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15 May, 2018

Super human

It isn't a race or  a competition but I can now practise mindful meditation whilst being still, whilst moving, whilst riding my motorbike, whislt driving. The list goes on. I would say I was still learning and getting better but the benefits are astonishing.

There are other forms of meditation and they all bring the same astonishing benefits. Simply put, you become super human.

Perhaps, I ought to define what super human is. However, it is easier to define what it isn't. Imagine you own a business and have taken on a blood relatives son or daughter. They cannot concentrate, listen to basic instruction or complete a basic task. They consume carbonated drinks, coffee, energy drinks and copious amounts of junk food. I think we can agree, that this individual is not super human.

A super human is aware of their own inner monkey and listen to it intently but don't allow it to take control. In this way, a super human never looks back on an incident thinking they should have done this or said that. The super human does what he or she does with intent. Without the interference of their inner monkey, they behave as they choose to.

I have attempted to give everyone an awareness of their inner monkey with my blogs and the three very concise books. However, there is one more thing that I wish to share with you. Let us go into the fourth dimension. Which is of course, time. There are three basic components of time; past, present and future. In an extreme case, someone who continually thinks of the past is either a historian or simply depressed. Someone who continually thinks of the future is either a scifi writer or suffering from anxiety. In writing this, I do expect you to give the concepts some critical thought. Do yo have a feel for what ideas I am attempting to convey? No matter, I shall continue.

The difficult employee that I mentioned earlier, they are struggling to live in the present. How else could they not understand basic instruction or complete a basic task? They are either anxious about a future imagined event, perhaps getting the sack for being useless. Or they cannot get over repeated punishments from their past when they failed to meet someones expectations. Helping this person will be time consuming, difficult but most importantly - impossible.

A super human has not only managed their monkey but also listens to it but they also are able to live in the moment. In the Matrix, the Trinity character repeatedly tells herself to focus. A super human is able to focus at will. Someone who is good at something needs the ability to consistently be able to focus before they are able to excel, before they become super human at their job or hobby or preferred task.

Imagine that you can enter a time loop at will. If you can have 100 or 1000 attempts at something you will eventually succeed. A super human cannot loop time but can succeed, first time, far more often than a standard human.

To be able to perform at super human level, you must develop mental discipline. You must practise 'focus'. You must. You must. You must. Luckily, meditation is the key to unlocking your super human potential.

Human beings are great at remembering punishments. Human beings are great at imagining being punished, unfairly. When doing a task at work, a great deal of our effort can easily be expended remembering previous punishments and imagining future ones, particularly when the task we are given becomes impossible due to time and resource constraints. In this case, most of our effort is in the past or future and there is no focus. Therefore, the super human version of ourselves would not be concerned with past errors and admonishments. The super human version of us would not be concerned with an ill informed boss berating us. We would simply focus on the task in hand and juggle our resources and time in a reasonable way to achieve as reasonable outcome as is possible.

Let that sink in. You become a valuable employee, rather than a difficult one. A difficult employee will never become valuable unless they themselves choose to become super human.

Meditation, either mindful meditation or the many other types, will all allow you to be able to focus at will. It all comes down to choice. Being super human means that you are mindful of self, of your thoughts and of your strengths, desires, fears and weaknesses. In knowing this, with the ability to choose, then you become super human as your fears dissolve and weaknesses become strengths.

In writing this, I am not concerned with how few people have read my three books. I am not concerned with how few people will read this post. I am simply focused upon writing it as that is what I have chosen to do. I did consider writing a book. I thought about the effort that would take and what I would need to do to make it 'commercial'. Hence, this far shorter blog post which is free.

So, am I super human? Yes, mostly. However, I am aware of when I am not. This makes improvement not only possible but likely.

You may wonder about what I have done that is super human. Well, lots but nothing I am going to admit to or brag about.

Most people, given the choice, would choose not to be super human. That is society for you.

Once this changes, we will be living in a civilisation aka Heaven On Earth.

I could go on and write a book. As previously stated, I have chosen not to.

I am not sure what I will do next. Other than continue to develop my unique super human potential.

What will you choose to do next?