of an intergalactic republic.

Now the Star Wars republic is similar to our own with banks, government, armies, police, courts, laws, taxes and votes. The unseen war is one of personal sovereignty vs centralised control. As we have more and greater centralised planning and control we have less and weaker personal sovereignty.

Many people will agree but say this is for the best. Without government we will have anarchy and lawlessness and it will be horrible. Let us think far deeper, far deeper.

The moisture farmer has legal protection and rights. In theory, no-one should be able to steal from him without risking jail. In reality, the police don't persue every crime as they do not have the resources. On the outer rim, he may run the risk of slavers taking his wife and selling her to whoever. In reality, he will have to provide security for his family. I hope that this shows that the protection of government is simply not available to all as advertised. Many will see the opposite. How bad things would be without even the threat of conviction for the thieves and pirates. You have a point.

The war, this unseen ages old war is basically the result of us as individuals and our own internal conflicts. Simplified greatly, when we are at our best we are truly great. When we are at our worst we are truly horrible. Individually, we need to be aware of self. Our inner monkey can be very destructive. Our inner human very creative.

Our inner monkey likes status symbols and to know his place. Our inner human knows we are all equal and just have differing areas of responsibility and accountability.

The unseen war is within ourselves and this is how we create a society, a country, a government, a republic or even an intergalactic republic as shown in Star Wars. This is how the few get to control more and more of the resources. At every opportunity, the government takes more from us in exchange for protection, or at least the illusion of protection. You know that it is an illusion because you know that the police do not persue every crime. You may argue that they need more resources. That they do a great job with what they have. I will not argue with you.

Now, the alternative is not anarchy, chaos and destruction. That is essentially what the unseen war is about.

Imagine a small village. perhaps a pit village in England before Thatcher destroyed them. Imagine a local man who is a little bit rapey. Not rapey enough for the police to arrest and the courts to convict. But is 'sort of' accused of rape often. Let us imagine his conquests / victims are getting younger. The police are concerned but there is nothing they can do, yet. This is a battle in the war. Should a man have strong words with the rapey man, there will be an arrest. Perhaps not a conviction but a show of force by the Police. Now, let us imagine a dozen or so men having words with Mr Rapey. They will set him some boundaries. No women under thirty and no more rape accusations. None. Punishment will be increasingly severe beatings for each offense.

Now, how do you feel about that? The Police can do nothing about stopping the borderline rapist. They will stop an individual from assaulting the possible rapist. The Police do not have the resources to watch the man 24/7. Will the police tolerate the 12 man street justice team? Realistically, they have no choice. All they can do is wait for the 12 man team to get carried away with their new found power. In my village we had a visiting possible / potential paedophile, he attempted to entice several children and within two minutes was severely beaten without warning or explanation. He never visited again. Despite the beating occurring in public, in daylight - none of the many witnesses the police questioned had anything to say about who beat him up. They had a lot to say about what the man was doing before he was dealt with locally. Now, how do you feel about that? Know this, the man who beat up the paedophile was told to do it by two of the mothers of the children. How do you feel about that? The children got free sweets, the mothers protected their children, a man did as he was asked. Was this justice? I don't know. It was natural. They way of things for our village, decades ago. Some things change. Somethings don't.

My opinion, for what it is worth is as follows. A man was caught enticing children with free sweets. He was not a local man. One of the children went to tell his mum. His mum called a neighbour over and she asked her child what the man in the car was doing. The explanation was judged by the women and a verdict reached. Punishment was swift. Justice did flow naturally from those charged with a duty of care for their children. That is how a civilisation works, not perfectly but reasonably well. The punishment 'balanced' with the seriousness of the potential crime. Now, how does your society work in similar circumstances? How effective is it? How much does it cost, financially? The civilised solution had no financial cost. You may well be able to justify to yourself, easily, that the beating was not justified. It was illegal. Illegal just means not government sanctioned. Government would never give away the power to judge, or any power once it has it.

Well, that is the war. Society has laws. A civilisation has justice. In a society, a skim is taken by the few from the many. In a civilisation, no such skim is tolerated.

Back to Star Wars. Here the Jedi provide justice. In reality there aren't enough of them to provide justice for all. But they do provide some justice and the possibility of justice for each member of the intergalactic Republic. There are taxes and the like and the small skim is a distant memory. Even we are taxed a fair chunk. Now the Jedi are good. The Jedi are powerful. Each Jedi is more powerful than the average Joe. They band together like the 12 men in the pit story above. They are a threat to the Republic Govrnment. Who would you choose to solve a crime committed against you? Your young daughter accuses a local man, accused dozens of times by other woman, of rape. Who do you seek help from? A local Police man or a Jedi? Can you detect a change in the flow of power? Each village will seek out its own Jedi. The good judgement of this Jedi would be sought out for disagreements in business and over land use. The Republic government will wither and die. Thus the Jedi are obvious but unknowing enemies of the Republic government. Are you beginning to realise the difference between society and a civilisation?

You may well be comfortable with a Jedi making binding and final decisions in your village. How about 12 men of good character?

Back to Star Wars. The Jedi are an unseen threat to the Republic Government, to democracy, to the status quo. They are not a threat to the members of the Republic. That thought, in and of itself, is worthy of your time.

What does it take for the Republic to buy / own the Jedi? The Jedi get some sovereignty but at a price of their freewill. The Republic gives them tax free status. They get a huge building on Coruscant, rent free and property tax free. They get other rights too. From this point on, any Jedi acting on the behalf of a village will be called 'Rogue' and their decisions will be classified as illegal. The local police will arrest them without any instructions to do so. It is how society has conditioned its members to react to threats to Government.

Just a small query from me. Any children showing an ability in the force are taken from their families, by force of the Republic if necessary and given to the Jedi. Does this strike you as good? I am sure many Jedi fans can argue it is and I will not argue against them. It does however prevent a village from acquiring its own Jedi. One brought up within the village, who might one day govern it wisely. Again, this is an example of the unseen war.

Enough with the Star Wars. I have demonstrated what we all know. Government is not perfect but we know of no alternative. Government will not allow an alternative and as such government is proven to serve itself and not its voters.

The alternative to believing in Tory, Labour, Democrat, Republican, red, yellow, blue or green is to believe in yourself and your fellow man. As does both my God and what I believe Jesus to be.

This post is about sovereignty, personal sovereignty. Government takes your sovereignty away from you. Government then seeks more and more. Building ever more complex centres of centralised control. In the UK we voted brexit to reclaim back the sovereignty we gave to the EU aka Germany aka the central planners aka the few. In the US a similar vote saw Trump voted in by the flyover states / outer rim, causing outrage on DC / Coruscant and other centres of power.

This my friends is the unseen war and now you have glimpsed it. Star Wars shows you our future, a huge bloody war. The alternative to Government is not anarchy and chaos. The huge bloody war is the anarchy and chaos that you are trying to avoid, willed into existence by Government.

The actual alternative to being a member of society voting for ever increasing Government control is to be that which you already are. A civilised human being and part of a human civilisation.

All you need is to believe in yourself. Having achieved this awareness of self, you need then to believe in others. Having achieved this awareness of others, you can then begin to more fully understand this post and become sensitive to the demands of society.

Anyway, what about the Sith? The Sith and Jedi are both force sensitive. The Jedi have sold out / joined the Republic. The Sith have not. One Sith seeks to control the Republic, bring peace to the galaxy and destroy the Jedi. I hope that I have shown the Republic / Government to be the enemy of the people regardless of who actually controls it.

F.A.Q - frequently asked questions

Q. So how does this civilisation thing work?

A. Well, it is already here and you are a part of it. It works reasonably well, thanks for asking.

Q. How do we win the unseen battle?

A. By seeing it.

Q. Then what?

A. Behave with decency and honour in all matters. Let your words and actions become one.

The few will always attempt to control the many and continually seek out the means to do it

The many ought to be made aware of this but the few do not promote such nonsense.

Ending with Star Wars, note that the second word is wars. This is not good.

In a war of the many against the few, there need not be any casualties. This is good.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have written three very concise books about:-

Mindfulness of Self

Awareness of Others

Demands of Society

These are designed to help you see the unseen war that has existed for nearly as long as man has. Earth has seen a few civilisations but far more Governments. The few are persistent and protection against an unseen and unknown foe is difficult.

I am not sure whether or not I ought to apologise for indirectly comparing myself to Jesus. Or for perhaps annoying fans of the Jedi. If after reading this, you feel that I owe you an apology. Then I am sorry, deeply sorry that you feel this need.


I hope you enjoyed this but be aware that I do refer to myself as Darth Rayne. The Jedi are not scum, they interpret the meaning of the force, differently. This is as it should be. A balance in all things.

