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30 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.4

I have had a good Christmas break, sharing time with good people, good books and giving some thought to what I consider to be a dying society that is doing far more harm than good and attempting to embrace the dawn of a new civilisation.

Society is full of rules. I now have a good understanding of these rules and how they tend to benefit a few at the expense of the many.

I have chosen to live in a civilisation, one which nourishes our humanity rather than crushing our souls.

Trying to achieve this transition is where I am currently expending some considerable effort. However, it is not as impossible task as it might appear.

I am now aware of societies financial frauds, lies and injustices. I can choose not to perceive myself as a victim of all this or choose to be a victim. Successfully choosing not to be a victim is the path to living in a civilisation.

You can all choose to be part of this society, I can live in a civilisation.

Perhaps a few examples can illustrate how.

I get paid in fiat currency. Potentially one of the greatest weapons a society can wield is not nuclear but financial.  This is not a problem. I can exchange these currency vouchers for useful things such as food and rent. Should I be so fortunate to have a surplus I can choose how to store that surplus.

So, I am no longer perceiving myself as a victim of financial fraud. I choose to earn pretend money, swap it for useful things and save any surplus however I choose too. Current society is dominant and coercive but I can choose not to be angry at it. It will inconvenience me, occasionally or perhaps often. This is not a reason to become angry or annoyed at society, people or individuals. A lack of critical thought has allowed society to develop how it has. Which is why I expend time and effort on this blog. I am doing as much as I choose to. How effective this is or isn't is not my problem. I am doing as much as I am prepared to do and no more.

Therefore, the big change comes from me. I choose to live in a civilisation, which means when someone inconveniences me I  can choose to react to them appropriately. In a civilisation, that would mean responding with calmness and understanding. Rather than with aggression and anger.

I am not a victim of their apparent carelessness, just a civilised human being accepting the inconvenience and generously giving the other person the time and space they need to accomplish their goal.

This serves two purposes in one encounter. I get to live in a civilisation, I don't have an adrenalin rush and display my anger or agitation. Which has no physical benefit for me whatsoever. I get to demonstrate to the other person how a civilised human being responds in such a situation. Thus generously allowing them to be a part of my civilisation, albeit possibly temporarily.

Thus, I immediately enter the civilisation I wish to be a part of by instantly creating it myself.

That is it. That is all I needed to do. I shall, as best I can, practice being a human being living in an actual civilisation for as long as I live.

Part of that requires me to allow others to live in their society, whether or not they are aware of their choice is their problem. As a civilised human being, or at least as a practicing human being living in a civilisation of my own creation, I will help others whenever they request it and if I choose to expend some of my time with them.

I am probably being perceived as being incredibly arrogant to those who live in society. To those living in a civilisation, they will be pleased to accept another.

I only hope, that in the new year, I am able to spend most of it bringing in the dawn of a new civilisation and not letting old habits of living in a society weigh too heavily upon me.

You all take care of yourselves and be kind to one another. Being aggressive may seem empowering at the moment that someone inconveniences you but true power is freely giving someone the time and space to do whatever it is they are doing. Whether or not they appreciate this at the time, later or never is of no consequence.

To those who are interested, I have been reading a Greg Baer book. Best £7.56 I have ever spent. (Thanks Mr Horseman for the recommendation.)

Practicing living in a civilisation is easier than I thought. Instead of getting angry at a woman in a queue, I helped her. Then I graciously noted the presence of another woman and let her have right of way. A man then quickly took advantage of the space. I merely smiled at him. I was amused that he felt the need to 'best' me. I didn't feel any anger, which amazed me. If he felt that he needed to 'push in' then what a pathetic life he must lead. No need for me to impact upon his life negatively and I chose not to impact upon it positively either. Zero guilt. Zero stress. I didn't even feel that I was inconvenienced, merely amused at him and especially pleased with my composure, which was peaceful, calm and if I may use the word without embarrassment, loving.

Have a great year, it will likely be an 'interesting' one, as will the next dozen.

23 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.3

Read this critically thought out article about the future of paid work, written by a critical thinker, should you wish too.


Read this response by another critical thinker.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts below.

16 December, 2016

End of year review

The planet is increasingly controlled by ever fewer people. We could call this capitalism or globalisation. We could blame the Rothschilds or Central Bankers. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

We are all each to blame on an individual basis.

