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21 September, 2017

Who am I? (Prepare yourself for some Zen.)

I am a mixture of ancient monkey brain and human being. The two cannot be separated.

I am a complex system of processes within a complex system of processes. The two cannot be separated.

What we believe about ourselves and the universe is just that, a belief. From this belief we have grown massive governments and too big to fail banks. Common sense has been suspended.

I am someone who was born but I have not been comfortable with what most call the real world. Your so called real world is a truly unbelievable fairy tale for adults.

In your world, human beings infest this planet and we need governments and banks to provide and enforce a system of rules, otherwise we would have anarchy and destroy everything.

Really? Under the illusion of keeping you safe our governments declare war on other governments and develop ever more devastating weaponry. There is no logic or common sense to this real world. This real world is a manifestation of our ancient monkey brains. Our inner monkey needs to know who is their superior and who is their inferior. From this we spend fortunes stopping people consuming certain drugs and confiscate wealth via taxes from people consuming other drugs.

Government is legalised theft and banking is legalised theft. I have explained this many times.

So what is the real real world? This is the world we create from the human portion of our brain. It is family and groups of families known as communities. Either in the same physical location or on-line.

Again, these two worlds exist together and cannot be separated.

My problem is with balance and harmony. Common sense dictates that we need a balance but the monkey part of our brain is dominant within our society. I use the word society deliberately. If our human brain was allowed to flourish, then we would have a civilisation. Of course, we do have both a society and a civilisation and this is common sense. We just do not have a balance.

Society has massive government and too big to fail banks. It has achieved this by over stimulating the monkey portions of our brain and by fooling us into believing that we are each alone in a vast universe, a frightening thought which does stimulate the ancient legacy systems of our brains, the part I call the monkey.

This is both true and not true. People are part of the universe.

Allow me to tell you who you are. Initially the universe was simple. There was nothing. Then 'bang' or six days later or whatever, the universe was born. The universe is what it is and was created. We have all deliberately forgotten to remember or even notice what the universe is doing. Common sense must prevail. You know what the universe is doing. It is evolving. It is dynamic and it has a job to do. Clearly, the universe is striving to create ever more complex systems. Now, on this ball of rock that we call Earth, the universe has created what we call life. Even a single celled organism is a fantastically complex system of processes. The universe, quite obviously, did not stop there. The universe strives towards creating evermore complex systems. It does this because that is what it does. Creation is the purpose of the universe. Whatever, you wish to believe is fine. The universe is what it does. A creator of increasingly complex systems. Human beings are part of the universe. As are rocks and bananas. The universe is everything, both known and unknown. Human beings are continuous with the universe as are rocks and bananas. E=mc^2

I will quickly explain the e equals mc squared equation. It states that energy is the same as mass (multiplied by a very large number). There is a vast amount of energy in all matter. You can view matter as solidified energy. However, it isn't. You can view matter as crystallised energy. However, it isn't.

Matter or mass or physical things are simply a form of energy. The universe is striving to form its undifferentiated energy into ever more complex energy systems. The universe has spent a great deal of time and effort creating a rock from what was nothing. The universe has relentlessly striven to create and to create ever more complex energy systems. A rock isn't separate from the universe. It isn't a frozen chip of energy outside of the universe. A rock is still a rock. The universe deliberately created the rock. The rock is still part of the universe. The rock is an energy system which is part of a larger energy system which is part of a larger energy system. And so on.

Man is also part of the energy system. Man is a complex system of energy within a complex system of energy and so on. The rock, you and the universe are all part of the universe and its continued efforts to produce more and more complexity.

Man should not feel alone. He is part of everything and connected to everything via both seen and unseen, both simple and complex, both known and unknown energy systems. Our purpose in life is the same as the universes because we are one with the universe. As is the rock and banana.

The single great truth that we strive so hard to not remember. The great truth that we are determined to never acknowledge is known. Alan Watts who died when I was four, revealed this truth to me via youtube earlier this week. We are part of the universe, we are part of the plan of the universe. A rock is just a rock. A man is just a man. But there is more, so much more. The rock is an energy system. Man is an energy system. The rock is an integral part of the whole universe as is man. The point I am labouring towards is that man has eyes, which are complex energy systems. The universe created the rock of itself and the rock is still of the universe. This is common sense, at least to me. What is also obvious, the universe can observe the rock through our eyes.

That last sentence is crucial. Not only are all the energy systems connected and part of the same initial undifferentiated energy. The universe sees through our eyes. It feels through our emotions and our tactile sensory systems. We are instruments of the universe for the universe. We are incredibly sensitive but only to a very narrow range of energy. Sound waves and visible light rays only. We cannot detect radio waves, or ultraviolet or infrared. Cosmic rays, gamna rays and xrays are not something that we can detect. But, as the universe created us we created tools too.

There you have it. We are the universe and the universe is us. As is the rock and the banana.

Now back to my favourite topic, governments and banks. These deny complexity. They try to manage complexity, first by assuming that the complex is not complex. Well, that only works over very narrow ranges. We are more complex than that, so governments and banks will fail, probably together as they share the same view of us. The strange view that we are not complex energy systems that the universe has created as tools in its quest to produce ever more complexity.

So I am me but I am so much more than just me. I am a complex energy system that exists within loop after loop of ever more complex energy systems. The universe exists to do what it does, develop ever more complex energy systems. I am a complex energy system developed by the universe, of the universe for the universe. I am the eyes of the universe. The universe is able to view itself through my eyes. As it does and can through yours.

Man is both an individual and a cognitive tool of the universe. When I gaze into your eyes I see myself reflected in them. Well, I would because the universe sees through all our eyes.

You are you and so much more.

Thoughts are also systems of energy. As are our eyes. The universe can see through our eyes and be connected to our thoughts. We are individuals but also the same and all separate and all connected.

We do deserve a far better balance of society and civilisation. We do deserve to treat each other better and be more sensitive to our environments because we are all of the universe and the universe exists within us. Our purpose is the same as the rock and the banana and the universe because we are all the universe. Our purpose is obvious, it is to create. Feel free to update the common sense portion of your brain.

There you go, I have told you who I am, who you are and your purpose. Crack on.

Just be. Enjoy being. When the mood takes you, allow the universe to create something through you. Or, create something for the universe. Or a loved one. The universe and the loved one are one and the same.

Have fun but do take care

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