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07 August, 2016

What are interest rates 501

Interest rates are an interesting topic. We all know what they are. They are important. For me to suggest something different is dangerous for me. Not from the 'elites' but from every day normal folk. Normal people don't like feeling stupid, gullible and wrong about things they already 'know' about. Which makes keeping them enslaved to a barbaric financial system effortless.

Interest rates mean different things depending upon the underlying financial system. Our financial system uses interest rates to take wealth from the productive. The more productive we are the higher interest rates can be. Our governments also take wealth from the productive. Not just with taxes but by borrowing and only ever repaying the interest.

So how does this theft take place? Forget taxes, this post is about interest.

Whether it is us or the government, at the instant we are granted a loan the electronic currency is created at that very moment.

The above sentence is absolutely crucial, everybody 'should' understand it. You aren't borrowing 'money'. You are creating it.

Currently the bank of England will allow its chosen few customers to borrow into existence vast quantities of currency at 0.25% interest. What a massive advantage their chosen few customers have over the rest of us! This isn't real money, it is rules based currency creation. Who makes these rules up? Not government. The bank of England makes up the rules. The rules of currency creation!

My local hospital is going to be shut down due to funding issues. I live in Huddersfield. Many are objecting. Government and banking and every business either meets the public's needs or should eliminated. With rules based currency creation, the public is either served or the the public are enslaved. Guess which version we have?

We have financial enslavement which crushes humanity.

Are we powerless? No. Should you agree with me in sufficient numbers and you are prepared to expend some effort critically thinking, then things change in a single heart beat.

What changes? Everything. How? The US president is the most powerful man in the western world. What happens if when she/he speaks no one listens? Are they still powerful? No. Effectively, they no longer exist.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. I would add that an idea is far more powerful and is the only thing capable of faster than light travel.

The world could easily be so much more.