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02 December, 2017

Is the Financial System - sound?

The financial system is fantastic, it allows trade to flourish across the world. A few countries have not signed up for these benefits, Iran, Cuba, Syria and North Korea.

We can all do a first order analysis of the currency we carry in our pockets, the electronic currency registered in our bank accounts, the wealth stored in our pension pots. Basically, it is what we use for money and highly paid people look after all this, on our behalf.

A second order analysis blows this out of the water. The financial system is both very complicated and incredibly simple. Which is why higher order analysis is truly valuable.

High order analysis can only be done once you have become a mindful being and can still and calm your own mind. Your mind needs to be 'unsticky', in that it is free to consider new ideas without bias.

Now try this idea, forget what you think the financial system is, what paper currency in your pocket is, what electronic currency in your bank account is and what wealth you believe is stored in your home and pension plan is. The Financial system is what it does.

  • it creates wealth inequality
  • it creates the belief that it is real
  • it centralises power
  • it is a controlling mechanism
  • it relentlessly destroys those who oppose it
Perhaps now you wish me to explain each of the above bullet points? There is no point, you are either a mindful being who recognises the merit of each point or you aren't. Remembering now, at the beginning of the article, I mentioned only mindful beings are capable of higher order analysis?

Regardless, is the financial system truly fantastic? Well, creating wealth inequality means that it takes from the many and gives to the few. That is not fantastic for the many.

It makes you believe that it is real when it isn't. That is never good. How can you relate properly to 'reality' when it isn't real?

Centralising power simply means taking power from individuals. How is that good? You may say that this is for the greater good. Fine. Unfortunately, I am a mindful being and I don't give away my power to people who aren't. Why would someone capable of higher order analysis give power to those with sticky minds who aren't even aware of their deficiencies?

Is it really a controlling mechanism? How can it not be? Imagine you buy some land in the middle of Australia, just because it was inexpensive and you wanted to own something real. You try and build a a small hut but the ground is full of a heavy, sticky clay. That my friend is silver. Without massive loans from the banks, you are never going to realise the full wealth potential that your land in the middle of nowhere possesses. A property developer, like President Trump, gets nowhere fast without the support of banks. What banks give, they can take away and give to someone of their own choosing. Again. some thought and independent research is all you need to investigate these ideas, assuming you are a mindful being or an equivalent thereof.

It does destroy those who oppose it. Or even those who try to ignore it. Like N. Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba.

N Korea has masses of mineral wealth, rather like the piece of land mentioned in the Australia example. Does the man in charge allow large multinational banks and conglomerates in to realise this wealth? No. Which is why he is targeted by those who you have freely given your wealth and power to. 

Anyway, we have sufficient resources to feed, clothe and house everyone on the planet. We have chosen to give our wealth, power and minds to a financial system that does not want to feed, clothe and house everyone on the planet.

Now, the important bit. What does this mean for you, personally? It means you are a being incapable of higher order analysis who is a modern day slave and integral part of a financial system that does not care if you live or die. it just does.

The currency in your wallet are just pieces of paper. They have value today, less tomorrow and eventually are worthless.

The electronic currency in your bank account is an illusion of wealth. This is easily proved. Apparently, we all know they lend out ten times more than they have. The 1000 units in your account are not there, perhaps only 100 are. Actually, it doesn't matter. It is just an illusion.

How about the value of your home? Well, I have a £500 car. It is as valuable to me as a £100,000 car, providing that car is reliable. Could I sell it for £500? Probably not. Perhaps £200 is its numerical value. What about your house, £200,000? Potentially, yes. What about your £400,000 pension?

So yes, currency is useful. Otherwise how do we exchange our time and experience for other peoples time and experience? How do we turn heavy, sticky clay into silver jewellery and coins without currency?

We have currency but we have allowed others to determine the rules of the game and these others have tilted the table to their own favour. I cannot fault them. If we choose not to critically think for ourselves then others will do it for us and then we become slaves to a system of their design.

What can we do? This is a question that slaves ask. The elite have no need to answer it as other slaves will instantly tell you that you can do nothing. The system is too powerful.

You know what to do, become a Mindful Being. Then become aware of others and sensitive to the demands of society. I have walked that path. Since writing my trilogy, I have walked that path with far greater confidence. I am no longer a slave. However, nothing in my life has changed. I still have the same job and car. The only thing that has changed is me. The title of this piece was, is the financial system - sound? No, it isn't. You and I need do nothing. It is not sound, it is becoming increasingly brittle. The collapse of the financial system will take down banks and government, releasing power straight back to the individual. Many slaves will not be able to adapt quickly enough to this sudden transition. Mindful Beings will adapt but the transition will still be unnecessarily harsh.

Truthfully, If more of us were mindful beings the transition could be managed humanely. I said the transition would be unnecessarily harsh. I don't believe that. The human race needs a lesson it won't readily forget. Therefore, the transition does need to be harsh. Which displeases me.

You could do yourself a major favour and attempt to understand my books and adapt them to your own needs. Then when others ask, advise them as best you can.

You might wonder if there is anything you can do to ease the pain of transition for yourself and your loved ones. I am most certain that there are.

You take care and hope that the human race does not need too severe a lesson.

Over Christmas, the 'Complete Trilogy' of my books will be available on Amazon for just one major currency unit. Each currency unit that I receive will be exchanged for something real. It will not be 'stored' in a bank account or 'saved' in a pension fund. 100 units or less will be exchanged for a bottle of fine single malt whisky. 1000 units will make their way toward a Swiss watch. 10,000 units a luxury Swiss watch. Any more gets a car. Should I get hundreds of thousands, all of the above and a house. The one I am currently renting. Anymore than that would need to be invested with great care for the benefit of mankinds soul.

Thanks for reading and if you have given any of this some critical thought, take some deep breaths and relax. Perhaps go for a mindful walk. We are creating Hell on Earth but you can still walk in Eden.