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04 August, 2018

Awareness vs intelligence / Tommy Robinson vs Feminists

First, let us define intelligence as being equivalent to the power of an internal combustion engine. (Tommy and the Feminists appear later.) Some of us are 990cc three cylinder city cars, most are 2.5 litre executive cars and a few are F1 racing cars. Just a couple of us could be tractors. Not much power but the ability to do a great deal of productive work, if we were aware of how to use the plough!

Awareness is the ability to lay this power down on the road, to gain traction, to actually use whatever intelligence / power that we have. Rather than just gunning the engine in neutral, awareness allows us to properly coordinate the use of the gears, clutch, steering and throttle to drive the car in our chosen direction.

For example, you may be a succesful poker player with a high IQ. If you are not aware that the three strangers you are playing cards with are working together to cheat you, then your high IQ and poker skills have no value.

Unfortunately, your ego will tell you that you are 'aware' and that this post is of no value to you. Intellectually, you can easily destroy the value of this piece with logic. I am fully aware of the (current) futility of my hundred plus posts.

My level of awareness is such that I can do that which is unbelievable. I can describe a great many situations where my behaviour and the outcome are both unbelievable and not credibly connected. I won't as that just provides you with 'proof' that I am mentally unwell. From my point of view, I just manipulate other peoples perceptions to my own advantage. This comes as naturally to me as breathing does to most.

At this point I intended presenting a real world example of great intelligence rampaging about with close to zero awareness. That example was going to be modern feminism. In fact, the entire point of the preamble was to prepare you for this great insight / awareness that I have on this subject. However, you would simply judge my insight with zero awareness. Wasting your time and mine.

I would better serve you by explaining how to increase your own awareness levels. Simply put, you need to meditate. You need to expand your awareness of your self. Again, this is the reason that I wrote my three books. I have naturally meditated my entire life of 49 years before finding out what meditation is. Unfortunately, enhanced awareness can be used positively or negatively and for thirty years I chose the dark side. Which was fun but not exactly constructive. For the next ten years, I mostly chose the dark side. As I rapidly approach fifty, I smile at the life I led but I haven't really done myself many favours.

OK, you meditate and become highly self aware - Mindful of Self.
You expand this skill set and become Aware of Others
You continue your enlightenment and are awakened to the Demands of Society.

Yes, these are the titles of the three books I wrote that are available on Amazon.

You might feel or believe that this post simply promotes these three very concise books. That is entirely your business.

Back to the poker analogy. Hello feminists, you are being cheated and you are not aware of how.

This does not just apply to feminists, it applies to everybody. YOU ARE BEING CHEATED.

So, how do I live in a world in which I am fully aware of how it cheats me? Well, for thirty years, very destructively. Now, I am mostly content. The writing of the three books and over 100 posts has allowed me to develop my thoughts and ideas more fully. To become even more aware than I was. This increased awareness has led to knowing and ever increasing contentment with all that is and all that isn't. With all that was, is and will be.

Yesterday, I received an email regarding an ongoing saga. This saga is basically my opinion vs the opinion of two people far higher up the career ladder than I am. For fifteen seconds, I was enraged. I was fully motivated to use the power of the dark side to 'great effect'. I barked an order at my line manager. Then I listened to myself. I became aware of my rage, aware of how I had just spoken to another human being, aware of the disruption, hate and annoyance I was about to unleash. I immediately apologised and simply asked my line manager if he could reply to the email for me. He then said that he had already forwarded it on to his line manager and suggested that I might wish to consider not replying to the email. (How good a human being is my line manager? I might want to believe that I regained control of myself but would I without his presence? Perhaps next time but not this one. I wasn't aware of that until I wrote it. That is the value of this blog post to me. Should you find any value in this post then that is entirely due to your own efforts.

Now, let me describe modern feminism to you - or watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQCfqyIj6I0

So, modern feminism is where women are told that they can be the same as men at the same time as they are told that men are horrible, aggressive and brutish creatures that need the full weight of the law to keep them in check.

My level of awareness is such that I can see a great many things at once. On a low level I can see that modern feminism is designed to anger women. To make them resentful of the power that they perceive men as having. This is how you control a population, you de-humanise them by over-stimulating their emotions. Now, as a man, I encounter an increasing number of situations where children, women and other men feel that they have a right to verbally assault me. This does tie in with feminism, as it it the same idea of equality. That society says we are all equal and that society has laws and punishments to balance things up. This is not equality. This is deliberate sabotage of our humanity. This is society becoming far stronger than any individual member and feminists and children love this. Well, I don't and they should not either.

