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10 September, 2017

Pension crisis? What pension crisis?

Imagine 80 workers and 20 retirees. The workers produce more than enough for themselves and the retirees. The workers can easily 'save' for their own retirement.

How about 60 workers and 40 retirees? The workers must be far more productive to produce enough for themselves and the retirees, much more.

In the first example, 1/5 of everything is 'sold' to the retirees.
In the second example, 2/5, of everything is bought by the retirees.

The retirees, are simply taking twice as much from each worker, in the second example.

Now, in a simple society, this is understood. The workers are being far more generous than those who came before them.

In our society, the workers simply need to work harder. The retirees believing the workers to be lazier than they ever were.

Now, in the second example, the workers will really struggle to save enough for their pension whilst supporting the retirees. This ought to mean that the value of pension products falls, dramatically. In the above example, pension product values should more than half.

That would certainly be called a pension crisis. 40 retirees living on what previously 15 retirees had.

So are we now in a pension crisis?

Yes. It started a while back, with a big upset in 2007/2008 which we didn't call a pension crisis because those in charge lied, lied then lied some more.

Central banks are now buying a vast amount of pension products at three times their actual value, to maintain and increase their price.

This is most unfortunate. It works for a while. Far longer than is prudent. The cost of this delay of a pension crisis is going to be beyond imagination. Or perhaps not. The consequences are revealing themselves but we are ignoring them or blaming terrorists or Trump or Putin or the North Korean gentleman with the dashing haircut.

The true villain is ourselves. Always has been and always will be until we attempt to be mindful of self, aware of others and of the demands of society. Which is why I wrote the books of the same title.

So when a central bank starts buying the pension products that retirees are selling but that workers cannot afford. Then that is a pension crisis. Ten years on, nobody appears to care. Unfortunately, carrying on will mean that the workers are going to have to work far harder and far longer than the retirees ever did for less and less and less. This will make vast numbers of workers increasingly angrier. To maintain control of its increasingly aggressive population, war is usually started. This gives people a target for their anger.

Again, this is most unfortunate. Can we do anything to prevent this? Yes, try and understand my trilogy of books.

Then we can realise that the retirees have bought pension products, in good faith, rather than actually critically thinking. The workers work, having full faith and confidence in their own government and currency, again with little critical thought.

Fundamentally, this is a question of belief. Without critical thought, men will gladly march to their deaths rather than admit that their lifelong beliefs are simply fairy tales for non critically thinking adults.

Read my trilogy of books and belief in yourself. Your world will then change dramatically. You will start to become the you that you dream of.

Anyway, you have a think. Not about pensions or government. Have a think about becoming an actual human being rather than being unduly influenced and controlled by your inner monkey.

To summarise, you not understanding who you actually are is the biggest obstacle to world peace and mankinds development. Not Putin, Trump, Clinton or the western worlds pension crisis.

Remembering know that how you respond to a crisis is who you actually are. You can be who you would like to be. Initially, this means six months effort and reading my trilogy. Then your remaining lifetime of practice. Do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it for mankind, do it for your God.

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