The very few cannot control the many without the many helping.

That is all there is to this blog.

I must attempt to explain why the few controlling the many is a bad idea. First off, this sort of power attracts those who wish to wield it. Anyone wishing to wield such power must NEVER be allowed to have it.

The power comes from the many. Why would any sane, rational, caring human being want to wield power over the rest of us? Yet the many do give away their power to those they believe should not have it. Many of us call this democracy. I don't.

There are many reasons for the many to give away, a small portion of, their power to support a common good. Such as roads, hospitals, farms and industry. It would make sense to form a governing body to oversee these public works. You could add prisons and a justice system, then pensions and then I have just described the very thing I said was wrong. The few controlling the many.

The difference is subtle but vital. Accountability.

The larger a government gets, the less accountable it is to an individual. In other words, the more the fewer control the many then the less control we have over our own lives.

This is just wrong. Assuming you agree, how can we remedy the situation? The solution(s) are straightforward and implementation painless.

1) Don't give away your power
2) Behave in a manner that you fully believe is appropriate.

Number one is readily explained. Always question those who believe themselves to have authority over you. Get them to explain themselves to you. Do this on an intellectual level. If there is to be threats and violence, let them initiate it.

Number two reinforces number one. Even those with low paid 'demeaning' jobs can hold their heads up high in any company, should they choose to do those jobs well.

Complaining and moaning are two things I excel at but both activities are ones where I am actively giving away my power.

That is all there is to it. Just two 'rules' based on just one concept, ACCOUNTABILITY.

The 'executive' summary is just one sentence.

Make sure that those you give a portion of your power to are accountable to you and be accountable for all your own actions.

In my opinion, anything less than that is the path towards your own ever increasing enslavement. A huge step backwards for all mankind and we have already taken it!

Quite simply, we are on a path of increasing inequality and decreasing standards of living for all but a few.

Those who truly believe in big government generally mean their big government and not the opposition. Which I believe means that even they don't actually believe in big government either. They just believe in themselves being right and that the opposition is simply wrong. Marvellous, subject everybody to big government when even its biggest proponents believe it to be wrong half the time! The alternative is a small government that can be, largely, ignored. Which in the UK was around 100 years ago. I suspect that the same was true of America. However, the creation of the Federal Reserve has been crucial to the increasing power of the few over the many.

I suppose you would like to know how we get from a large mostly unaccountable government to a small accountable one? Simple, just be patient and live mostly by the two rules I gave out earlier.  Unbelievably, the same is true regarding the wealth inequality too! (Although, I regularly give out tips and hints on how to accelerate this process. This blog is a 'treasure chest' to those who understand it. You are welcome.)

In the coming year I will publish one article, on the third Friday of, each month. (They are already written, including the end of year review!)

These will attempt to illuminate the concept of accountability as summarised in this post.

As an end of year review, perhaps I ought to mention brexit and Trump. The system gave us a choice between what it believes is right and proper and a stupid alternative. Those voting for the 'stupid' alternative are deemed to be deplorable and stupid. This is obvious. As fewer and fewer people control the many, globalisation / centralisation, then we get one official view. The 'right and proper' view versus what the 'stupid' masses think. As a critical thinker who is mindful of humanity, I write this blog. Just because we, the people, have voted against the establishment, don't expect the establishment to go quietly into the night. It would be foolish to believe that central planners giving us a simple controlled choice, don't have an agenda for either choice we make.

My point is this, each of us should be accountable for our own actions. It should make no difference to most people who the US vote in for their mascot. An amateur golfer, a property developer or a another Clinton. Increasing centralised power means that, eventually, one of these mascots could end the lives of billions of people.

I end with another of my factual historical examples. After world war two, where millions died, Churchill said this. 'The only thing harder than getting Hitler to go to war with us, was keeping him at war with us.'

If Clinton had got in, I would have expected her to say the same about Putin, after world war three. Millions would not have died but billions.




Obviously, this could easily cause many people to have an uncontrolled emotional response. Perhaps verbalised with words like Nazi and Jew hater. This would indicate one thing and one thing only, their conditioning by the central planners / globalists is strong.

The same thing applies to those fearful of Trump or Bremainers worrying about the future.

