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19 May, 2017

Monthly Musing

Assuming your core belief in gigantic government paid for with counterfeit bank currency using wealth stolen from your retirement account is faltering, what should you be doing?

Whatever you like, provided that behave as a reasonable human being. There is no need to riot or even write a stiff letter to the BBC. There is no need to be upset or to even have an emotional response. If you are upset, that's fine. Have a little weep if it helps.

Now that you understand the world, you need just practice being a civilised human being for when the dawn of an actual civilisation comes.

You will understand that banks only have an illusion of wealth.
You will understand that government only has an illusion of power.
The promise of a pension, although genuinely given, is just wishful thinking.

Relying on any of the above, knowing what you now know, just isn't possible.

Now that you have disposed of a false core belief you can choose to replace it with something that is actually beneficial to mankind. You may choose to believe in yourself, in developing a new skill, to teaching a skill, to raise a civilised human child, to build a house, to wire a plug, to be happy. The choice is yours and the possibilities are infinite.

The only thing that has actually changed is you. If everyone understood this blog over this weekend, then Monday morning could follow on the same as last Monday morning. Obviously, there would be a great many changes on Monday. Mainly politicians apologising and starting to dismantle vast swathes of utterly unproductive and unhelpful government departments. Bankers, financiers and billionaires would realise their 'wealth' was counterfeit and questions would be asked of the public, rather than enforcing synthetic financial rules that are based only on fraud.

Not exactly cloud cuckoo land is it? Seems very reasonable and civilised to me. Rather than this perverse sick joke of a society I was born into, as were we all. Is it not worth a little effort understanding this blog and explaining it, however you see fit, to the rest of humanity?

May 19th 2017, pacific time. My book will be available for free download

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