I personally associate with Sith but I have no ambition to seek power over others. If sought out, I may offer an opinion. The rule of two sits well with me. Actually, I am power sensitive. Sensitive to the subtle uses of power. I detest those who use their power in a fraudulent manner especially when that power is aimed at me. Government and finance, in their current guise, do not sit well with me.

Darth Sideous wished to bring peace to the Galaxy. To become Emperor and to groom his successor. Or perhaps he did it all just to destroy the Jedi. Whatever, the rebels pushed back and pushed back hard.

What I share with Darth Sideous is the intense dislike of those who wish to seek power over me. My solution differs to his. I do not wish to fight to the top of the pile and exert my will over all others. I wish to bring balance, not peace. A balance where we are all equal in the eyes of my God and the eyes of everyone else too. Power is not sought but freely given, temporarily, as necessary to complete an agreed task. Essentially, that is what a civilisation is.

The main reason for the difference between Sideous and myself is that I wasn't born into wealth and nobility. He feels entitled to rule and I do not. I merely feel capable. Where we are alike is in that we both are powerful beings. He is force sensitive but fictional and I am power sensitive or as a Consultant phrased it, very highly aware. I did not ask him to further explain himself, he shared freely what he shared and I respect that.

To bring balance I need to create / found / develop a civilisation. The easiest way to do that is to write these blogs and get the idea of civilisation into circulation. To create an awareness of balance, not just in ourselves but that is a great start. We may have time to ponder this idea at length. To refine my crude idea of balance into something beautiful. To gently bring civilisation in and to gently fade society and government and banking out.

The core question is, are people weak and need to be dominated for their own good?

Or do the weak need to dominate to feel powerful?

I seek a balance.

Not one world bank, one world army and one world government. That is not balance. That is a top heavy structure prone to capsizing and drowning most on board.

I seek a balance. One bank per village perhaps. Not bank branches but independent banks serving local people and owned by the local people. As opposed to five banks that are too big to fail (without destroying society).  Each local Post Office, at Her Majesties pleasure, could easily manage the paperwork. I don't seek to destroy what we have but to use it in a balanced way. Her Majesty has a place in such a balance. An important place. As does Government, as a bureaucracy not as a power centre. Remembering now that Her Majesty serves at our pleasure. She does serve and has given almost the entirety of her life to that ideal. It is my great hope that our Monarch helps ease the transition from an unbalanced society into a balanced civilisation. Other countries ought to be so blessed as ours. However, they are free to choose differing paths to achieve a balanced civilisation.

That balance is my dream and I have openly shared it with you.

Mark these words well, a balanced civilisation is inherently robust.

The society we have is becoming increasingly brittle at an ever increasing rate.

At some point the masses will notice this. Let us hope that they bring balance and not mindless destruction. Let us heed the warnings deeply submerged in Star Wars. Let us be sensitive to our own natures and may our words and actions align, an external sign of inner balance. (Government has no such balance.)

The Force is already with you. The power is inherently yours. Exercise this power with purpose. Balance your own needs, wants and desires with those of your fellow man. Or as Jesus said, do to others that which you would have done to you. Or as Yoda said, fear is the path to darkness.

I could fill books with this stuff. If people bought and read them enough such that I could write full-time, I would. Reading this stuff is of no value and simply wastes your time. Try understanding that which I write. Stop thinking you know who you are and what the 'real world' is and start to believe that you are at one with the Universe, simply because you are. Heaven on Earth is not an expression but what will be, the instant we achieve balance.

To Paul who inspired this post #sithvsjedi
A balance must be continually sought and this task is necessarily without end.

(Yoda began to realise this but only after 1400 years. He began to understand the lesson the Galaxy stamped upon Darth Vader, at vast cost.)

Knowing is an impregnable barrier to understanding. Confusion is the beginning of understanding.

Belief does not rely on understanding or knowing. If you believe in God, He exists for you.

You need not believe any of this nonsense. I just ask that you believe in yourself, that you are a powerful being and ought to be mindful of your power and to deploy it in a 'balanced' way.

The entirety of this post was to begin to explain the meaning behind the word 'balance'.

'Balance' is something that I am seeking. I believe that Jesus mastered it, eventually and so can you. Remembering now that we were all born balanced, an unbalanced society unbalances nearly all of us.

I have met several children who have not been unbalanced by their parents or society. They have a beautiful 'other' world 'Angelic' type quality that other people have instantly recognised too but no label for this quality has yet to stick. These children are remarkable, naturally and without apparent effort. Another described one of his very young children as having a strange calmness unaffected by the surrounding chaos. Hopefully, she will continue to survive state docile drone training or 'school', as we currently call it. What 'school' thinks they can teach her is a mystery to me. If she is an actual Angel then 'school' will do its upmost to cut off her wings, for the greater good (of school I suppose). I seriously doubt her father would allow such a thing. Metaphorically or otherwise. Regardless, if she wishes to know a thing then she will. If she wishes to do a thing, then she will. My confidence in her is higher than my confidence in me. I am a qualified Engineer and she is a small child. I know what I am capable of because I have done it. She embodies that which I seek, balance. Without balance we are not who we are. Just poor copies of what we once were. She teaches me, without words, that Mankinds future will be bright and hopefully a nuclear winter is not a necessary lesson that we need to endure along the way.

Q. How much can humanity achieve when born 'balanced' into a 'balanced' civilisation?

A. Literally Heaven on Earth (instantly) and the Stars themselves will be well within our grasp

Somebody, no doubt high in government, said that if you want peace then prepare for war. This is fine but without balance there is no peace, only war.

If you want peace then aim for balance. Your rewards will be many, one of which will be peace.

I look forward 2018 and to Trump, May, Blair and some EU blowhard repeatedly mouthing the word balance without any comprehension of its meaning. I will find it amusing.

May the Force find balance within you

25 December, 2017

My Christmas message to all

I / we have spent a considerable portion of our lives considering the sustainability of two enormous artificial constructs named government and banking.

I now choose not to be bothered by such illusions of wealth and power.

I decide what is valuable, to me.

I decide where I should best spend my time / efforts and energies.

I suggest valuable things would be clean air, pure water and wholesome foods.

At a higher level, art, great design, novel ideas, keepsakes and items crafted by artisans.

Which brings us to the very highest level, people. Or more precisely, our relationships with people.

Our society is not based on people. It is based upon rules and regulations.

We would not choose to allow a disreputable individual repeated access to our lives, wealth and loved ones.

Governments and banks hide this choice from us.

My logic may need to be polished but the basic concept I am attempting to communicate is that sustaining the illusion of 'wealthy' banks and 'powerful' government is not going to build the civilisation that we want our children to be a part of.

You can choose to serve yourself or to serve others. If you choose others, you cannot help but benefit yourself too.

Do you choose to make the next decade as comfortable as you can for yourself, or do you act to create a world that you wish you were born into?

What can you do to help birth a new civilisation? Withdraw your support of your government and your financial support of the banks. Bankers and politicians will scream about the collapse of society but refuse to understand the birth of an enlightened civilisation, made up of people who understand that we can each choose to serve ourselves or each other.

Choose life
Choose humanity
Choose civilisation

Or choose to destroy the futures of others in a foolish attempt to sustain the unsustainable.

In choosing to destroy the futures of others, ultimately you destroy you own future too.

In choosing to create a new civilisation for others to enjoy, you get to enjoy it too.

Choose wisely but bear in mind that whatever anybody says, you do have that choice.

A society, which is what we have devolved into, is a collection of rules. These rules are a comfort blanket for those not wishing to accept responsibility for their own lives. Many of these people thrive in a bureaucratic or military environment. These environments are maintained at great cost to the productive people. Certain rules are especially rigid and are called laws. Society has laws.

For those frightened of a world without laws, fear not. Civilisation provides justice, freely dispensed and available to all.

Just in case you were wondering how we move from a society to a civilisation, it is conceptually simple, the general populous merely starts to have faith in themselves.

Society is founded on fear. The ages old monkey / lizard part of the brain is easily stimulated. The two legs of stability for society are government and finance. Laws and rules.

Civilisation is not based on fear, it is based on cooperation, mutual support, celebrating achievement, learning, improving, teaching, building and creating. It has many legs and is naturally strong and stable. It is robust, with no single point of failure.

Society forces you to do this or not do that. To follow the rules.
Civilisation encourages you to do this or do that. To see what happens.

Society has labels on packets of nuts informing you that it contains nuts. Young parents feed them to toddlers and are amazed to see them turn blue.

