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04 June, 2016

Understanding 305 what is America?

What is America doing?

America does what it has done since World War Two, whatever is in its own best interest.

However, who actually is America? Not the people but the few financiers who backed the few industrialists who channelled wealth back into the financiers vaults. So, let us say the moneyed interests who use the American people, the American Government to increase their already massive wealth.

The moneyed interests / America deficit spend pretend money aka currency and tax the U.S. people pretend money. Unfortunately, the U.S. people have to exchange their labour for this pretend money. So, via pretend money fraud, the moneyed interests simply take a big portion of the people's labour.

For the moneyed interests, this vast theft is insufficient. They also like to use the U.S. Army to protect their overseas interests / thieving. This is where local dictators are bribed with pallets of U.S. pretend money and real weapons. U.S. corporations then take oil, rare metals, rare earth and anything else of value, in exchange for pretend money.

For the moneyed interests this global theft is insufficient. Using the world bank or IMF, third world countries leaders are bribed with pallets of U.S. pretend money, weapons and U.S. military protection to accept massive loans of pretend U.S. money, which their tax payers then need to earn local currency, which then needs to be exchanged for dollars to service the pretend money interest. Thus creating an overseas demand for U.S. pretend money.

Taking all this wealth via the pretend money fraud is still not enough.

Bombing and rebuilding Iraq and the others, still isn't enough for the moneyed interests.

These wealthy few have also removed vast amounts of wealth from our pension accounts. Leaving behind a brittle facade of the bear minimum. The masses will notice just before the pretend money scam is destroyed in hyperinflation. Perhaps because of terrorists? / EXTREME SARCASM.

Seriously, this is a great deal of wealth. I live in the UK and our overlords do the pretend money scam on our population and via the IMF, scam other countries people to. Obviously, the U.S. take the lions share.

Now, the U.S. moneyed interests are trying to start WW3. Using WWII as their template. So, get Europe to destroy it's own manufacturing base and also destabilise China into a destructive civil war. How? The Muslim nonsense is starting to destabilise many European countries. China have been led down a dangerous path of massive credit growth. The pretend money scam needs to progress slowly. In China it has been forced along at a rapid clip. The wealth stolen from the Chinese people's is vast. They might not understand it but they will realise something is wrong and be very perturbed. Social cohesion may be lost. Faith in the pretend money may evaporate.

War loans and rebuilding industries are very profitable for the moneyed interests. A benefit of huge wars is that the people's of the world blame the other people's of the world for their financial losses. Not the financial overlords, so the game repeats.

That still is not a sufficient theft for the moneyed interests. They also want your respect and unending servitude for their descendants for millennia.


What can we do?
Get everybody to read this blog.

Once you actually UNDERSTAND the world, things will change in a heartbeat.

This blog is for sale, £100 million. I know it is pretend money but enough of you believe in it for me to exchange it for financial assets, real assets and for me to wander the Earth on a nice yacht. Ideally, the people organise themselves and buy the blog, ideally.

Writing more of this is not going to change anything. Getting more of you critically thinking about the world will. Encouraging critical thinkers to consider the world around us, to develop an understanding of what is and what could be. Wouldn't that be worth £100,000,000? The ROI will be more than £100,000,000,000,0000 for the people plus no World War three and no Chinese civil war. Quite a good offer but excessive modesty stops me from accepting a fair price for my rather rare and specific skill set. (The words do not exist to describe my talents.)
How well did you handle the truth?

I don't suppose the moneyed interests will need to extinguish my light, an angry unable to critically think, unable to handle the truth human being will do it for them. Plenty of legal concoctions about that reduce the people's capacity for critical thought and to unbalance them.

Forget the pretend money thing, do what is right.

I have given you a choice, remember that.


  1. what choice? to buy you a yacht?

    1. You need to read deeper. Think about the concepts. The choice is to continue with pretend money or choose something else.

      I am giving you this stuff for free. I am just letting you know of its value. Continuing down this path is costing us far more than money.

      Read deeper. Read slower. Take your time. Don't concern yourself with whether or not I want a yacht. This blog is about you not me.

  2. What I do not understand about those money junkies is that they want it all,even if it means that they are trillionares in a country/earth where the majority of people are piss poor. How fun is it then to be ultra wealthy when the rest of humanity suffers,and there is'nt any more development going forward?

    As it is now,I would rather own 1 million Euro here in the nordic countries and being able to walk among my fellow citizens,than having billions of dollars in some poverty stricken country where I would need bodyguards and watch every step that I take.

    Well,that was my critical thougt of today,and by the way,had you offered your blog for 99 000 000 I wuold have bought it out,but noooo,you had to be greedy! ;)