A fearful being seeks protection by a larger being. In this example, the central planners. This is what the few do, basically terrorise us. A terrified human makes very poor choices.

An authentic human being is not fearful of a property developer or a new set of trading rules. Be mindful of your emotional responses, Those who seek to control us will always use our emotions to their own advantage and against ours.

We can all become authentic human beings but it is not something that the central planners / globalists want. They want the exact opposite, easily controlled and managed populations corralled into geographic areas. Which is what they have.

You have a great winter pagan festival, call it Christmas if you will.

Have a think about what you believe an authentic human being would be like. Then be one. Acknowledge those who help and become aware of the institutions who do not.

04 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.2

Fake news

Change is afoot. Brexit and Trump are good examples. The President of Europe has asked for no more in or out of the EU referendums. As he expects the voters to vote leave.

Centralised control requires most people to believe the same things. Like being in the EU is beneficial to the working man. Russia is the enemy, again. Muslims are terrorists. Immigrants are taking your jobs.

Critical Thought fractures these simple story lines into highly complex issues. So, critical thought is not what these central planners want us to do. Any website or other media outlet not repeating the same simple story lines as the governments, is now being branded as a fake news site. In America, they have doubled down on this stupidity and stated that some fake news outlets have been infiltrated by Russian Intelligence.

Unfortunately, 340 million Americans have recently endured several months of particularly hateful presidential campaigning. Many Americans are now fearful of what the Trump will do next. Mainstream media has whipped up a frenzy of anti Trump and anti Russian propaganda. A fearful human is not a critically thinking human.

Fake news sites provide an alternative view. A differing opinion. This is good. It helps to flesh out a simple story and develop it into an understanding.

Fake news, simply means something that is false. Like reporting a celebrity death when they are very much alive. However, fake news is the label applied to those websites which disagree or argue against the simple stories the government's want us to believe.

In the UK we haven't really heard much of fake news. Currently, it is very much an American thing. Which is unfortunate as America's military is evenly matched against the rest of the world. I worry that the U.S. might start WWIII with the rest of the world when we no longer accept their greenbacks in exchange for the products of our labours.

My personal critical thinking has led me to believe that the global financial crisis of 2008 was just a tremor. There may or may not be more tremors before the big one hits. The big one being a loss of confidence in fiat currencies.

Critical Thought is hard. To do it, you must be calm. Open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Warm, content and relaxed. Critical Thought is based upon logic. However, the same level of understanding can be achieved through empathy or simply understanding the human condition.

Alternative news sites are a threat to our current way of life as they encourage a wider range of views. This makes government far harder.

Government relies on us the population fully believing their simple stories and explanations. We can then easily buy in to 'their' solution. A critically thinking human does not believe the simple story or the solution. The critically thinking human is not wanted by government or those seeking ever greater centralised control and power.

Thus when a website or media outlet is said to be fake by the mainstream media, go and read or view the site and see what you think. You will encounter some very different ideas and beliefs. You may even develop your own ideas. This is good.

As an Engineer, when faced with a problem, before a solution is given all the assumptions must first be stated. Today, a great many assumptions are never discussed. As these assumptions become more detached from reality, the world sleep walks into disaster.

A quick example based upon pensions. One very large pension provider wishes to cut its forecasted growth from 7.5 to 6 percent each year. However, many are fighting against this as their premiums would rise quite dramatically. In reality, the growth has been zero for several years. What they are assuming is difficult to understand. The reality is zero growth. However, no one has suggested they down grade projected growth to anything less than six percent. Bizarre. These clowns are in charge of your future retirement. This particular set of non critical thinkers are in banking, local government and federal government. The pension fund is calpers. Most funds face similar conditions.

The underlying forgotten assumption about pensions is that pension promises are affordable as our children and grand children will be far richer than us.

Which is unfortunate because the assumption has not been realised.

Very unfortunate. Unfortunately, should enough people critically think about this, it will bring down government. All of them.

This isn't a bad thing. Sustaining the unsustainable will make the change far more painful than it needed to be. The change is inevitable. Will the catalyst be another world war or something else?

This blog is written by me and only me. I finance it. I do my own research. I have no staff. I write what I want, when I want. No one helps. No one proof reads. No one makes suggestions. I was expecting this to be revolutionary and to be killed for it. So far, nothing. Which is disappointing.

Be seeing you