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30 April, 2016

Accountability 105 (issuing orders)

Issuing 'orders' to 'superiors' What us the trick?

First, be confident in your assessment of the situation.
Ask yourself a question, am I prepared to lose / be wrong? The answer should be yes and you ought to be able to readily admit to any errors of judgement.

Then there are a few other tricks. You need to unbalance the wrongdoer. Try to shake his belief in his assessment of the situation. Ask him if he is sure? Is he prepared to lose his job? Is he absolutely certain?

Remember, he doesn't know who you are. He doesn't know who you know. He doesn't know what you are about to do. Don't tell him but feel free to give him your name but don't give him the opportunity to question you. Silence is a good weapon here. Short, brief questions. What are you doing? Are you sure? What is your name? Get them to explain their behaviour to you. Simply assume responsibility for the entire situation.

This unbalances people but don't succumb to the Dark side. It won't end well for you.

Wait for the moment that they yield 'authority' to you. Then make your suggestion as to what should be done, keep it simple. Cognitive dissonance, research it yourself, does the rest. Allow them to retake 'control' and then allow them to take credit for, more or less, carrying out your 'orders'. (Might have just lost my job.)

Perhaps my best advice, for beginners, is to think of a situation that you would rather have handled differently. Then replay various versions in your imagination. Doing this also enhances your brains flexibility and cognitive functions.

Once you are certain about what you could have, would have and should have done, then you are more prepared for a similar situation.

It is difficult to describe, just take responsibility for yourself and those around you. Even the wrongdoer. Be accountable to yourself, accept no other 'authority'.

People have various roles to play in society. Fireman, police officer, school teacher, employee, parent etcetera. Every adult has their own area of expertise and responsibility. You can hold anyone accountable for their own behaviour whenever you choose to. You can make suggestions and point out things you feel they have missed. All blindingly obvious but somehow we continually sabotage ourselves. In doing so, sabotage the entire human race.

You take care and don't forget to take the time to appreciate that which you find beautiful, like my watch and especially my motorbike. And my princess, obviously.

Take the time and spend the effort on appreciating what you already have.
For instance, I have an awesome boss, an interesting hobby and live in a truly beautiful part of England. And my Princess, whom I mentioned some moments ago, who is at the very top of the list.

You all take care, of yourselves and one another.

Especially the rich and powerful who depend on us far more than we depend upon them. Not the reality they wish us to perceive but an illusion is an illusion.

29 April, 2016

How does the world actually work? (7/30)

I have mentioned 'trivial' examples of critically thinking in action. I have mentioned large things but I  haven't mentioned huge things.

Huge things would be too big to fail banks, governments and the on going global financial crisis. Critical thinking is vital to gaining an understanding of these massively complex systems.

However, I might be at a significant advantage as I am a systems analyst and design engineer but I doubt it. Before you can understand such huge complicated topics you must overcome what you already know. This puts me at a huge disadvantage as I thought I already knew a great deal. Apparently, what takes me years of self directed research, others know intuitively. I am attempting to get people to understand what they know. Once the many understand how the few steal from them, the stealing ends, instantly.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to encourage critical thought. Many people believe they can and do think critically. Fine, not a problem. Then why do we have too big to fail banks? Almost immediately I get the same set of answers from a wide range of people. Thus proving a lack of critical thinking in the majority of people. Not everyone, a few have critically thought about banks, governments and the economy. These are people I spend my time with.

I am probably alienating most readers at this point. You may be asking yourself who do I think I am? Who I am is unimportant, this blog is about you.

Let us start with what you call money. After three months critical thought on money I found out what you already know. I understood how the banks are robbing us blind. It was the same with governments, large corporations and the wealthy few.

Critical thinking, pointed in the correct direction, means that I now understand how we are being robbed and you non-critical thinkers already know that we are being robbed.

The point of critical thinking is that it allows us to understand things, rather than simply know things.

Henry Ford once said that if the people understood the financial system then they would immediately destroy it. We all know the banks are greedy. Yet we allow them to continue, we even bail them out because knowing something is different from understanding it. Henry Ford is correct.

Hopefully, I have just proved to you that the vast majority of people haven't even critically thought about money.

Now that you have some idea of critical thought, try critically thinking about money. Remember, YouTube is your friend when it comes to research. YouTube is a wealth beyond measure, so use it.

Once you understand money, you will be in a far better position to critically think about banks and government.

Obviously, I could just tell you but this blog is about critical thought. I want to get as many people as possible critically thinking. I have my reasons.

