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26 August, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (24/30)

The World bank loans to India can be viewed from two opposite view points. Both are actually true, which will be difficult for many to understand.
1) These allow the building of infrastructure, such as roads, rail, electricity, commercial, residential and modern industrial parks and airports. This will enable blah blah blah. Get comfortable with that view. Do some research.

Now, another view.
2) Get some large consulting firms in to convince the Indian government to take on these massive DOLLAR loans. Get some huge American conglomerates in to build the infrastructure. To be paid in DOLLARS. Now the Indian government gets tax payers to pay the bill, or at least maintain the interest payments. The few make lots of DOLLARS the many pay.

Get comfortable with both points of view.

Follow the money. Who gets paid and who pays? Who benefits the most? Sure?
You should be able to argue the point convincingly, either way. Without emotion.

However, you are a caring human being. Feel free to express your feelings in the comments but only after completing the above tasks.

Remember the blog is about you thinking and understanding. Not about me explaining or convincing you of anything. I am not a politician. I am not selling you anything. I am trying to give you back your power. Which is incredibly difficult as many don't want it. Why not give that some thought after researching cognitive dissonance?