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15 December, 2017

End of year review

Any stunningly dramatic events, or non events, that have shaken your belief in your understanding of the world?

Any global events that are confusing?

Any massive event that you just don't understand?

Has your government done something completely irrational, that truly confuses you?

Has anything happened to challenge any of your core beliefs?

Did you give your core beliefs any critically thought?

For the Elite Critical Thinkers, which events tested the core beliefs of our civilisation?

World war two, gulf war two, JFK, the cold war, 911, U.S. support for both Israel and Saudi Arabia. When will the official narrative be seriously questioned?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I suggest long pieces are written elsewhere first and then cut and pasted into the comments section. Just in case of gremlins. I look forward to reading them.

Feel free to post links to your own blog or vlog.

Thanks for reading mine

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