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18 September, 2017

You, the Rothschild, the C.I.A. and the Illuminatae ('them')

It is my intention with this post to shine a light into a dark and frightening place where our collective enemies plot against us. Now, depending upon your perspective, these people are the shadowy forces behind government, a cabal of billionaires, C.I.A. / Mossad, the Rothschilds, the Illuminatae, or informally as 'them'. Who 'they' are depends upon who you believe 'they' are. Mr Hitler was absolutely convinced that 'they' were jews. In this post, i will reveal two secrets, who 'they' are and why 'they' exist. My reason for doing this is simple, once we truly understand who 'they' are, we can take away their power and control over us. This will require some effort.

At this point, you may be wondering who I am. How do i know such things. Am I credible? This is understandable, 'they' have conditioned you to be this way. Make it your intention to consider this post, to think and ponder about this post, rather than the author.

Secret number one
'they' do wield a vast amount of power. A frightening amount of power. 'they' do exert control over us, both directly and indirectly. 'they' do have significant control over our education, wealth, and our government's. I will name a few of them in this post.

The power 'they' yield is formidable and can be frightening. However, I ask that you do not simply have an automated choice of fight or flight. We have been conditioned to regard stories of 'them' as conspiracy theories and not to take them seriously. Those who do believe can become frightened and desperate, calling those who do not believe in 'them' as sheep or simply not awake. Many people take great comfort from being 'awake', a great start to understanding. A small number of these people strap explosives to themselves to trigger in public places or deliberately drive vehicles into crowds. The third choice to fight or flight is to choose to not react. There is a fourth choice. This blog encourages a fourth choice, critical thought.

If you are suddenly confronted with a lion, fight or flight is the way to go.
In most situations, ignore or critical thought will serve you far better than a overly excited flight or fight response.

It is important to recognise that virtually all the power that 'they' yield existed before 'they' existed. 'they' merely use this power against us. This is where we could start discussing good and evil. However, we can only judge the intentions of our own actions. Even then, most of us are not self aware enough to do even that simple a task. So, don't consider 'them' to be good or evil, simply accept 'they' exist and choose to severely limit their power and control over us.

If we simply define 'them' as individuals or groups that take advantage of a vast pool of pre-existing power, we are beginning to understand 'them'. We do not need to think of them as evil. One such person is Stephen King. He writes horror stories. He successfully taps into this vast pool of pre-existing power. He most likely does this because he enjoys it. He has many fans who also like reading his books. Is he one of 'them'? According to my simple definition above, YES. Does it matter, NO. Is he a problem or enemy, NO.

So who 'they' are is unimportant. 'they' probably do not recognise themselves as 'them'.

Governments are often called 'them'. Tony Blair is often referred to as one of 'them'. Governments do use this vast pool of power against us. Theresa May and Hillary Clinton are currently using this vast pool of power against us. One scaring us with increasing the terror threat level, the other with tales of Putin and Trump conspiring against her and the American people. Remember, we can choose to dampen our fight or flight reflexes. We can choose to ignore or to critically think.

I have now named three of 'them'. May, Clinton and King. Do they know that they are 'them'. That depends solely upon their level of self awareness, awareness of  the intentions of those close to them and of their intended impact upon society at large and their reaction or otherwise to the unintended consequences of their actions.

Just to be clear, 'they' will always exist. Removing individuals, certain clubs, thought tanks and other organisations is a pointless waste of effort.

Secret three is a weapon, a defensive weapon. This weapon cannot be defeated, ever. This weapon can, if wielded properly, reduce the power of 'them' to more or less nothing. The power of this defensive weapon is massive. It is not the equivalent of turning an AK47 into a water pistol, it turns an AK47 into a crayon drawing of a water pistol made by an average four year old. Something to put on a fridge door. Not something to have a flight or fight reaction about.

The secret is not a word, a phrase or even a mythical object. The secret is made up of three elements.

Mindfulness of self

Awareness of others

Demands of society

Once the three elements are understood, as one. The vast pool of power that 'they' appear to control becomes yours.

Written differently, you can become one 'of them'. At this point, don't expect to become a recipient of a membership and benefits card. No, you will simply become the real You. The You you would be without 'them' holding you back. Or not, as always you are allowed a choice, or free will as it is mockingly referred to by some of 'them'.

Either way, you get to decide who You are and the power to realise it.

Finally, you determine if the concepts and ideas that you perceive from this rather repetitive assortment of shapes that we call letters are of any benefit to you on your quest to become You.

With time and effort you really can become You.

Take from this text only that which you can use and adapt on your endless journey to become You, the rest of the text is inconsequential.

Take great care of yourself, whilst I attempt the same.