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30 July, 2017

Trump and his advisers

Trump has a big brain and knows all the big words, such as 'huge'. He continues to surround himself with people who make him feel clever and presidential.

His ability to critically think is zero. His ability to choose and listen to advisers is zero.

The US is experiencing an accelerating decrease in their standards of living. However, they are told things are worse in the EU. Well Greece is struggling but so is Detroit.

Russia is the new bad guy, somehow interfering in a US election to help either Trump or Hillary win, depending upon which one of these people you dislike the most.

North Korea is another bad guy. A nation of mostly starving people and one fat man. Not a credible distraction but we are supposed to fear them.

China is also an enemy. They aren't helping the US enough with their bizarre and contradictory foreign policies.

Anyway, let me comment on one small detail. Trump is annoyed with China for running a huge trade imbalance. Supplying America with inexpensive real things in exchange for US dollars. The threat being that the US can zero out Chinas vast holding of dollars and US treasuries. Let me paint you a picture.

Trump is effectively encouraging China to diversify away from holding dollars. Other countries can also see this threat of zeroing out their own dollar holdings, should they disagree with one of Trumps increasingly bizarre foreign policy ideas. Thus the world is beginning to feel increasingly nervous about using US dollars as a reserve currency.

Oh dear. This lack of confidence in the value of the worlds reserve currency will further increase the accelerating decline of Americans standard of living.

To simplify, Detroit was not an outlier, it was the first.

For the next decade, America will struggle more and more as the world moves away from the dollar as a reserve currency. The balance of trade deficit will start to diminish.

At this point, the US government will become very dangerous. It will zero out its perceived enemies treasury accounts. It will threaten to use tactical nuclear options. It will further brutalise the American people.

Amongst all this aggression, there is hope. The American people will do the right thing and neutralise their own government. Hopefully, the militarised police and US military will not slaughter too many Americans on US soil.

America will be great again and Trump will play a key role in achieving this. Just not in the way he imagines.

America is about to shape the future of all humanity. I fully expect a great civilisation to arise from the death of our society.

At this point, I could provide help and advice on how to weather this brutal storm. Or try to make some currency from reducing your fear. How about both?

I jest but I do strongly recommend reading my three books, slowly and carefully. They are designed to help you to open your mind to new ideas and to critically think.

For balance, Obama walked the same path that Trump is bumbling down. Clinton would have walked the same path too. It is inevitable. At least Obama did it with style!

Good luck to America in embracing humanity, rather than destroying it. I hope the world can survive however many attempts it takes you to do the right thing. I also hope that the US govt slaughters only a tiny amount of US citizens in this difficult process.

The costs of our society can be measured in the millions of lives it slaughters and will slaughter to sustain itself at the expense of all the humanity of all the survivors.

If you feel this post was negative. Read my books.
If you want to know why we cannot carry on as we are. Read my books.
If you believe mankind is advanced. Read my books.

However, you do have free will. You could choose not to read my books. Then you will never actually know what free will is. All you will know is the illusion of free will.

Read or do not read.  You take care.

21 July, 2017

Monthly Musing

Well readers, that is all I have got. I can write more posts, demonstrating how to view on going events through the lens of understanding as portrayed in this blog, so I will probably do that.

I have spent my entire life (47 years) attempting to understand why the world I live in is not the same as everybody else's. Which is another way of saying I was born differently to mostly everyone. As you may imagine, I have massively abused this difference. It has also caused me incredible mental stress. Thus, in the mainstream media's eyes and mostly everybody's eyes my background is varied and certainly not normal. My credibility is zero. My Doctor genuinely believes I am mentally ill. I feel fine. He thinks I am delusional. I critically think and I simply understand that our core beliefs are incompatible. Notice the use of language, belief and feel. Critical Thought is just a stepping stone to enlightenment. It is not enlightenment of itself. Ultimately, all we have is our feelings and beliefs. Let us allow understanding, gained through critical thought, to add depth to our feelings and strengthen our beliefs against those who would seek control over us.

At thirty, I started a degree level course. A very general Engineering course. I see it as a systems analyst and design Engineering course but I do see things differently to mostly everyone. As you well know, this blog isn't (currently) full of standard main stream ideas. At 34, I completed the course, David Watkinson B.Eng(Hons)

The intellectual weaklings and those most fearful of change will consider me a spark. Perhaps a bright spark but dangerous near gasoline / petroleum spirit / petrol. Perhaps they are right.

I see myself as a catalyst. I don't take part in the reaction and I don't start the reaction. All I do is speed up the reaction.

Mankind is at a junction, it always is. One path leads to World War and the other doesn't. On a lovely day, with a full stomach and a day full of options, very few of us would think destroying the planet was the best option.

I am just a catalyst.

I must point out that the point of life is not to understand it but to enjoy it. With a little critical thought, compassion and understanding we can all help guide Earth towards a garden of Eden rather than destroy it.

I hope these monthly musings are easier to digest than last year's force feeding of 'new' concepts.

Changing core beliefs is perhaps best done gently! (Time permitting.)

Whether these words are understood today or multiples of eighty years from today makes no difference to my soul. My body and mind would prefer the former.

Thanks for attempting to understand my particular point of view. I truly hope it helps you to bring the world into focus and make whatever adjustments you see as necessary to your own life.

Ideas should be shared freely. (Mentoring and further guidance, that should be valued and an exchange of value should at least be genuinely offered.)

I wrote this on the last day of August 2016. Events will be heading down the path I have described, both towards Eden and towards World War. This will always be the case.

To understand the world we just need to understand human nature, in other words, to believe in ourselves.