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14 February, 2018

The whole of the thing

I write three blogs and have written three books. These are all connected.

Gold, dollars and oil, these three things are all connected.

The six things above are all connected.

The past, present and future are connected.

All nine things above are connected.

I write about Mindfulness, Awareness, Society and Civilisation.

Not only are these things all connected, they are all one and the same.

The difficulty for you the reader is to understand that what you know isn't necessarily so.

However, most of my readers are beginning to understand this and are beginning to question the whole thing. Which brings me to my point, most people learn in a linear fashion. Schools and Universities cater to this way of learning. A few of us do not learn linearly. We are known as 'global learners' and I wrote 'we' because I am one.

Being a 'global learner' presents me with a range of serious problems that are not catered for by school or universities or anyone at all. Without my reasonably high I.Q. I would have not had any academic success. As it is, I am classed as academically gifted, which is nice.

Linear learners can easily grasp linear systems. Pressing a switch to turn on a light, rotating a cars steering wheel while braking into a parking space is something we can all understand. Even me, eventually.

Now complex systems are made up of lots of interconnected linear systems. Linear learners can eventually fool themselves into believing that they understand these complex systems. These fools earn well above average in government and increasingly unbelievable sums in finance. Which is nice, for them and them alone. The full bill for this folly has yet to be realised.

Now, perhaps you are curious as to what a global learner makes of such a complex system. Unfortunately, it takes years and years and years of study before a 'global learner' has anything much to say. I know of someone, similar to myself. She worked hard in a pharmaceutical company for about three months analysing their processes. In this time she was massively busy but had not improved any process at all. Not one. Her three month review, by management, was kind but she was asked to choose a single simple process, analyse it and improve it. She worked even harder over the next three months. Still, not a single process was chosen for analysis. At her six month review, it was decided to let her go. She challenged this, producing 'reams' of 'work' and insisting that she would have a conclusion within six months. She was allowed to continue. After one year of not improving even one of the thousands of processes on site, senior management turned up to see what, if anything, she had achieved. Her own boss had disowned her months ago.

Lots of words but do you understand them? A linear learner would have a analysed each simple process and optimised them as they went along. Each change impacting upon the efficiency of other process upstream and down stream. After a year of such 'work' overall plant efficiency ought to be up, provided absolutely nothing changed during that year. Such as commodity prices, wages or energy costs. Now, the global learner presented senior management with a major capital proposal to restructure the entire plant with initial costs running into the hundreds of thousands with savings running into the millions. This proposal went up to the board, where she and the senior management team presented it.

This story has a happy ending. Capital was deployed and the resultant large profits enjoyed by shareholders and everyone else because a mass produced drug was made using far less of the worlds finite resources. The young lady in question was promoted to a position whereby she decided where in the company to best deploy her talents and only ever report to the board when she thought it necessary.

Now, what has that got to do with this article? Well, I have spent years and years and years studying this thing that most call 'the real world'. I am finding explaining it impossible. Which is understandable. Linear learners want linear explanations. Linear explanations of complex systems require gross simplifications. Arguments over these simplifications then result in ambiguity over the initial explanation.

Luckily, I am unusually modest and generally speaking, I am not this bold. The problem may be complex, explaining it impossible but an explanation isn't required. Only a solution need be presented. A 'simple' solution each individual can effect themselves would be ideal. Well, you are in luck because that is what I have been educated, at vast expense, to do. That is where I have self-directed my efforts towards for many years, whilst reporting to no-one. This wasn't especially easy but I have had a great deal of help and support. I could list a few names but missing someone out who has helped would be something that I could not forgive myself for. The list would be long.

The solution, on an individual level is 'read my three books'.

Now, you won't know why this will help because I am unable to explain the 'problem'. Potentially, you may realise the 'real world' isn't perfect but you cannot imagine anything better. Basically, it comes down to one thing and one thing alone. The whole of the thing is 'faith'.

Now, you cannot mention 'faith' without invoking religion which leads us back to belief. Always with the circular logic, yes.

