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20 October, 2016

What is the Matrix? (Elite level) 1/4

The matrix is a powerful tool in the art of control engineering. With matrices, systems can be mathematically modelled and their control systems mathematically designed. I should know, David Watkinson B.Eng(hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

So, the matrix is about control. As is our financial and political systems. Read on.

Money is just an idea, it is not real.
What we have is fiat currencies.

Gold is the closest tangible thing we have to money. However, gold is more of a long term wealth storage vehicle for Kings and countries, rather than something you spend in a shop.

Fiat currencies are simply an incredibly subtle / utterly brutal controlling mechanism. They are a means of turning human beings into cattle / slaves.

Explaining how requires you to forget, for a time, everything you believe you know.

Our fiat currencies only exist for a short time. Borrowing creates the currency and paying it back destroys it. Interest and fees are how wealth is skimmed from the masses.

Banks can encourage lending towards certain sectors and these sectors then flourish.
Banks can discourage lending towards other sectors and those sectors die back.

Wouldn't it be nice to know which sectors were to be inflated or depressed? The potential for great wealth accumulation from expansions and contractions is massive.

As I wrote earlier, the controlling mechanism is subtle and is readily explained away. Otherwise we would refuse to participate.

A silly example. Banks, for whatever reason, allow 120% loans on red cars but no more than 80% on black cars. Banks cannot force us to borrow. Banks cannot force us to buy certain colour cars. But.....Friends of the bank would be very grateful receiving such information in advance. As I believe premiums on and waiting times for red cars would increase. Vice versa for black cars.

Imagine two equally skilled entrepreneurs. One has the backing of a large bank, willing to lend whatever amounts  are requested at very low interest rates. The other doesn't. One becomes a billionaire and the other would eventually, assuming them to be immortal.

The control is both brutal and subtle.

I believe that this control is subtle, brutal, barbaric and will eventually crush humanity into dust.

It can be reversed. The potential destruction averted. The crushing weight on humanity eased and eventually removed.

Most of mankind will not agree with the ideas expressed above. Many of those who do, will not agree with my solution. UNIVERSAL INCOME FOR ALL  

The fiat currencies we use do not help humanity to mature, develop and flourish. They are designed to keep the masses distracted and enslaved.

The universal income for all will destroy fiat currencies. This may seem to be a good reason not to have a universal income. However, the alternative is similar, more abrupt and will include some really brutal wars. Hopefully not a nuclear powered world war three but it is only a hope.

Government and banks are really simultaneous control and distraction mechanisms.

Do yourselves a favour, give this all some critical thought and discuss your concerns with others. The future has yet to be written, I hope.

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