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10 June, 2016

Centralisation vs de-centralisation (13/30)

A few posts back, I said I would explain everything. I have done my best to prepare you for this.

Centralisation is where you give away your power / sovereignty in exchange for a politicians promise.

De-centralisation is where you don't give away your power / sovereignty for a politicians promise.

That should be sufficient for those of you who have actually put in the required effort, to begin to UNDERSTAND what you already KNOW

We are trained to believe that time is linear. It obviously isn't. It is cyclical. A few examples, just to reinforce the point.
Day, night, day, night etcetera
Spring, summer, Autumn, winter, spring, summer, etcetera
Big bang, expanding galaxy, collapsing galaxy, big bang, expanding galaxy, etcetera

Civilisation goes from decentralisation to centralisation back to decentralisation.

Government and banks get bigger and bigger until they collapse. Economies get bigger and bigger until they collapse. The explanation is easy, they aren't sustainable. Economies cannot grow forever, neither can banks or government.

In 2008, growth in the economy faltered. Banks started collapsing, your government threw your wealth at the banks. That should have inspired lots of critical thinking. It didn't. What will? Will anything? When?

In even simpler terms, the central planners are being increasingly dominant. Therefore, we become increasingly submissive. A true human being will struggle accepting the dominance of any one or any group. A true human being does not seek to dominate others.

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