Civilisation has no such warning. You are expected to be able to reason for yourself. To seek advice. To evaluate conflicting opinions. To hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

Justice is a difficult concept to explain. Justice depends entirely upon the circumstances.

Laws are easy and require no thought. Laws are enforced or not enforced at the whim of the court or government.

Justice applies to all by all.

I will leave those doubting my magnificence with a thought. One hundred years ago government was ten times SMALLER than what it is today. How big do you believe government will be in another 100 years?

Ten times bigger?
Ten times smaller?

Exactly the same?

Give it some critical thought.

My own opinion is simple. Government will be ten times smaller, due to World War Three or massive global impoverishment.

The birthing of a civilisation, seeded by critical thought is also a possibility. I would like to make it a probability. We can make it a certainty.

One of the more difficult concepts to grasp is that society and civilisation co-exist. Personally, I keep bouncing from one to the other, often in mid sentence. Society is at one end of the spectrum and civilisation at the other. Should just a few of us move slightly toward civilisation then a tipping point is readily reached which accelerates the decline of societies more negative aspects and what everybody knows everybody else knows simply changes.

Each of us need only play a small part in helping usher in this dawn of civilisation, or rather the realisation that it is already here. The concept can be uttered in a single word. One, unfortunately, I struggle with. LOVE

I wrote this in September 2016. Clinton was being labelled with Parkinson's disease and Trump was blaming lots of different people's for the decline of USA. Zero love and lots of hate and fear.

In a civilisation, we can still have presidents and kings. They would not be spewing hate and nonsense. They would be spreading love and suggestions on ways to improve the planet for the benefit of everybody. Each of us could choose to support one, both or none of them. A vote would merely be symbolic. Not a mandate to seize and destroy.

As a trivial example. If someone asks me if Clinton / Trump would make a good president I say no, they are mentally ill. One is so unbalanced her body is rejecting her mind. The other, completely deluded about his own abilities and the complexities of the problems facing him. Those problems being the collapse of everything they believe in.

Which is what everything simplifies into, belief.

Before critical thought you have feelings. These feelings are easily manipulated by those keen to synthesize fear. Monkey / lizard brained individuals use fear as their tool of choice to manipulate the majority. Thus over stimulating an ages old portion of our brains.

After critical thought, fear is gone. We are now in the realm of belief.

What do you choose to belief? At this point, you have free will and I just ask that you consider believing in love. Love for your partner or children is relatively easy for most. Try extending that to humanity in general.

I suggest we go from a society founded and based upon fear.
To a civilisation founded and based on love.
My personal stepping stone from one to the other was critical thought, many will just feel it.

You are welcome.

More next month? Why?

It is me that needs help with the love bit.
I am more logic and critical thought than love and spirituality.

My journey of enlightenment continues, I am half way into entering the civilisation that is already here. I can enter it in a heart beat, if only my heart wasn't so distorted.

Raging against society, creates anger within myself. This anger prevents my heart from functioning correctly. Thus I am preventing myself from becoming part of the civilisation I have described.

Trump / Clinton are doing nothing to help. Neither are they doing anything to stop me. I understand the world. I understand myself. Understanding is not preventing me from fully immersing myself in and appreciating the world and life itself. Filling my heart with rage instead of allowing it to fill with love, as it is designed to do, prevents me. That is all down to me, there is no one to blame.

I choose to be enraged. I could choose to laugh. I could choose to ignore them. I could choose to love them despite our completely opposed views.

Each of us is responsible for ourselves. We can choose how we relate to others. We can feel, we can think, we can believe, we can change our perception of ourselves and the world in a heartbeat. We can attempt to understand but this is transient and illusory. We have free will, choose love. (Love is strength and not weakness which is my own personal barrier to my own potential.)

I could be so much more and I knowingly and deliberately sabotage myself.

Knowledge is the greatest barrier to understanding.

Understanding is just one path towards being one with creation. To enlightenment. To fully enjoying and appreciating the gift of life. The gift of being self aware. The gift of free will.

In conclusion, it is me and me alone, that is preventing me from fully appreciating and enjoying my time here on this planet, locally known, as Earth.

I found writing this blog to be extremely helpful. Thanks for any and all of your help.

You all take care.

P.S. before some of you rush to write that I have gone all soft, bear in mind that my analysis and conclusions are based on sound systems analysis and design principles. For those hard of logic and cold of heart, consider the following:-


Everything (matter) comes from pure energy
For whatever reason, this energy is seeking / developing / evolving into matter then life then consciousness then it seeks knowledge and understanding. Some highly evolved conscious beings choose to think critically to understand what life is all about.  A great many already know, it is to either believe or understand why we are here.

Life is supposed to generate more life, to create, to develop, to enjoy, to appreciate, to actively build and sustain habitats and become at peace with ourselves and to feel at one with everything as everything was once just one undifferentiated expanse of energy.

This energy is seeking something and we are a part of that seeking, as is a pebble on a beach. We are magnificent. I am magnificent. You are magnificent. We deserve something more than a society, we deserve to be part of a civilisation.

I believe that the infinite expanse of oneness is seeking one thing and one thing only. From the boring blandness of sameness, it is seeking diversity and interest.

Our society does not seek diversity, it seeks conformity and sameness. Our society works against, what I have just described, as an opposing force to the intent of God, the creator, the infinite energy, life itself, society shouldn't just collapse it should have never existed. Civilisation is already here, governments and banks distract you from it. Government cast illusions of power and banks cast illusions of wealth. I have defeated both through cold hard logic. Approaching from a spiritual direction, in one post I have determined that governments and banks are almost entirely redundant and in their current form, abhorrent.

Choose to love yourself or choose to love others. Anything else is ultimately pointless, soul less and empty. Embrace civilisation or accept yet another world war.

To be honest, I don't really know if the original energy, I described, is infinite or finite. It does not matter to me in the slightest, as I have chosen not to be concerned.

We have choices, you have choices and I have choices.

1) Create and share (it)

2) Destroy and control (what is left)

3) Create and control (it)

4) Destroy and share (the spoils)

Surely the choice is obvious? (Choose one.)

Free will gives us that choice, not governments and certainly not banks.

In the UK our Queen gives us a Christmas message, May and Corbyn have given us theirs. One mentions 'unity' and the other 'society'. These are the same thing, our governments offers no choice, only an illusion of choice. Life is about choices, not theirs, not ours but yours. Society is about following the rules. Civilisation is about creativity, choice, accountability and belief. We need to believe in ourselves. Each of us needs to become that which we already are. Individual human beings who are a necessary and integral part of the whole thing. Not a replaceable cog in a machine. Not a member of society. Not any one thing. We are the thing, we are the one, as is everything else.

Why simply be part of the human race when you can create a civilisation? No one need agree with you or even help you. Just do it.

Just do it because you can.

Just do it because you are that powerful.

Just do it because that is the reason you exist, it is your purpose.

The Universe has willed creators into existence and they are us. Be who you are and do what you were born to do, create. You were not born to serve a society. You were born to create, so do it. It will be fun and you will enjoy it. The universe is with you in this, its power is within you. Feel this force and engage with it to create joy, love and beauty. Be happy.

You will experience fear, sadness and grief but do not be defined by it. Simply accept it as a necessary part of the whole thing.

Well that was emotional, you take care of yourself and others, should you choose too.

15 December, 2017

End of year review

Any stunningly dramatic events, or non events, that have shaken your belief in your understanding of the world?

Any global events that are confusing?

Any massive event that you just don't understand?

Has your government done something completely irrational, that truly confuses you?

Has anything happened to challenge any of your core beliefs?

Did you give your core beliefs any critically thought?

For the Elite Critical Thinkers, which events tested the core beliefs of our civilisation?

World war two, gulf war two, JFK, the cold war, 911, U.S. support for both Israel and Saudi Arabia. When will the official narrative be seriously questioned?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I suggest long pieces are written elsewhere first and then cut and pasted into the comments section. Just in case of gremlins. I look forward to reading them.

Feel free to post links to your own blog or vlog.

Thanks for reading mine

09 December, 2017

What is bitcoin? What is bitcoins value?

First off all, this is high order analysis and not a prediction of the future.

Bitcoins come into existence when a particularly cunning mathematical puzzle is solved. The puzzle gets harder or easier depending upon how much computer power is allocated to the task of solving it. The puzzles designer has decided that it ought to be solved every ten minutes. The reward for solving the puzzle is bitcoin. Once 21 million bitcoins have been allocated, that is the end of bitcoin production. However, the puzzles continue and the winner will get a small skim of any bitcoin transactions that occurred since the last puzzle was solved, about ten minutes ago.

