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17 March, 2017

Monthly Musing

Last month I gave an example of a narrative where power was grossly exaggerated. The two nuclear bombs were laughably weak and the narrative that they ended the war is a core belief of our society.

Now, an example of something completely under played. Trivialized, when it really should be taken very seriously.

Back to Japan and nuclear power. In my day, back in the eighties there was a big budget horror film about an out of control nuclear reactor heading towards the centre of the earth. In Japan there are several.

I doubt your core beliefs are being impacted by this news. Two similar stories, one where both Japan and the U.S. exaggerated the destructive strength of nuclear power. Another story where both U.S. and Japanese governments trivialize the destructive strength of nuclear power. The common theme is that governments are powerful and in control. Which is delusional but does back up last month's musing of governments lying to us about the really big stuff.

So, who is going to win the next big govt election? I don't care. (Clinton, probably.)
It is like asking your victim if they prefer apples to pears before strangling them.

A tiny accountable government is what you get in a civilised society. Humans are nearly all, civilised. Thus something is clearly wrong. If you feel that mankind is barely civilised and needs a large govt to control it then you are wrong. There are not enough police or soldiers to control such an uncivilized population.

Thus, we live in a fairly civilised society despite having a large government rather than because of it.

You should be concerned, very concerned. The government is costing us far more than we realise. World war two was started by two Governments. Despite the fact that the first government got the permission of the second government before it even invaded Poland. How dumb are we to believe the narratives our governments drown us in?

I hope you are investigating some or may be all of the claims I am making rather than me catalogue them for you and then you decide what you feel about my credibility? This blog is attempting to encourage Critical Thought, not ask about your feelings about the evil Nazis.

So has a society ever existed for centuries without government? Yes.
Living in a town not spread about in small farms? Yes.

Without monkey brained thinking interference? Yes.

Why don't we?

The monkey brained people resort to violence far far sooner than a normal civilised human being.

Janet Yellen controls her own security force despite her belief of how civilised, wise and intelligent she may feel that she is.

You may ask what am I, the author of this blog?

Well a civilised human being is a beautiful thing. I am practising being one of them.

The monkey brained human treats a civilised human being as cattle.

I, quite obviously, am whatever it is that attempts to prevent the monkey brains from controlling society and who prevent it becoming an actual civilisation. You are welcome.

We all have an element of monkey brain within us. Our modern, civilised society is almost entirely based on continually stimulating that portion of our brain. Recent examples include the UK brexit farce and the current U.S. debate about who is the most presidential, Clinton or Trump. Which is also farcical. Which one is the most deluded would be a far better question.

We all know all of this. Yet the comedy continues. Greek society is being gutted to delay the collapse of a couple of large, to big to fail, German banks. Yet we carry on, part of the problem, without ever imagining something actually civilised.

Too big to fail, that is a fascinating concept. For decades banks have lent governments unlimited funds. Governments now tell us that these banks can never fail without destroying society. Well, that point of view is the narrative the government's of the world insist is true. Unfortunately, it is only true if the underlying assumptions, which are not stated, are true.

My truth is different. Mankind cannot mature, an actual civilised civilisation can never develop unless or until banks collapse and take our governments with them.

Governments believe that government is civilisation. That is the main underlying assumption. Large government believe in the continuation of Deutsche bank more than they believe in the dignity of the Greek people. That is not civilised.

The government control is illusory. As is the wealth of the banks. There is a silver bullet that cuts both these down to earth. Time is one. The unsustainable can only be sustained, temporarily, at ever increasing costs. The other is us simply no longer accepting the government narrative without question.

We need do nothing except be patient. Both banks and government will collapse. The cost will be devastating. The struggling Greeks don't get much media attention. Neither do the Spanish who are also enduring difficulties. That the government's narratives are so divorced from reality really proves just how strong our core beliefs truly are.

Well done for reading this blog and (hopefully) shedding some light on your own key beliefs.

Try not to get caught up in wondering whether or not 911 happened according to the government narrative or whether the moon landings were staged. Just question one thing, how can something be too big to fail and what are the costs involved in sustaining the unsustainable? (They are unimaginably horrific. Which means that our current outsized governments are not part of any civilisation, they merely delay it.)

Let me give you a truthful core belief. You can use this as a lens to view the world. It will make understanding the world far easier. If you accept it as true.

The government allows banks to counterfeit currency with the unspoken / unwritten agreement that the banks never refuse a government request for a loan or ever demand repayment of principal.

Take a moment. You need to feel the above truth in your bones. Intellectually, you may wish to do a great deal of research to determine whether or not you can understand the depth and importance of my statement.

You take your time. Four months or four years. Four minutes or four seconds. Once you feel it in your bones, the world changes.

Governments bailed out the banks in 2007 otherwise society, as we know it, would have collapsed. Governments just re-allocate our wealth. Banks create pretend wealth in order to skim our real wealth.

Now you know the truth of it.

P.S. I have written a short book, you may know people who would benefit from understanding it. Simply reading it is easy enough. Unlike this blog.


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