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15 July, 2016

Making Changes 403 (Fifty million?)

How much wealth should you store for retirement?

In the current system, we need to mainly work full time for forty years. What utter nonsense but there it is. So retire at 69 and die immediately. Or may be you expect up to twenty years of life, maximum. The mathematics is easy, store one third of the wealth you earn.

There are two problems with this, most cannot afford to do it. The other is the truly difficult problem. Wealth cannot be stored. Whatever you earn is spent by you or someone else. That is a massive thing to understand. Truly massive. Go for it.

For example, you win a thousand currency units on the national voluntary (stupidity tax) lottery and your government approved financial adviser gives you the only advice he can give you without losing his government licence to give you financial advice. He says that you ought to buy a government bond as you don't want any risk. Good luck with that.

A government bond is part of the financial scam you researched earlier. Or if you couldn't be bothered,  a safe investment vehicle. Enjoy the illusion of wealth. Obviously, the government bond was swapped for currency units which were then spent. Like I say, you spend the currency units or someone else will.

The name of this confidence trick / financial illusion is Ponzi Scheme. It works brilliantly until it doesn't. Obviously, when it doesn't we get to kill lots of Muslims probably. I will explain why the elite have picked Muslims as the target if I can be bothered, in a later post.

Question everyone in 'authority' until they yield that 'authority'. They have NO AUTHORITY that you don't give them. That is another massive concept to UNDERSTAND .

Two massive concepts in the one post. Notice I wrote that you need to understand them. Not that I need to explain them.

I will explain whatever you want for £50 million or fifty kilograms of gold.

Go on, do the mathematics and tell me my error. The error is yours.