As you may imagine, the first puzzle solvers were cryptographers who were interested in solving the puzzle as well as understanding the puzzle. Today, the puzzle solvers choose to call themselves 'miners'. They would like you to believe that bitcoin is similar to gold. That they are bitcoin miners, who are not unlike actual gold miners. They are people who never switch off their computer which is optimised to solve the bitcoin puzzle, they are unlikely to use it for anything else. At least, for now.

I have known about bitcoin when they were less than fifty dollars each. I very nearly bought three but I didn't. Which is annoying. At the time I thought that these had the potential to be worth one million dollars, or more likely 100,000 dollars or perhaps easily ten thousand dollars.  My plan was to acquire three and swap them for gold when they were at par. What a foolish plan. I smile at my own lack of critical thought.

What I ought to have thought was if one bitcoin could be worth one million dollars, then keep one until it is worth one million dollars, sell it and then retire. Surely, a fifty dollar risk to retire early was worth taking? I never considered it.

If I thought $100,000 was the future value, then I ought to have bought ten. A 500 dollar risk against a win of early retirement?

How about $10,000? I ought to have at least considered buying 1000. A 5,000 dollar risk which could have been realised this week?

Two would have got me a new car and twenty a house. All for 1100 dollars of risk.

Anyway, I didn't buy any. I tried mining but after a couple of hours and some research, I realised I was wasting my time. I needed to buy a 'mining rig' but the lead time was months by which time the 'mining rig' would not be sufficiently powerful to brings the odds of solving the puzzle my way.

A 'mining rig' is a specialised computer designed to solve the puzzle.

I hope that gives you an impression of what bitcoin is. Ownership of these bitcoin can be transferred, between computers incredibly easily, cheaply, quickly, accurately and securely over the internet. The bitcoins are stored in an electronic wallet. The electronic wallet and therefore the bitcoins can be stored on a USB stick, on your phone or even printed out onto paper. You can buy little electronic gizmos too very securely store your bitcoins.

Now, what are these things worth? Each bitcoin is made up of 100,000,000 satoshi. If you owned one bitcoin, you could just as easily say that you own one hundred million satoshi. If each satoshi was 'considered' to be worth one cent, then the bitcoin itself would be worth one million dollars.

This is crucial, how much we believe a satoshi to be worth, if multiplied by one hundred million gives you the value of bitcoin.

The word satoshi is based on the man or group of men who wrote the original cryptography code. He, she or they have 2 million bitcoins which have never ever moved anywhere. Now we have a mystery. I could retire on 100 bitcoin and he has 2 million of them and has done nothing with them. Nothing. This allows the human mind to whirl away believing whatever it chooses too. Such a mind may come to believe that bitcoin is better than dollars or pounds or euros or gold or silver or a pension fund. What wouldn't help is some bloke saying it was just a cryptography puzzle. Or that he can create bitcoin II in about ten minutes, assuming he has to make his own cup of coffee.

Bitcoin can be viewed as a worthless in game currency. However, its value comes from the fact that there is no associated game, apparently.

Higher order analysis reveals to us more detail. The creator never wanted to be asked any questions about what bitcoin is or isn't. He created something beautiful, magical and elegant. He or she did not create it to become rich or famous as they are showing remarkable restraint if that we the case. Bitcoin is a gift given freely to the world for us to use as we see fit. Many have chosen to view it as a currency devoid of any central banker or govt control and that is what gives it value. Others refer to the blockchain or ledger. This shows us who owns which bitcoins, not their name but the encoded name of their bitcoin wallet. This could be used as a way to prove ownership of other assets such as shares or houses. Changing how banking operates. Others realise that this could be used for voting, secure voting over the internet. Changing how we are governed.

The value of bitcoin, or rather the puzzle itself is unimaginable and unrealisable unless we develop the moral courage (https://davidwatkinson1.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/moral-courage.html) to realise its potential.

Now, forgetting all that, which is really important. How much is a bitcoin worth, how much should you invest and how much could you win or lose?

You have already lost all that you have been given and all that you were and all that you could be. You have no desire to create, you simply wish the means to gain power over the rest of us. To do as you please at our expense. Imagine I have 100 bitcoins, would I now retire and expect you to service all my needs and requirements in exchange for 2-3 bitcoins per year?

That is not the dream of the creator. That is the dream of a member of society. Is that all you perceive yourself to be?

What is bitcoin is a question to ponder for yourself. Is it currency? Do you know what currency is?

Could we use it to redefine banking and government? Could we use it a a stepping stone to creating the truth and beauty of an actual civilisation?

We need to stop concerning ourselves with the price of bitcoin and ponder its value.

However, should society need to see a price of one million dollars per bitcoin before it can begin to realise the value of bitcoin, then so be it.

Attempt to understand the value of bitcoin, not in how many dollars a bitcoin is worth but what is the worth of a dollar and why. Once you understand how a dollar has value you can begin to question if it deserves to have any worth and ultimately the truth. Does the dollar free mankind or enslave it. Once that question is answered we can choose to use bitcoin to free mankind and usher in an actual civilisation.

In asking the question, how much is a bitcoin worth? You prove yourself lost in a system that does not consider you important. Why would you 'choose' to be worthless? You are programmed to respond that society is bigger than all of us and it is good to be a part of it. Which is a lie but very close to the truth so we can readily accept it as truth.

The question is, how best can we use the gift of bitcoin to enhance our collective experience of this thing we call the 'real world'. Is bitcoin real? We have nothing to measure it against as the 'real world' most certainly is not 'real'.

The question is, why do we continue to live in a society as valueless consumers when we have the technological means (bitcoin et al) to live in a civilisation of our own creation? Where we create the value?

02 December, 2017

Is the Financial System - sound?

The financial system is fantastic, it allows trade to flourish across the world. A few countries have not signed up for these benefits, Iran, Cuba, Syria and North Korea.

We can all do a first order analysis of the currency we carry in our pockets, the electronic currency registered in our bank accounts, the wealth stored in our pension pots. Basically, it is what we use for money and highly paid people look after all this, on our behalf.

A second order analysis blows this out of the water. The financial system is both very complicated and incredibly simple. Which is why higher order analysis is truly valuable.

High order analysis can only be done once you have become a mindful being and can still and calm your own mind. Your mind needs to be 'unsticky', in that it is free to consider new ideas without bias.

Now try this idea, forget what you think the financial system is, what paper currency in your pocket is, what electronic currency in your bank account is and what wealth you believe is stored in your home and pension plan is. The Financial system is what it does.

  • it creates wealth inequality
  • it creates the belief that it is real
  • it centralises power
  • it is a controlling mechanism
  • it relentlessly destroys those who oppose it
Perhaps now you wish me to explain each of the above bullet points? There is no point, you are either a mindful being who recognises the merit of each point or you aren't. Remembering now, at the beginning of the article, I mentioned only mindful beings are capable of higher order analysis?

Regardless, is the financial system truly fantastic? Well, creating wealth inequality means that it takes from the many and gives to the few. That is not fantastic for the many.

It makes you believe that it is real when it isn't. That is never good. How can you relate properly to 'reality' when it isn't real?

Centralising power simply means taking power from individuals. How is that good? You may say that this is for the greater good. Fine. Unfortunately, I am a mindful being and I don't give away my power to people who aren't. Why would someone capable of higher order analysis give power to those with sticky minds who aren't even aware of their deficiencies?

Is it really a controlling mechanism? How can it not be? Imagine you buy some land in the middle of Australia, just because it was inexpensive and you wanted to own something real. You try and build a a small hut but the ground is full of a heavy, sticky clay. That my friend is silver. Without massive loans from the banks, you are never going to realise the full wealth potential that your land in the middle of nowhere possesses. A property developer, like President Trump, gets nowhere fast without the support of banks. What banks give, they can take away and give to someone of their own choosing. Again. some thought and independent research is all you need to investigate these ideas, assuming you are a mindful being or an equivalent thereof.

It does destroy those who oppose it. Or even those who try to ignore it. Like N. Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba.

N Korea has masses of mineral wealth, rather like the piece of land mentioned in the Australia example. Does the man in charge allow large multinational banks and conglomerates in to realise this wealth? No. Which is why he is targeted by those who you have freely given your wealth and power to. 

Anyway, we have sufficient resources to feed, clothe and house everyone on the planet. We have chosen to give our wealth, power and minds to a financial system that does not want to feed, clothe and house everyone on the planet.

Now, the important bit. What does this mean for you, personally? It means you are a being incapable of higher order analysis who is a modern day slave and integral part of a financial system that does not care if you live or die. it just does.

The currency in your wallet are just pieces of paper. They have value today, less tomorrow and eventually are worthless.