I will start with the answer to the question. The ultimate question. What is our purpose? Why are we here? Or, simply, why? I am fully aware that I have listed three questions but they are all basically the same. Let us not argue about detail but try and view, at least once in our lives, the big picture.

To create (with love).

That should be sufficient for everyone to shriek 'eureka', smile with confidence and carry on the same but far happier and content. A new chapter in mankinds development and the dawn of an ever developing civilisation.

Many may appreciate a brief explanation, so read on.

Society taught me that I was made in the image of God. So, I am not God but a reflection of Him. This is a powerful statement, full of meaning and full of power. I am a reflection of God and you are a slightly different reflection of God as you look slightly different. As we interact with each other we ought to get a better appreciation of God and of ourselves.

Society taught me that God created everything and that he purposefully gave us freewill. That is all we really need to understand, know, realise or feel what we are about. In just two statements, all is revealed.

God created us in His image.

God gave us freewill.

To authentically be ourselves we ought to realise that just like a tuning fork, when gently tapped, resonates at a certain frequency, we need to resonate with God. Our true self is an image of God and to experience our individual connections to God we only need to resonate with Him.

I resonated with Him yesterday, Boxing Day 2017. It was a powerful sensation. I felt powerful. I felt connected to Him and the Universe, I just did. It lasted several minutes. My entire body felt different. Breathing felt different. Happy and content are just words, mere reflections of what I actually experienced.

Now, you need not believe in God or Him. All you need believe is that the universe is here, that you are part of it and that you have freewill.

Should you wish to experience what I experienced, should you wish an answer to the question 'why?', then all you need do is to create (with love) and lovingly share what you created with others. Remembering, that you allow others their freewill.

For example, you may lovingly bake a cake with a view to lovingly share it with your family. As you allow them to exercise their own freewill, you ought not expect anything in return. Nothing.

If a cake is beyond your current capabilities, fear not. In England we traditionally make a pot of tea and share that. Ideally, home made biscuits (made with love) are frequently lovingly offered too.

Hopefully, you are getting the idea. Baking is not the only way that you can experience who you are. Washing dishes can be just washing dishes or you can clean the dishes, preparing them (with love) for when you next share a meal or simply consume food on your own. Many find dining with others preferable to dining alone and now you may begin to fully appreciate why.

It isn't all about food. Once you have eaten you may go for a walk. You can observe brick and stone built structures or you can appreciate homes and the care and love many people bestow upon their gardens. You can see cars and motorbikes or you can appreciate how well or otherwise they are cared for by their owners. You will meet other people. Allowing them their freewill, you ought to be able to detect what they value and care for. Particularly, if you engage them in conversation or see them about their business often.

Talking of business, you ought by now realise that you can also do your job, any job (paid or not), with love. Know this, should you do your job with love and purpose, then whatever your job you can hold your head up high in any company. Simply because your are authentically being true to you nature. Other people will really struggle not to reciprocate in kind. People who do not respond positively merely display their own inner conflict, a lack of resonance with the universe. Your presence illuminates those around you, the physical world fades as the spiritual world reveals itself to you. The physical world is mundane, a distraction, a sandpit, a training ground, definitely something to experience and be a part of but most certainly not the whole thing. Love translates the mundane into the spiritual. Through love we resonate with the universe.

The last paragraph is crucial in understanding how one person, you, can make a difference to this world. Whatever your status in this society, you can go about your business as a civilised human being and in doing so, you help others more readily achieve the same.

Be who you were born to be and resonate with the universe. The path to being you is to purposefully and lovingly create and share with love, expecting nothing in return as you graciously allow others their freewill.

I created this post with love and I have shared it lovingly. In allowing you your freewill, I expect nothing of you. However, in writing this post, I am being who I am and doing what I, of my own freewill, have chosen to do. In doing this, in being me and acting in accordance of who I am, the reward is immediate and profound. I am resonating with the Universe. Perhaps the Universe resonating with me?

Which may well be the next big question, now that we have understood 'why'.

The answer is easy, I am of the universe and we resonate together. We are one