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12 May, 2018

Has the world calmed down or have I?

The world seemed quite chaotic just a few weeks ago. Putin was using lethal military grade poisons in Salisbury, England. UK PM May and two other leading members of society were blowing up other peoples property and WW3 looked to be underway. N. Korea was apparently threatening to destroy the US and Putin had weapons capable of launching 'sneak' attacks on whoever Putin wanted to destroy.

Obviously, or not, WW3 is always looking to be underway. Anyway, things have calmed down considerably, or have they?

Yes and no. Mainly no. When the British public failed to rally behind the UK govt and get fully on-board with the Putin is the enemy story then the Skirpal story effectively died. At least for now. No, the main change was me. My daily mindfulness meditations have a temporary effect upon me and now I am experiencing an accumulative effect too. 18 months of mindfulness, self awareness and the rest is allowing me to see far more than ever and I was fairly gifted in that department anyway.

What is it that I can see? I see far more than the UK government, with essentially zero resources. The Bilderberg group, Carlyle group and the other think tanks are all essentially part of the system of society and as such cannot and will not ever see as much as people like me can.

That is quite a statement. Society is just a game of pretend and to be within it you need to believe that it is not a bizarre adult version of 'lets pretend'. I am not going to waste my time arguing with members of society about their 'real world'. One of the things that I see is the cognitive dissonance cloak that UK MP May lives in. 'Rose coloured' glasses is one thing but a head to toe cloak of cognitive dissonance is debilitating beyond my ability to describe.

Let me try a simple statement, all members of the public are deluded into believing that they live in the 'real world'. UK Theresa May is deluded in thinking that she is useful in some way. Well, she is useful in helping to sustain the 'real world' delusion.

Regardless, who creates society and why? We all do. We do it because we are not calm enough to see that our 'real world' is not real.

My education level is very high. I wasn't taught any of the stuff I am sharing with you. I was taught by society to believe in the 'real world'. As were mostly everybody. Mostly everybody will not accept that which I am trying to show them. They will accept some but then their cognitive dissonance kicks in strongly and they say something like, 'what can you do?'.

Well, members of the public living in the 'real world', I don't need you to do anything much. I can manipulate you at will without effort or planning. Now, should I explain that? Why not? Each member of society has their power based upon their relative position within that society. Some trinkets earn you more societal power. large houses, large reserves of bank credit, red sports cars and Rolex watches all get you bonus points. A new car trumps an older car, you all know these things and you all know that you aren't particularly bothered by them but that everybody else is. However, in periods where you are not content, peaceful and relaxed, these things suddenly mean everything.

What is happening is that we all live in two worlds, the so called 'real world' of society and the actual real world of civilisation. Calm, confident and centred human beings live in the actual real world and members of society live in a delusional 'real world'.

Perhaps you are beginning to realise my point. Let me hammer it home. As a calm, confident and relaxed human being I can easily manipulate a member of society, as their power is based in a 'reality' that I simply choose not to believe.

My power comes from within me and that power is called 'realisation of choice'. I just made that up. Or at least I believe I have. Regardless, I have repeatedly demonstrated my ability to manipulate members of society, to myself. A few days ago a policeman was attempting to exert his authority over me. Watching him crumble felt mean but he has made his choice to believe in society and as such has far less power than I do. Actually, I am being over modest. Relative to me, he has no power at all.

That last sentence will have most of you deciding that I am the deluded one and not mostly everybody else. May be. The female police man with him was unable to summon the courage to even look at me. She only spoke to him and only very quietly. Women tend not to provoke men that they consider to be powerful. Obviously women test mens power all the time but she witnessed my power and so withdraw completely. What made this encounter all the more surreal was that I was wearing black shoes with socks and shorts whilst sat on a wall stroking a cat. I couldn't have looked weaker at first glance which perhaps is why Mr policeman thought me an easy target to reafirm his status in society. Whatever, believe what you will. My life is so far removed from a 'normal' persons that I have only revealed myself, partially, to three people. Only the final one had the ability to cope, at least partially. However, he had been aware of me for fourteen years and he is a consultant in this 'area'.

Have I made a point or not?

You take care and be aware of the choices that you have made without critical thought

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