The electronic currency in your bank account is an illusion of wealth. This is easily proved. Apparently, we all know they lend out ten times more than they have. The 1000 units in your account are not there, perhaps only 100 are. Actually, it doesn't matter. It is just an illusion.

How about the value of your home? Well, I have a £500 car. It is as valuable to me as a £100,000 car, providing that car is reliable. Could I sell it for £500? Probably not. Perhaps £200 is its numerical value. What about your house, £200,000? Potentially, yes. What about your £400,000 pension?

So yes, currency is useful. Otherwise how do we exchange our time and experience for other peoples time and experience? How do we turn heavy, sticky clay into silver jewellery and coins without currency?

We have currency but we have allowed others to determine the rules of the game and these others have tilted the table to their own favour. I cannot fault them. If we choose not to critically think for ourselves then others will do it for us and then we become slaves to a system of their design.

What can we do? This is a question that slaves ask. The elite have no need to answer it as other slaves will instantly tell you that you can do nothing. The system is too powerful.

You know what to do, become a Mindful Being. Then become aware of others and sensitive to the demands of society. I have walked that path. Since writing my trilogy, I have walked that path with far greater confidence. I am no longer a slave. However, nothing in my life has changed. I still have the same job and car. The only thing that has changed is me. The title of this piece was, is the financial system - sound? No, it isn't. You and I need do nothing. It is not sound, it is becoming increasingly brittle. The collapse of the financial system will take down banks and government, releasing power straight back to the individual. Many slaves will not be able to adapt quickly enough to this sudden transition. Mindful Beings will adapt but the transition will still be unnecessarily harsh.

Truthfully, If more of us were mindful beings the transition could be managed humanely. I said the transition would be unnecessarily harsh. I don't believe that. The human race needs a lesson it won't readily forget. Therefore, the transition does need to be harsh. Which displeases me.

You could do yourself a major favour and attempt to understand my books and adapt them to your own needs. Then when others ask, advise them as best you can.

You might wonder if there is anything you can do to ease the pain of transition for yourself and your loved ones. I am most certain that there are.

You take care and hope that the human race does not need too severe a lesson.

Over Christmas, the 'Complete Trilogy' of my books will be available on Amazon for just one major currency unit. Each currency unit that I receive will be exchanged for something real. It will not be 'stored' in a bank account or 'saved' in a pension fund. 100 units or less will be exchanged for a bottle of fine single malt whisky. 1000 units will make their way toward a Swiss watch. 10,000 units a luxury Swiss watch. Any more gets a car. Should I get hundreds of thousands, all of the above and a house. The one I am currently renting. Anymore than that would need to be invested with great care for the benefit of mankinds soul.

Thanks for reading and if you have given any of this some critical thought, take some deep breaths and relax. Perhaps go for a mindful walk. We are creating Hell on Earth but you can still walk in Eden.

23 November, 2017

UK Govt scrap stamp duty for first time buyers

Let me give an example of critical thought in action.

As the title suggests, the UK government is helping first time buyers by scrapping stamp duty on houses up to £300,000

So, no need for critical thought. or is there?

Stamp duty is just a fee you have to give the govt for no real reason when you buy a home in the UK. Now first time buyers have no need to pay it but is this helpful?

A first order analysis says yes but let us go deeper. Imagine a young couple able to afford a £600 a month mortgage on a £100,000 home. Imagine interest rates for first time buyers were govt subsidised and the young couple only had to pay £300 a month. A first order analysis tells us that the govt is helping the young couple. However, the sellers now realise that the couple can actually afford to pay £200,000 and so the house is now twice as expensive.

This second order analysis tells us that the unintended consequences of making house buying easier for first time buyers is to increase the price of the least expensive housing. Which is the opposite of what the government said they were doing. Likewise, anyone selling for £300,000 or less who does not increase the price will find selling easier. All the govt interference has achieved is to make selling easier or transfer more wealth to the sellers from the buyers.

At this point we can laugh at govt incompetence or continue our analysis and deepen our understanding. To actually make house buying easier for new buyers the govt needs to INCREASE interest rates. This sounds bizarre unless we have actually understood the previous paragraphs. Each time house buying is made easier, house prices rise.

Let us imagine a massive increase in interest rates, the couple can still afford £600 each month but this only buys a £50,000 home. House prices then definitely do not rise, they fall. Imagine how easy it is saving for a deposit when interest rates are high. Imagine how easy house buying is when house prices STOP rising. This is a third order analysis.

We can then summarise what the govt is actually doing, not helping buyers but sellers.

This is how society works. Govt gets to pick winners and losers. So, would you care to take a guess at who advised our govt that this was a great idea to help first time buyers / good youth vote winning strategy. Well, as a seasoned critical thinker I can tell you it was bank sector lobbying. I mean, it wasn't the oil and gas lobbyist was it? I know that this is the realm of conspiracy theorist but it is obvious once you apply critical thought. Why would the banking sector want this new policy?

We have already done the heavy lifting, high interest rates would help first time buyers but crush house prices. That would not encourage people to take out second and third mortgages on their homes. Many people would struggle to pay high interest rates, so defaults would spike. The banks have done their sums and this is their best current strategy for squeezing more wealth out of us. Let us keep the analysis going.

Whilst banks can make money by making home buying easier, they will. Eventually, this strategy will no longer yield as much wealth as allowing interest rates to rise. I think you know what happens then. Yes, interest rates start to climb upwards, slowly at first. A gentle rise, not enough to cause too much critical thought by the masses. As the defaults start, the bank lobbyist will spin a new tale about careful lending and talk at length about increased risks. Interest payments will continue to rise slowly. You can perhaps imagine the rest. If not, time will reveal it all to you anyway.

Now, to be able to critically think you don't need a high IQ. You need to have a calm and well disciplined mind. Which is what book one of my trilogy helps you develop.

I hope that helps with your understanding of the 'real world' and where we are in this current financial cycle. Critical thought could prove to be a highly valuable skill. Well worth the effort to acquire.

You are welcome

17 November, 2017

Monthly Musing

Last month I mentioned free schools and free sweets. One was apparently the best idea ever to a headmistress. The other the best idea ever to a six year old.

As you can see, humans are predisposed to ideas that greatly benefit themselves but like to explain that the actual benefits are for everybody to enjoy. I called this cognitive dissonance.

I shall assume that society is more or less the best that it can be. Nothing is actually free but society can and does provide certain things for free, for the common good.

So, this should be a short blog.

Now, the word free stirs up a great deal of highly emotional debate. So it should. Free school meals, free this and free that all costs society something. What strikes me as odd is that very few of us realise that central banks get to create any sum of currency their little hearts desire for free.


This isn't like getting a free school meal or unemployment benefit. No, any sum for any reason can be created in an instant by these central bank currency wizards.

Do your core beliefs see this as a problem? A worry? A concern?

Or nothing whatsoever to do with you?

The Bank of England is a very solemn entity. Black shoes and nice suits. Even Brown shoes are frowned upon. This central bank bunch of suits do not, under any circumstances, want you to think they are simply creating currency and giving it to their chums.

Despite the fact that they are. They even tell us that this is indeed what they are doing. Obviously, they tell us with solemn faces and mention the words 'sound' and 'rules' fairly often. Never the less. They are legally allowed to create currency and give it to whom they please.


Is your spider sense tingling? Are your core beliefs untroubled?

Obviously, most are not concerned otherwise it would not be happening.

Currently, ten billion each month is given by the bank of England to their corporate chums. Fifty billion a month to their financial friends. Free pounds sterling to whoever they wish to give it to.

At the same time, benefits to physically and mentally challenged folks is cut, saving millions. Whilst billions are freely given to the already wealthy.

This dear readers is not a problem. It is simply a case of central planners allocating resources. Your resources.

I think the masses need to do some of their own critical thought on resource allocation. You can clearly see where central planners determine resources are best allocated, do you agree?


Or just a quiet nod of appreciation that these central planners know best?

Yes but I hear many of you say, the currency they give out has to be paid back. Well, yes. In theory. However, the government has never ever paid back a single copper penny of any of this free currency ever.


This free currency issued by central banks, borrowed by government which is never paid back, flows into our pension funds.



Is this sixty billion a month of free currency a concern, really?
Allow me to share my insight and my arithmetic skills.
Sixty billion a month shared by sixty million people is £4,000 per household of mummy, daddy and two little ones. Obviously, it isn't politically advisable to take this £4,000 each month from their bank account. So, where is this apparent wealth coming from? It is coming from this families expected pension fund. Again, the nominal value of their pension fund is not being decreased by £4,000 each month. Just its value.

