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28 February, 2017

Mindfulness of Self

Hi Gang, I have written a short ebook on mindfulness of Self. For those who want to know how a mixture of new age spiritualism melds with the cold hard logic of critical thought, read on.

I have raged at banks and government, bankers and politicians. That, is not cold hard logic. That is a loss of emotional control. Which is not a problem or a fault, simply a fact. Cold logic and hot emotion do not meld together.

My ebook explains that the hot emotion comes from the ancient part of your brain that connects directly to your endocrine system. In other words, your hormones.

My ebook suggests several things that you can practice that will enable you to increase awareness of yourself and remain cool, calm and collected.

Remaining calm, in the face of extreme stupidity from billionaires and world leaders will dramatically improve your analytical and decision making abilities. That should be self evident.

Now, let me give you an example from this morning. Billionaire burger muncher and Coca-Cola drinker Warren Buffet spoke about why he had bought a vast amount of Apple shares. Now, this is where you don't want any emotional response whatsoever. You might love Apple products and hate Warren Buffet. Fine. However, financially speaking, you just want to know why.

Buffet said he bought the shares because Apple products are blah blah blah. Utter nonsense. Cold, hard logic suggests he bought them because central banks buy them and they have an infinite amount of central bank funds. Warren Buffet is making a bet that they will continue to buy.

FANG - Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google. These are interesting companies and Warren has picked the only one with a physical product.

That analysis took me less than a minute and I actually laughed at Warren Buffets 'reason'.

I am following the practices in my ebook too. This morning my car stopped working on my commute into work. I let it coast to the side of the road. Got out. Locked it. Stuck my thumb out for a lift. Four motorists were busy looking elsewhere and the fifth one gave me a lift. I doubt he would have done so, if I wasn't cool, calm and collected.

At work, I mentioned the car and that I was likely to be coming to work on my motorbike. At which point, one person offered to collect me. Would he have done that had I been stomping round the office in a dark mood? No. He also gave me a lift home. This has increased his commute from forty minutes to two hours. John, you are my hero.

Understanding my ebook just helps with life. It just does.

It is free for the next few hours, then free again on the 30 March 2017

I don't believe anything I just wrote. It all happened. My car is where I left it twelve hours ago, abandoned and non functional.

My day was relaxed but busy. My mood never dipped below happy. One colleague did not believe my car had broken down because I was too cheerful.

Do yourself a large favour, believe this post and read the book, carefully.

It is only a few dollars, even at full price.

You take care, as will I