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22 April, 2018

What is feminism?

Hello everybody. What you believe feminism to be is your own affair. Many women believe it is about gender equality of choices and outcomes. Many men just shake their heads, knowing ultimately that they will be left with the bill.

Let us not concern ourselves with what feminism is, it is just a word. The idea of feminism is one that is very agreeable. Gender equality of choices and outcomes. I don't see why feminists have to bring gender into this at all. With the greatest of respect, let me be clear on this, feminists are wrong. What they say they want is not what they want. Let me clarify the idea of feminism by changing the words to more accurately reflect the ideas and concepts behind feminism. I will just bring about gender equality in feminism, as per the statement below.

Humanism, equality of choices and outcomes.

In this way, your gender or skin colour or social status is of no relevance whatsoever. Your choices will be vast and the outcome not dependent upon gender, sexuality, age, skin colour but on your ability.

Feminism is actually opposed to the core idea of feminism.

The explanation is easy to understand depending upon how attached you are to the 'reality' that you have created in your head. Feminists do not believe in gender equality of choices and outcomes. Feminists believe that society has to protect them from gender inequality of choices and outcomes. In other words, feminism just promotes a society where outcomes are decided by government. Feminism is a tool of government to ensure that choices are not equal and that outcomes are dependent upon the whim of government.

This is bizarre to me. The path this leads to is unpleasant for everyone. In order to avoid the odd woman being locked in an abusive relationship we will all end up forced into an abusive relationship with an over powering government.

Society is not the answer to anything. Feminism is not the answer to gender equality of choices and outcomes. The answer is humanism. Which is just a word too. Let us all help each other to become that which we were born as. Human beings. The collective should never be more important than an individual.

Let me be really clear. The more we ask government to help, the more unhumane and inhuman life becomes.

I merely ask that we consider allowing society to quietly dissolve whilst we bring about an actual human civilisation. In this human civilisation, a man will choose that which he has always chosen. To be productive. In this human civilisation, a woman will choose that which she has always chosen. To be productive. A great many of these productive men and women will choose to share their lives with each other. Government is not required. Law is not required. Police are not required. Banks are not required. Human beings, free from 'society' will be productive, peaceful, playful and naturally cooperative.

Feminists will insist that this is not true. As will government and all those dependent upon government for their handouts. However, in a civilisation we will have equality of choices and outcomes.

In a civilisation, should you choose to beat your wife and she asks me for help, she will get it as will you. In a civilisation, nothing is stronger than family and community. The productive will seek out a  productive mate AND a productive community.

The real question for feminists is, how much of my wealth do you think you are entitled too? How much wealth can you take by force because you believe that you deserve it?

The same question can be asked of anyone in government, the police, firemen, doctors, lawyers and the rest. In a civilisation, you will be paid exactly that which the bill payer believes to be reasonable. A local Doctor will be paid exactly what the local community believe them to be worth.

A good Doctor will seek out a productive community as they will be able to pay more than a ghetto. Is this fair? This is actual gender equality of choices and of outcomes. Is this fair? Yes, of course it is. Men will like it as they know that the bill for all this will be that which they are prepared to pay and no more.

Non-humanists will be able to list hundreds of reasons for this 'civilisation' thing to be unworkable. Actual humanists, also known as human beings, will find the concept to be the most natural way of organising things.

So, feminism is a good idea but corrupted by society to serve society. Strong interpersonal bonds and strong communities are not exactly what society desires, they are what a civilisation desires.

However, what is it that you desire? (Rhetorical question.)

You will mainly wish to limit the choices of the productive, to take their wealth and use it to address the fantasies that your inner monkey / amygdala / fear has conjured into your 'reality'.

Actually, playing with peoples beliefs is unbelievable dangerous. I am not playing.



Janice Fiamengo has lots to say about feminism and is a great vcritical thinker in her own right.

Start here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD65wnDGuTg

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