At some stage the value of this young families pension fund will match its numerical value. Which is unfortunate. There is a far greater threat than these four people never having the opportunity to retire. That is, the free currency issued by vast numbers by the central banks, which is helicoptered over to their financial friends and corporate chums, could abruptly change the value of the cash in our wallets to zero too.


Again, we are back to your core beliefs. Facts can prove anything, therefore facts can prove nothing.

To be fair, a central banker has far more credibility than I have. They have doctorates and degrees and expense accounts and gold watches and solemn faces and black shoes.

The average set of core beliefs the average person has will inform them that I am a conspiracy nut or just scaring you into buying gold or simply a little scamp  causing trouble for his own amusement. You wouldn't be wrong.

However, a broken watch is right twice a day. Is there a sliver of a chance that I have imparted, accidentally, some information that would make me worth my own body weight in silver? (Currently £33,333)

Doesn't matter either way. I have suggested something that might happen only once in a thousand galaxies. If it did happen it would be massively damaging to those who have not considered its possibility. On this basis, I would strongly recommend that you risk a portion of your time critically thinking about it.

If you don't know how to even begin critically thinking about something so potentially huge. Well, work your way through my posts from the beginning where I blather on about watches! (It was for your benefit not mine.) Or read my trilogy of books.

Next month is the end of year round up where I shall list all the booms!

20 October, 2017

Monthly Musing

This blog attempts to challenge your core beliefs. I like to think that I am cleverly pointing out some of the assumptions your core beliefs are based on are no longer valid.

In the twenties, everyone wore a hat. Everyone had a core belief that everyone wore a hat. At some point, that core belief changed.

Currently, the core belief is that government, although not perfect, is the best way of managing / controlling people.

My core belief is fundamentally different.

The two contrasting core beliefs can be summed up as:-

Government is an appealing / appalling way of managing civilisation.

The problem with not critically thinking about core beliefs is that facts that do not reinforce our core beliefs are simply rejected. Facts that do are kept to hand to be used as necessary.

Thus the famous quote, 'facts, facts, don't talk to me about facts. You can use facts to prove anything.'

Therefore, we really do need to understand what our core beliefs are and check that they are still appropriate. I suggest critical thought is the way forward, I am astonished that critical thought isn't taught in schools as a core subject.

Which circuitous logic brings me to my main point. We have got where we are today with very few of us bothering with critical thought. What would today be like if most of us critically thought?

Better or worse?

Now, many people tell me that they, as individuals, do critically think. They realise that government and banking do have some issues but you just have to get on with life and not worry about it. Their motto is, 'the rules are the same for everybody'.

Assuming that motto is essentially correct, wouldn't it be wise to ensure that these rules are the very best rules that the very best minds can imagine?

Perhaps, but these rules are never challenged. Which indicates to me that critical thought even of the very basic rules of government and finance are not given sufficient critical thought by the masses.

When I was six the rather stern headmistress at my school was enraged when another six year old wrote a short story about how sweets should be free. Apparently free sweets would mean the end of civilisation. I must agree, any fundamental rule change ends that civilisation and begins a new one. The key point of Mrs Farnsworth speech was that who would pay the people who made the sweets? What she didn't mention was that school was free but somehow she managed to get paid. Even as a six year old, I was amazed at how this contradiction caused her no concern whatsoever. Her core beliefs were flexible enough that free sweets would destroy a society but free school would not. This is called cognitive dissonance. The headmistress benefited immensely from free schools and could probably argue for hours as to why free schools benefited everyone else too. If schools were not free and the local children's parents had to pay her salary directly, her salary would have been far smaller.

As a six year old I didn't have the vocabulary to discuss my concerns over her logical inconsistencies. However, even if I could I would have been wasting my time. Unless she decided to spend some time in critical thought regarding her own core beliefs.

Getting people to examine their own core beliefs is challenging. Particularly people who gain great benefits from not examining their core beliefs. Which would be the people in power, with authority and with wealth.

All of this feeds into my core belief that we need more critical thought and hence this blog aimed at the every day folks. The people who ACTUALLY bear the massive costs of this civilisation.

21 September, 2017

Who am I? (Prepare yourself for some Zen.)

I am a mixture of ancient monkey brain and human being. The two cannot be separated.

I am a complex system of processes within a complex system of processes. The two cannot be separated.

What we believe about ourselves and the universe is just that, a belief. From this belief we have grown massive governments and too big to fail banks. Common sense has been suspended.

I am someone who was born but I have not been comfortable with what most call the real world. Your so called real world is a truly unbelievable fairy tale for adults.

In your world, human beings infest this planet and we need governments and banks to provide and enforce a system of rules, otherwise we would have anarchy and destroy everything.

Really? Under the illusion of keeping you safe our governments declare war on other governments and develop ever more devastating weaponry. There is no logic or common sense to this real world. This real world is a manifestation of our ancient monkey brains. Our inner monkey needs to know who is their superior and who is their inferior. From this we spend fortunes stopping people consuming certain drugs and confiscate wealth via taxes from people consuming other drugs.

Government is legalised theft and banking is legalised theft. I have explained this many times.

So what is the real real world? This is the world we create from the human portion of our brain. It is family and groups of families known as communities. Either in the same physical location or on-line.

Again, these two worlds exist together and cannot be separated.

My problem is with balance and harmony. Common sense dictates that we need a balance but the monkey part of our brain is dominant within our society. I use the word society deliberately. If our human brain was allowed to flourish, then we would have a civilisation. Of course, we do have both a society and a civilisation and this is common sense. We just do not have a balance.

Society has massive government and too big to fail banks. It has achieved this by over stimulating the monkey portions of our brain and by fooling us into believing that we are each alone in a vast universe, a frightening thought which does stimulate the ancient legacy systems of our brains, the part I call the monkey.

This is both true and not true. People are part of the universe.

Allow me to tell you who you are. Initially the universe was simple. There was nothing. Then 'bang' or six days later or whatever, the universe was born. The universe is what it is and was created. We have all deliberately forgotten to remember or even notice what the universe is doing. Common sense must prevail. You know what the universe is doing. It is evolving. It is dynamic and it has a job to do. Clearly, the universe is striving to create ever more complex systems. Now, on this ball of rock that we call Earth, the universe has created what we call life. Even a single celled organism is a fantastically complex system of processes. The universe, quite obviously, did not stop there. The universe strives towards creating evermore complex systems. It does this because that is what it does. Creation is the purpose of the universe. Whatever, you wish to believe is fine. The universe is what it does. A creator of increasingly complex systems. Human beings are part of the universe. As are rocks and bananas. The universe is everything, both known and unknown. Human beings are continuous with the universe as are rocks and bananas. E=mc^2

I will quickly explain the e equals mc squared equation. It states that energy is the same as mass (multiplied by a very large number). There is a vast amount of energy in all matter. You can view matter as solidified energy. However, it isn't. You can view matter as crystallised energy. However, it isn't.

Matter or mass or physical things are simply a form of energy. The universe is striving to form its undifferentiated energy into ever more complex energy systems. The universe has spent a great deal of time and effort creating a rock from what was nothing. The universe has relentlessly striven to create and to create ever more complex energy systems. A rock isn't separate from the universe. It isn't a frozen chip of energy outside of the universe. A rock is still a rock. The universe deliberately created the rock. The rock is still part of the universe. The rock is an energy system which is part of a larger energy system which is part of a larger energy system. And so on.

Man is also part of the energy system. Man is a complex system of energy within a complex system of energy and so on. The rock, you and the universe are all part of the universe and its continued efforts to produce more and more complexity.

Man should not feel alone. He is part of everything and connected to everything via both seen and unseen, both simple and complex, both known and unknown energy systems. Our purpose in life is the same as the universes because we are one with the universe. As is the rock and banana.

The single great truth that we strive so hard to not remember. The great truth that we are determined to never acknowledge is known. Alan Watts who died when I was four, revealed this truth to me via youtube earlier this week. We are part of the universe, we are part of the plan of the universe. A rock is just a rock. A man is just a man. But there is more, so much more. The rock is an energy system. Man is an energy system. The rock is an integral part of the whole universe as is man. The point I am labouring towards is that man has eyes, which are complex energy systems. The universe created the rock of itself and the rock is still of the universe. This is common sense, at least to me. What is also obvious, the universe can observe the rock through our eyes.

That last sentence is crucial. Not only are all the energy systems connected and part of the same initial undifferentiated energy. The universe sees through our eyes. It feels through our emotions and our tactile sensory systems. We are instruments of the universe for the universe. We are incredibly sensitive but only to a very narrow range of energy. Sound waves and visible light rays only. We cannot detect radio waves, or ultraviolet or infrared. Cosmic rays, gamna rays and xrays are not something that we can detect. But, as the universe created us we created tools too.