The main reason is that this is a great example of being cheated and simply not being aware of how. As society gets stronger, using whatever 'reasons' it can induce us to believe then we as individuals get weaker. A strong society can take more of the productive peoples wealth than a weak society. With this increased wealth, ever more can be wasted thinking up new schemes for taking more wealth.

Unfortunately, without awareness, you will believe that a powerful society is good as it can make everybody equal. Well, that statement alone proves that we are not equal. As a man, the only way you can make me as powerful as an eight year old girl is to powerfully tilt the laws against me. To tax me heavily, such that I can choose to work forty hours a week for fifty years or curl up and die. Again, you can say that Branson and Buffett have far different choices but they are the few and not the many.

Let us try to imagine a civilisation where men, women and children are not considered to be equal. Where govt is purely bureaucratic in that it just records births, deaths and marriages. There is no positive discrimination and banking is a simple record keeping business. Imagine I stumble across two men in the process of raping a young girl. Now, in a world without police, laws and courts the feminists would have you believe there would be now three men raping the girl. What nonsense. I would shout at the top of my voice, 'stop raping that little girl'. Then I would wade in with a degree of violence that would, presently, see me imprisoned for life. Obviously, I would expect my neighbours and influential members of my community to politely inquire as to what situation warranted such an outburst of violence. I would expect a few local and extremely empathic female members of the community to talk to and help the little girl come to terms with what was happening, what could have happened and what did happen. I expect this to happen naturally and without the need of any laws. In such a civilisation, I would not expect to be verbally assaulted by children or women or even men.

In our society, nothing makes sense to those few of us who are in a state of knowing after a prolonged state of awareness. Those who say that they are awake whilst most are asleep only delude themselves. Those who believe they are awake are more likely merely annoyed. As was I.

A brief true story from long ago. Perhaps, not so brief. I heard childrens voices behind the back of my flat. This was unusual and so I went to investigate. As I walked down my path a small boy threw a stone which rather painfully hit me. I automatically grabbed his wrist and held him at an angle that prevented him from visiting more violence against me. I politely asked him what business he had playing in my neighbours garden. I had him in a very firm grip which appeared to focus his mind on the reality of the situation. I was far stronger than him and I fully expected truthful answers. Anyway, he was just playing. I told him that he wasn't to play here anymore and then I released him. I had a look where the children were playing and then returned to my flat. That is how I act. I am not bothered by your rules and laws as I know they are just methods of control which act against human nature. You may disagree as much as you like. Anyway, I do live in your so-called real world and I patiently awaited the arrival of the police. Surprisingly, the childs mother turned up with the little boy. I was impressed. I thanked her for coming to see me and I immediately apologised for firmly grabbing her child by the wrist. She asked me why. I stated that he had thrown a stone which hit me and I without thinking I had grabbed his wrist to prevent him from throwing another one. I then acknowledged that he may have been throwing the stone at the little girl who had just run passed me.

She thought for a few moments and then looked sternly at the little boy and asked him what she had told him about throwing stones. I then asked the women to view the area where the children had been playing. The children had found an old tin of paint and were 'playing' at painting shapes and patterns on the building in which I lived. I mentioned that this looked like criminal damage or vandalism. I asked her if she could explain to my neighbour, on his return, that this was not a criminal act but merely the action of unsupervised children.

She said yes and then apologised to me. I said that her apology was unnecessary and that she had every right to determine if, how and why I had made physical contact with the small boy. That is a great example of how civilised people behave. Children do need guidance and will occasionally do that which is 'unexpected'. This is natural and part of human nature.

What isn't natural is the world the boy lives in. Perhaps he was just carrying out his mothers repeated requests for him to report any activity of being touched by a stranger. I doubt this. This little boy lives in a world where I have no power. Where he is equal to me. Well, he isn't. How powerful does society have to be where I just accept violence from children and women because society will simply lock me up, perhaps solely as just a potential risk to women and children?

Feminists will see me as a threat and as a brilliant reason for having a powerful society. What an utter lack of awareness. The little boy fully expected me to be told off and punished for grabbing him. He had no idea that throwing a stone at a small girl that hit me instead was of any consequence. Just like the young woman who parked illegally blocking my own vehicle then verbally abusing me for pointing this out. I did manage to free my car but not without damaging a 'heat shield' which has been an 'advisory' on my 'MOT' ever since. The small boy had no regard for any consequence for being on somebodies property, finding and opening a tin of paint and then slopping the horrible yellow hue all over everywhere.

