X marks the spot


30 September, 2016

Master Level Critical Thinking (29/30)

Thanks for reading this. I will simply assume you are accredited at an Advanced Level, well done.

To become a Master is not easy. Well it wasn't for me. The criteria is simple enough, Do a blog or YouTube channel, or whatever, referencing my blog just once.

Choose a topic of interest to you and mention, from time to time, how critical thought has helped you understand or appreciate something on a deeper level.

Change the way people perceive the world, one mind at a time. Be gentle, for you are treading upon people's beliefs and dreams.

23 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (28/30)

Your choice. Pick a political view you hold strongly. Research the opposing view.

Try and balance the two views in your mind. On other words, attempt to believe two contrasting views. Simultaneously, if you are truly adept.

The world is not black and white is the lesson to be EXPERIENCED here.

Try the same exercise with the Gulf War, the war on drugs and the war on terror. Quite expensive wars that take wealth from the many and give it to the few.

You should now be skilled enough to guide interested people through this, the Advanced Level critical thinking course, so do so.

Once you have successfully guided two others you have my permission to call yourself a David Watkinson certified Advanced Critical Thinker.

What will you be critically thinking about next week?
Share your conclusions.


Should you not feel that you are NOT an Advanced Level Critical thinker, you perhaps rushed a little to get to THE END.

Don't worry. Start again from the beginning. Perhaps you need more support? Ask a local friend to go through the Ordinary Level course with you.

Give whatever problems you had some thought, ask for help and advice. Perhaps ask your Facebook friends for help.

Let mankind have the future it deserves rather than the one the elected leaders of our society are directing us towards.

Question everything, always.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I gave my time freely to help you and I appreciate the time and effort you will put in to help others.

16 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (27/30)

Pyramid scheme time.

Have a go at getting two others interested in reading my Ordinary Level Critical Thinking course.

It ain't easy. Well, it wasn't for me.

The average human being is more than capable of critically thinking. For a great many reasons, critical thought directed at major institutions is not encouraged. Major institutions would be government and banks. There are others. Those who are politically active are generally conditioned to think in terms of red or blue. Thus critically thought is directed and channelled away from questioning the 'establishment' and towards choosing a favourite colour.

Critical Thought is mainly thwarted by whoever we voice the thought at. Should I voice the notion that banks do not have any money, a lively debate does not begin. I am basically ridiculed. No new thoughts or ideas are voiced, my understanding is not advanced.

Critical Thought and then voicing that critical thought is the start of an interesting conversation, or should be. Try it. Keep trying it. You soon find out who just regurgitates what they believe everyone else believes and the ones who are willing to have a novel, original and interesting conversation.

Once everyone believes that everyone else can and does critically think, then the human race takes a huge leap towards its potential. You can do your bit by both encouraging and initializing interesting conversations that are based on critical thinking rather than the colour of Kim Kardashians dress.

That said, silly conversations about nothing do have their place. Most conversations should be trivial and amusing, even those based on a very serious critical thought. Just not every conversation.

Just bear in mind that novel conversations requiring critical thought are very taxing. These mental muscles need to be built up, over time. Hence my early blogs about buying watches or cars. Be aware of peoples limits and gently encourage them along. Two skills that I just do not have.

More next week.

Actually, the colour of Kim Kardashians dress did provoke a great deal of critical thought, which was both novel and interesting.

You all take extra special care

09 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (26/30)

So where are we? Do you still believe the nonsense Obama or Cameron blathered on about?

The point of these exercises is to expose your brain to world views that you don't feel or believe are true. If you are actually doing the tasks I keep setting, you are increasing the flexibility of your brain. It is really hard as you haven't been trained or educated to do it. Unlike some career politicians. Or members of the skull and bones society etcetera.

Dare I mention pensions yet? Two opposing views are:-

The government will reward you for obeying them for all your young and working life.

You are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Two opposing points of view. Research both. Argue both cases convincingly.

Which do you believe?

Don't bother telling me your feelings. Allow your feelings to guide you after you have done your due diligence.

My view should not matter to you. Obama's opinion should not matter to you. Cameron's or Putin's view should not matter more to you than your own.

Am I making you more powerful or less?

02 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (25/30)

So any thoughts about DOLLARS?
Or pounds or euros or quatloos or any other fiat currencies?

Are they a neutral lubricant for commercial interaction?
Or a method for the few to skim wealth from the many?

Get good at arguing both sides. Do your own research. Talk to people. Use YouTube.

This blog is about you critically thinking about big things and small things. The dollar is a big thing, regardless of where you live. Give that some thought.

If we assume that the dollar / Euro / sterling is a subtle form of theft, any ideas on how best to minimise this theft?

A new article next week. Old Man Time will reveal all but he certainly won't be explaining anything.

This year, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, at eleven minutes past eleven, I shall publish my own conclusions. Any research you do will enable you to rapidly evaluate my theories. You may deem my findings as good as gold or about as valuable as a politicians promise. (Hint / subtle manipulation / well intentioned guidance / what difference does it make?)