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12 August, 2016

Gold (22/30)

I have been asked about gold. I'd really rather not say. However, I will.

Gold is money, everything else is credit.

Explaining this will take forever as you already know about gold and money which prevents you from understanding what gold and money is.

Imagine that you are in a really large and very busy casino. You are having a great time and are winning big. Your pile of multicoloured chips is vast. At this point you glance around the casino and notice a great many people are winning big. You decide to cash out most of your chips but keep playing as you keep winning. You manage to cash out once more before the casino declares bankruptcy.

As this blog is about critical thinking you shouldn't really be reading this bit yet. You should be thinking, critically, about gold, money and currency.

You already know that the banks can't actually function if just a few percent of the population try exchanging their bank credit for cash. You may already know that only a few percent of pensioners can convert their pensions into bank credit before the financial system can't function.

So, what I am suggesting is that exchanging some bank credit for gold or even silver is behaving similarly to the astute person in the about to be bankrupt casino.

Believe me, I know how hard it is for you to overcome your conditioning about the concept of money. After I had broken my conditioning, I spent three months having a gentle nervous breakdown. I am better now.

Thanks for your patience thus far. Sorry for any discomfort you may be feeling. Be aware that I have presented you with both a potential problem and a potential solution. I have, in the preceding months, done my utmost to prepare you for this moment. If you aren't panicking, you haven't understood anything or you have understood everything.

Thanks for you time.

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