Anyway, this won't be convincing anybody of anything other than these laws are necessary to stop people like me from pointing out that you lot are living in a nonsensical makebelieve world that is not sustainable.

Me 'knowing' something due to years of critical thought and observation through a crystal clear lense of awareness and explaining it to those who have very high levels of belief in feminism is just not helping.

That little boy will now be 25 - 30 years old. Is he a civilised human being or a fearful and angry member of society?

That will fully depend upon how his mother raised him. No rule or law will change that.

For the record, if I had realised that the little boy had thrown the stone, as hard as he did at the little girl, I would have smacked him to the ground. The stone hit me the hip area, the little girl would have taken the hit to the head.

Thus proving, in a feminists eyes, that I should be locked up.

I wouldn't be surprised if the little boy, now a 25 - 30 year old man, did occasionally rape little girls.

I say this because Asian Taxi drivers in a great many of our large towns and cities feel that they can repeatedly rape girls and vulnerable young women. When on trial, the families of these Asian paedophiles and rapists can and do verbally and physically assault the family members of the raped girls, without fear of arrest. Tommy Robinson gets illegally arrested, illegally tried and illegally sentenced to 13 months for attempting to point this out to society. Where are the feminists when men are repeatedly raping? Nowhere to be seen. Feminists want all men to be taught not to rape and to not be violent. Feminists ought to be more aware of how many men are raped, particularly in prison. Feminists need to be more vocal about Asian Taxi drivers proclivities towards raping young white girls. Feminists are not because society has conditioned them to act in the interests of the few and not the many. Feminists are not aware of this cheat and so act against their own best interests.

If feminists are not going to protect the interests of vulnerable young girls then what is the point of being a feminist?

Society will fall down very heavily indeed on any action I might take against an Asian Taxi driver.

I have the power to act but you have seen to it that I have less power than a repeatedly raped 8 year old girl. Yet you act to make me weaker still.

It is your fault.

Also for the record, I believe that most Asian Taxi drivers do not and have not ever raped a young white girl. I believe that Asian Taxi drivers could easily police themselves and at no cost. At what point do members of the public realise that police only offer the illusion of law and that only we the people can actually bring about Justice?

Again, this is your fault.

It is your fault because you believe banks are wealthy

It is your fault because you believe courts provide justice

It is your fault because you believe that government is powerful

It is your fault as you allow your ego and monkey to overpower your humanity

It is your fault as you believe that you are in the universe rather than being one with it

It is your fault because you do not understand it is your fault

It is your fault because you believe the alternative to society is anarchy

It is your fault for not encouraging your inner humanity to be part of the human civilisation

It is your fault, accept this and then be free of blame as there is none.

A brief discussion of the title.

Tommy represents awareness. He is aware of a great many things that society would rather not have to discuss.

The feminists represent intelligence, lots of thought and ideas based on rarely considered assumptions that render the entire exercise pointless.

Tommy feels compelled to act to protect that which he holds dear. Contrast that to what feminists want. Feminists want all men to be compelled to act differently to how feminists perceive them to act. The entire mindset of Tommy is exactly opposite to that of feminists. They are locked in a war with each other which neither side recognises.

You need to think about this because although my level awareness allows me to see the 'connectedness', I have no idea how to communicate that 'knowing' to you or either Tommy or a Feminist. I see the same thing and you may see two unconnected entities.

Tommy is doing something and the Feminists are wishing something. Individually, nothing much is happening. By acting in unison, everything would change. Unfortunately, the feminists would rather spend their effort trying to change Tommy than support him. Feminists believe that by changing / pacifying Tommy Robinson, then everything else will magically fall into place. The white girls will still be being raped but no-one would have to bear the discomfort of this being pointed out. Society cannot actually stop these rapes but would rather we believe that it can. Rather harshly, the feminists are acting in ways which enable society to continue as it always has and Tommy finds this to be unacceptable. How is a devout feminist expected to consider that her beliefs that men should have less power and ability to act, promotes an environment where vulnerable 12 year old  white girls are taken by Asian Taxi drivers to Asian restaurants and offered for sexual amusement for other Asian men in exchange for discounts on meals? Should the feminists and most women support the Tommy Robinsons of the world, even and especially Asian Tommy Robinsons, then the world does change at that very moment.

I merely suggest to feminists that you allow men to be men and they will naturally police the very few men who behave in ways which are not acceptable. This includes raping young children, unethical business practises and cheating at golf.

Thanks for reading and I hope you manage to grow your awareness and especially your humanity. This will be solely down to your own efforts in understanding that you are part of everything.