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21 April, 2017

Monthly Musing

Let us take yet another look at pensions. Most pension funds are forced by our governments to buy low risk assets, which is government debt.

I hope some of you have just started panicking. If not let us use the lens I gave you last month.

The government allows banks to counterfeit currency with the unspoken / unwritten agreement that the banks never refuse a government request for a loan or ever demand repayment of principal

Let me break this down for you. When a government needs more money, the bank counterfeits whatever amount of currency is required. The bank then unloads this unrepayable debt / bad loan into your pension fund.

Currently our pensions funds are saturated with this government debt so the central banks cannot unload it. Central Bankers then announce some QE (quantitative easing) to cover up the fact that our pension providers are unable to buy any more government debt, so the central bank is stuck with it.

More of you should be panicking now. Have you figured out the double con?

Ultimately, more or less, every penny a boomer believes is in his pension fund has already been spent by the government. The stuff many of us call money is actually just counterfeit currency. Thus the actual value of a boomers pension fund is zero. It is denominated in a counterfeit currency. BOOM.

Now, many of you have core beliefs that will prevent you from understanding this. Despite the fact that I have presented you with truth, you will struggle to recognise what truth actually is. You are not acquainted with truth, hence it looks strange.

Still not panicking? I hope that is because you are critically thinking.

If, as I suggest, dollars, pounds, euros, yen, yuen and the like are counterfeit, what isn't? Those of you able to grasp how I think will know. Gold and silver. Physical gold and physical silver. Now these metals aren't exactly money either. However, they are the closest thing to money on this planet.

I am not doing myself any favours telling you this. I am not retired, so I am accumulating / storing wealth for my retirement. Exchanging my surplus counterfeit currency for real money is far easier when you lot aren't!

Anyway, I'd rather be right than rich. I'd rather live in an actual civilised society than this one.

I hope you are enjoying these monthly musings. I hope they prove to be of value to you and yours.

Earlier, I mentioned that QE is required when more currency flows out of our pension funds than flows in. This prevents the value of government debt crashing and destroying the numerical value of your pension. It also prevents interest rates from rising, as the value of government debt is 100% negatively correlated to interest rates / yield on government debt. If that sort of mathematics is beyond you, sorry. Blame your government. Blaming yourself is a little harsh but ultimately you and only you are responsible for you. In an actual civilised society you would not need me explaining this stuff to you. You would have been taught how to critically think rather than simply obey authority.

Again, we are back to your core beliefs. Challenging those is incredibly challenging. Keep at it, you are fully capable of being a productive member of a civilised world that everyone can enjoy.

You take care and question everything, always.

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