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01 May, 2016

Accountability 106 (conspiracy theory)

Critically thinking about the results of my critical thinking, I have developed my own conspiracy theory. Are you ready?

Governments are essentially made up of people in high profile, influential, well paid and comfortable jobs. The last thing they want is to be held accountable for their mistakes and stripped of all their perks. . Hence all the committees, advisors and governmental inquiries to share the blame round and dissipate accountability.

All obvious and straightforward. The Nazi / Stanford Experiment, which you know about because you researched it earlier or knew anyway, tells us that we should not allow governments to use committees and police themselves with their own inquiries. Yet we do.

My conspiracy theory? Many of the key players in government fear losing their position in society and so are in no rush to be held to account by anyone. They will not be overly keen on anything that threatens their position. So, that would be me encouraging you to both critically think and hold people to account.

As conspiracy theories go, that was a non event. I was simply describing basic human nature, which is why concentrating power into the hands of so few is unwise. It certainly won't end well unless we end it ourselves.

Am I inspiring you to think deeper?

Are you thinking about discussing this blog with friends and colleagues?

You can start to help whenever you like but sooner rather than later would be appreciated. A week from now, it might need a level of commitment that you wouldn't survive.

There is an army of Facebook people who can change the direction the world is heading from the comfort of their own homes. I am not sure for how long that this will be the case. Worse case scenario? ONE WEEK

Have you done any of the research I have suggested? Watches? Money? Fluoride?

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