There you have it. We are the universe and the universe is us. As is the rock and the banana.

Now back to my favourite topic, governments and banks. These deny complexity. They try to manage complexity, first by assuming that the complex is not complex. Well, that only works over very narrow ranges. We are more complex than that, so governments and banks will fail, probably together as they share the same view of us. The strange view that we are not complex energy systems that the universe has created as tools in its quest to produce ever more complexity.

So I am me but I am so much more than just me. I am a complex energy system that exists within loop after loop of ever more complex energy systems. The universe exists to do what it does, develop ever more complex energy systems. I am a complex energy system developed by the universe, of the universe for the universe. I am the eyes of the universe. The universe is able to view itself through my eyes. As it does and can through yours.

Man is both an individual and a cognitive tool of the universe. When I gaze into your eyes I see myself reflected in them. Well, I would because the universe sees through all our eyes.

You are you and so much more.

Thoughts are also systems of energy. As are our eyes. The universe can see through our eyes and be connected to our thoughts. We are individuals but also the same and all separate and all connected.

We do deserve a far better balance of society and civilisation. We do deserve to treat each other better and be more sensitive to our environments because we are all of the universe and the universe exists within us. Our purpose is the same as the rock and the banana and the universe because we are all the universe. Our purpose is obvious, it is to create. Feel free to update the common sense portion of your brain.

There you go, I have told you who I am, who you are and your purpose. Crack on.

Just be. Enjoy being. When the mood takes you, allow the universe to create something through you. Or, create something for the universe. Or a loved one. The universe and the loved one are one and the same.

Have fun but do take care

18 September, 2017

You, the Rothschild, the C.I.A. and the Illuminatae ('them')

It is my intention with this post to shine a light into a dark and frightening place where our collective enemies plot against us. Now, depending upon your perspective, these people are the shadowy forces behind government, a cabal of billionaires, C.I.A. / Mossad, the Rothschilds, the Illuminatae, or informally as 'them'. Who 'they' are depends upon who you believe 'they' are. Mr Hitler was absolutely convinced that 'they' were jews. In this post, i will reveal two secrets, who 'they' are and why 'they' exist. My reason for doing this is simple, once we truly understand who 'they' are, we can take away their power and control over us. This will require some effort.

At this point, you may be wondering who I am. How do i know such things. Am I credible? This is understandable, 'they' have conditioned you to be this way. Make it your intention to consider this post, to think and ponder about this post, rather than the author.

Secret number one
'they' do wield a vast amount of power. A frightening amount of power. 'they' do exert control over us, both directly and indirectly. 'they' do have significant control over our education, wealth, and our government's. I will name a few of them in this post.

The power 'they' yield is formidable and can be frightening. However, I ask that you do not simply have an automated choice of fight or flight. We have been conditioned to regard stories of 'them' as conspiracy theories and not to take them seriously. Those who do believe can become frightened and desperate, calling those who do not believe in 'them' as sheep or simply not awake. Many people take great comfort from being 'awake', a great start to understanding. A small number of these people strap explosives to themselves to trigger in public places or deliberately drive vehicles into crowds. The third choice to fight or flight is to choose to not react. There is a fourth choice. This blog encourages a fourth choice, critical thought.

If you are suddenly confronted with a lion, fight or flight is the way to go.
In most situations, ignore or critical thought will serve you far better than a overly excited flight or fight response.

It is important to recognise that virtually all the power that 'they' yield existed before 'they' existed. 'they' merely use this power against us. This is where we could start discussing good and evil. However, we can only judge the intentions of our own actions. Even then, most of us are not self aware enough to do even that simple a task. So, don't consider 'them' to be good or evil, simply accept 'they' exist and choose to severely limit their power and control over us.

If we simply define 'them' as individuals or groups that take advantage of a vast pool of pre-existing power, we are beginning to understand 'them'. We do not need to think of them as evil. One such person is Stephen King. He writes horror stories. He successfully taps into this vast pool of pre-existing power. He most likely does this because he enjoys it. He has many fans who also like reading his books. Is he one of 'them'? According to my simple definition above, YES. Does it matter, NO. Is he a problem or enemy, NO.

So who 'they' are is unimportant. 'they' probably do not recognise themselves as 'them'.

Governments are often called 'them'. Tony Blair is often referred to as one of 'them'. Governments do use this vast pool of power against us. Theresa May and Hillary Clinton are currently using this vast pool of power against us. One scaring us with increasing the terror threat level, the other with tales of Putin and Trump conspiring against her and the American people. Remember, we can choose to dampen our fight or flight reflexes. We can choose to ignore or to critically think.

I have now named three of 'them'. May, Clinton and King. Do they know that they are 'them'. That depends solely upon their level of self awareness, awareness of  the intentions of those close to them and of their intended impact upon society at large and their reaction or otherwise to the unintended consequences of their actions.

Just to be clear, 'they' will always exist. Removing individuals, certain clubs, thought tanks and other organisations is a pointless waste of effort.

Secret three is a weapon, a defensive weapon. This weapon cannot be defeated, ever. This weapon can, if wielded properly, reduce the power of 'them' to more or less nothing. The power of this defensive weapon is massive. It is not the equivalent of turning an AK47 into a water pistol, it turns an AK47 into a crayon drawing of a water pistol made by an average four year old. Something to put on a fridge door. Not something to have a flight or fight reaction about.

The secret is not a word, a phrase or even a mythical object. The secret is made up of three elements.

Mindfulness of self

Awareness of others

Demands of society

Once the three elements are understood, as one. The vast pool of power that 'they' appear to control becomes yours.

Written differently, you can become one 'of them'. At this point, don't expect to become a recipient of a membership and benefits card. No, you will simply become the real You. The You you would be without 'them' holding you back. Or not, as always you are allowed a choice, or free will as it is mockingly referred to by some of 'them'.

Either way, you get to decide who You are and the power to realise it.

Finally, you determine if the concepts and ideas that you perceive from this rather repetitive assortment of shapes that we call letters are of any benefit to you on your quest to become You.

With time and effort you really can become You.

Take from this text only that which you can use and adapt on your endless journey to become You, the rest of the text is inconsequential.

Take great care of yourself, whilst I attempt the same.

16 September, 2017

Monthly Musing

There doesn't appear to be much awareness as to dangers of government surveillance. We are told that this surveillance protects us from terrorists. What we are not told is that it is another method of control.

Again, I am putting forward views that will immediately clash with the vast majority of peoples core beliefs. Logically, this is due to the fact that if everyone had core beliefs similar to mine we wouldn't have too big to fail anything and mass surveillance.

It won't always be this way. Anyway, please allow me to present another 'truth' regarding mass surveillance. Let us assume that without public confidence in the full faith and credit of the United States the dollar crashes in value and that this impacts upon all global trade and currencies in a massively negative manner. That is my stated assumption. The assumption need not be true but based on that assumption I can state, simply, that close monitoring of the public's perception of the dollar is vital.

Now there are two ways of monitoring public perception. There is the method that the British Secret Service taught the American Secret Service, which is through massive data collection and developing the tools to search through this data. This is what is known as miss direction. The system works, in theory only, but in practice over time three important things occur. The first is that more and more data is required, hence the ever increasing mass surveillance. The second is that this gets increasingly more expensive. The third is that regardless of how fast resources flow into such an undertaking, it's effectiveness diminishes. In Engineering terms, it is an utter waste of time and effort. It is a scandalous waste of resources. In the spy world, it is a splendid wheeze.

Regardless, the American Secret Service can now actively monitor their general population and note any special interest in key words, such as explosive. Thus indicating they might be a terrorist. Or they could just be playing a particularly tricky computer game and are asking for tips on defeating the end of level boss. In my example, the key word could be inflation. Or more likely a number of key words. Thus the American Secret Service can produce reams of data that the federal reserve can use to tailor their communications policy.

Thus, we can see that the American public can be carefully managed by those with access to the mass surveillance machinery.

J Edgar Hoover had a much smaller surveillance system but he used it to control key figures not everyone. The much larger surveillance system can easily be used on individuals, in the same way as Hoover used his. Blackmail, coersion and the like but information without someone like Hoover wielding it is just data.

The mass surveillance is believed by those who wield it to be an effective form of control of the general population. It is, up to a point.

A useful analogy would be a kettle. A kettle is turned on to heat some water. Steam starts to be emitted by the kettle. Mass surveillance is a tool that can, initially stop the steam exiting the kettle. Eventually, more and more control is needed to prevent the steam escaping from the kettle. Ultimately, more energy is spent containing the steam than heating the water. BANG, the kettle explodes. Who could possibly see that coming? Well, me and the British Secret Service.

