X marks the spot


14 October, 2016

Thank you

Thank you for your time and your efforts.

The blog wasn't meant to be an easy read. It has many layers, depths and errors.

Reading the blog has already cost you the most valuable resource ever to exist, time. I hope that your resource of time was invested wisely rather than utterly wasted.

God gave you free will and if you require permission to exercise that gift, then you have it.

Always hold anyone to account who impacts upon you in a negative fashion.

Do not impact negatively on others, unless they demand it and you can deliver it. Even then, you can still choose not too.

Recently, I did not to impact negatively on someone who massively impacted upon me. I decided to let the police deal or not deal with it, as they see fit. My solicitor will or won't successfully sue him. Society and civilisation exist concurrently and overlap. In this instance, I am behaving in a civilised manner and this encourages others to do the same. Writing this blog taught me that.

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