In summary, the three reasons for not allowing mass surveillance are
It is a spectacular waste of finite resources
It is used to both monitor and manage the populations core beliefs
It attempts to control forces that will ultimately overwhelm it in an explosive manner

Here I use the word explosive to refer to a collapsed time frame. In other words, changes that would happen naturally over many years, happen in hours instead.

For the hard of understanding, some major change that impacts upon our core beliefs can readily be accommodated over a number of years. An abrupt change that happens in hours is likely to promote fear and panic that will do more damage than the change itself.

I hope you found this interesting, worthy of additional thought and perhaps something to discuss and develop with a friend over a nice single malt?

Perhaps it is becoming clearer to you as to why I write this blog?

I am on your side, whoever you are.

In the above analogy, I am attempting to be the pressure release valve.

Those of you with flexible minds and advanced reading skills may have noticed that I wrote 'two methods' of monitoring public perception and only wrote about one. The one that wastes hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The other method costs just millions of dollars but does need intelligent intelligence officers with a rare individual, such as myself, at the helm.

Anyway, you might not get what you pay for but you do get what you deserve.

10 September, 2017

Pension crisis? What pension crisis?

Imagine 80 workers and 20 retirees. The workers produce more than enough for themselves and the retirees. The workers can easily 'save' for their own retirement.

How about 60 workers and 40 retirees? The workers must be far more productive to produce enough for themselves and the retirees, much more.

In the first example, 1/5 of everything is 'sold' to the retirees.
In the second example, 2/5, of everything is bought by the retirees.

The retirees, are simply taking twice as much from each worker, in the second example.

Now, in a simple society, this is understood. The workers are being far more generous than those who came before them.

In our society, the workers simply need to work harder. The retirees believing the workers to be lazier than they ever were.

Now, in the second example, the workers will really struggle to save enough for their pension whilst supporting the retirees. This ought to mean that the value of pension products falls, dramatically. In the above example, pension product values should more than half.

That would certainly be called a pension crisis. 40 retirees living on what previously 15 retirees had.

So are we now in a pension crisis?

Yes. It started a while back, with a big upset in 2007/2008 which we didn't call a pension crisis because those in charge lied, lied then lied some more.

Central banks are now buying a vast amount of pension products at three times their actual value, to maintain and increase their price.

This is most unfortunate. It works for a while. Far longer than is prudent. The cost of this delay of a pension crisis is going to be beyond imagination. Or perhaps not. The consequences are revealing themselves but we are ignoring them or blaming terrorists or Trump or Putin or the North Korean gentleman with the dashing haircut.

The true villain is ourselves. Always has been and always will be until we attempt to be mindful of self, aware of others and of the demands of society. Which is why I wrote the books of the same title.

So when a central bank starts buying the pension products that retirees are selling but that workers cannot afford. Then that is a pension crisis. Ten years on, nobody appears to care. Unfortunately, carrying on will mean that the workers are going to have to work far harder and far longer than the retirees ever did for less and less and less. This will make vast numbers of workers increasingly angrier. To maintain control of its increasingly aggressive population, war is usually started. This gives people a target for their anger.

Again, this is most unfortunate. Can we do anything to prevent this? Yes, try and understand my trilogy of books.

Then we can realise that the retirees have bought pension products, in good faith, rather than actually critically thinking. The workers work, having full faith and confidence in their own government and currency, again with little critical thought.

Fundamentally, this is a question of belief. Without critical thought, men will gladly march to their deaths rather than admit that their lifelong beliefs are simply fairy tales for non critically thinking adults.

Read my trilogy of books and belief in yourself. Your world will then change dramatically. You will start to become the you that you dream of.

Anyway, you have a think. Not about pensions or government. Have a think about becoming an actual human being rather than being unduly influenced and controlled by your inner monkey.

To summarise, you not understanding who you actually are is the biggest obstacle to world peace and mankinds development. Not Putin, Trump, Clinton or the western worlds pension crisis.

Remembering know that how you respond to a crisis is who you actually are. You can be who you would like to be. Initially, this means six months effort and reading my trilogy. Then your remaining lifetime of practice. Do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it for mankind, do it for your God.

28 August, 2017

C.I.A. (part two)

Recently C.I.A. asset Biden mentioned the soul of America. Which is how the C.I.A refer to themselves and unfortunately they are correct. Biden said that America is in a war for its soul, unfortunately that is also true. A war few see or even know who their enemy is. (You see the face of your enemy everyday, when you look into a mirror.)
Until we start putting effort into behaving more like human beings (INDIVIDUALLY), our souls will be owned by others.
Should we allow the C.I.A. to own our souls? I believe not but this great recession, great depression, great war is about beliefs. Not religious beliefs but belief in ourselves. Are we monkeys with an intelligence add-on? Or are we human beings with some monkey legacy hardware? (Both. Have an awareness of your self and notice when the monkey is troubled. I have written a trilogy about such a thing - read rs, Biden mentioned the soul of America. Which is how the C.I.A refer to themselves and unfortunately they are correct. Biden said that America is in a war for its soul, unfortunately that is also true. A war few see or even know who their enemy is. (Biden knows a great deal and understands nothing.)
Until we start putting effort into behaving more like human beings (INDIVIDUALLY), our souls will be owned by others.
Should we allow the C.I.A. to own our souls? I believe not but this great recession, great depression, great war is about beliefs. Not religious beliefs but belief in ourselves. Are we monkeys with an intelligence add-on? Or are we human beings with some monkey legacy hardware? (Both. Have an awareness of your self and notice when the monkey is troubled. I have written a trilogy about such a thing - see blog below, or not. Your choice.)
Who is best suited to looking after your soul? You or the C.I.A
Who is best suited to helping you care for your soul? A loved one or the C.I.A.
Some actual information regarding what the C.I.A. are below but surely you don't need to read it? They keep you safe, don't they?
(Perhaps read The Mindfulness Trilogy on Amazon, or not. Your choice.)
Who is best suited to looking after your soul? You or the C.I.A
Who is best suited to helping you care for your soul? A loved one or the C.I.A.
Some actual information regarding what the C.I.A. are below but surely you don't need to read it? They keep you safe, don't they?

The upper echelons of the C.I.A. truly believe that they are humans with some ancient legacy wet ware. The rest of America are just monkeys with a basic intelligence upgrade. They don't attempt to wield their understanding to help you become a better and happier you. They haven't made my choice to help you help yourself. They have chosen to own you. To control you. To influence you. All to remain in power at the expense of you and your soul. All to maintain their own belief that they are superior to you.
Ultimately, the choice is yours and yours alone. The source of the power the C.I.A. wield is you. The C.I.A. uses your wealth against your interests. They do this because they believe you are not one of them, a true human being. They are essentially correct.
In this, the elite at the C.I.A. and I are one and the same. The great unwashed need to be herded, Controlled and influenced. Where I disagree with the C.I.A. is in your potential. I believe that most of us have the potential to be beautiful human beings, the C.I.A. elite have chosen to believe that you have no potential.

The C.I.A. are well resourced and funded. They will maintain belief in their own superiority even when that belief destroys them. They will endure and in time, they will ascend again.
The C.I.A. are not the problem. You are. As each of us begins to take better care of ourselves, of our souls, we take our power back from the C.I.A and their equivalents. Remembering now, that we vastly out number them. Virtually all the power is ours. It always was. We are Controlled, Influenced and Alienated for their benefit, not ours.
As we strive to become more mindful of self, more aware of others and begin to recognise the demands of society, we become the elite. Then we can choose to help others become more like us or to do as the elite at the C.I.A. has chosen to do. To control, influence and alienate to gain advantage at your expense.
This isn't about right or wrong. Good or evil. The C.I.A. believe that they deserve far more than what they take. That they give far more generously to society than they need to. They can readily justify their own existence. The fact that they exist means that they are necessary.
Leave the C.I.A. be. They are an indicator of our collective 'humanity'. Should we all choose to be more human, the C.I.A. will simply dissolve.
Numbers wise, we are looking at just 2% That is all it takes to change the world. From what it is, to what it could be. Just 2% striving to become more human.

Anyway, your beliefs either free or control you. You get to choose your own beliefs. The C.I.A and I are one and the same. We have simply reached different conclusions. The C.I.A. exists because it needs to exist. In that, the C.I.A. and I agree completely.

You can make a difference, a massive difference to yourself. This difference will not go unnoticed.
Make your choice. It is yours to make. 
I am beginning to doubt my belief in your potential. A lucrative job offer to work for the C.I.A. would be sufficient incentive for me to realise that the three blogs and the three books are a waste of my time and simply an annoyance to you.
Regardless, you take care.