So, stop reading this nonsense and critically think about money. I will give you a clue but it is something that you already know.  Please understand that knowledge is the greatest  barrier to understanding anything. Are you ready? What you call money are just fancy bits of paper with writing on them. See, you already knew that.

Understanding money is the first step to understanding the world and your place in it. It is the first step in changing the world from what we have into something altogether more beautiful.

I am here to offer guidance in critical thinking only. I just thought you might like to try something huge. Understanding the world. Nearly everyone one knows what the world is, very few understand it.

A wise man, once said, pure logical analysis is not the key to understanding. It is merely a step in the journey.

Another said, once you can destroy a thing, then you control that thing.

The working class can destroy a great many things - I wrote that. Re-read what I wrote about Henry Ford.

More to follow. Peace out.

24 April, 2016

Accountability 104 (God)

What happens when I die?

I will hold God to account. Any question I ask will receive the same response. He has probably automated this by now.

The reply will be, I gave you free will.

Yes but, I will stammer.

God will reply that he gave me the option to think critically.

So, what is life all about?

God will say, I was going to ask you the same thing.

So, what is life all about? Well, is it about following the rules of others which 'somehow' creates great wealth for a privileged few?

May I humbly suggest, that life is what we make it. I am happy to work with others and make mutually beneficial rules. When the arrangement ceases to provide any benefit, it can be disbanded and another association made. That won't benefit the wealthy few but it would make for a more interesting life for the other 7 billion of us.

With some Critical Thought, Accountability and a little bit of brainstorming, what a beautiful world we can create. The current world is less than adequate for most. Let us each live the lives we want to live.

But don't impact negatively on others lest they impact heavily on you.

At a minimum, we ALL get to lead, much more, interesting lives and the average exit interview with God, will take far longer than a minute.

23 April, 2016

Accountability 103 (fluoride)

I am attempting to take my own advice. Obviously, it is far easier to just rant at you lot.

A couple of years ago I had an enlightening conversation with a Critical Thinker. We had common ground regarding banks and government. He had his own pet topic, toothpaste. Now, I had researched this many year's earlier. I suggest you do the same.

Our great grandparents bought a very effective rat poison that contained, as it's key lethal ingredient, fluoride. Go back in time and show them what you encourage your children to clean their teeth with and they will be both appalled and amazed.

The fluoride in toothpaste may very well protect your teeth but it is also a Neuro-toxin. Just like the carrier in our children's vaccines, go research that too.

I met the chap again, recently, I mentioned the blog and he immediately thought it was a great idea but my biggest problem, in his opinion, would be getting people thinking clearly. Toothpaste, he says, get them off fluoride toothpastes. I must agree. I don't use fluoride toothpastes or mouthwash.

I hesitate to relate this story as it is one of those topics that generates intense emotional arguments. I might as well try discussing aliens, God, Lizard people or inform you that the moon is actually made of pulped bedsheets. The main arguments being 'I wouldn't poison my own kids' and 'the government wouldn't allow it.' Neither argument makes any sense. There are only two responses. People capable of Critical thought say, 'I will research this at my first available opportunity.' I said, ' What toothpaste do you use?' Then I bought some. I must be unusually sensitive to fluoride as my body and brain both reacted very well to not consuming fluoride. I stopped waking up with a 'hang over'. Drinking alcohol usually gave me three day hangovers. Not drinking alcohol left me with a daily two hour 'hang over'. Now my thoughts are far less muggy and confused. My concentration is much sharper. You may not be so sensitive or you may be far more sensitive. Euthymol is the toothpaste I use. The other chap now goes with bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and I think that was it. Perhaps he can leave a comment below.

Please do comment on where your self directed research has led you. Then you may tell me how you feel about that.

You might want to try consuming high quality food and water too. Grow your own, assuming your government allows it.

Research away.

22 April, 2016

How to critically think (6/30)

It needs discipline, focus, time and effort.

Schools and universities don't tend to mention it, they do not teach it.

Google used to want to know every grade you ever got at school. Now they don't care because the information has no value. If you want to talk to someone who can critically think, don't waste your time seeking out graduates. Just go get a haircut.

Most people don't do it. Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers generally don't bother with it. Most billionaires just keep doing whatever it is they did. Kim Kardashian may do it but she will likely take that secret to the grave.

So, I have written at length about why you should do it. I have given guidance and examples about how to do it. What is the trick?

Critical Thought is self directed thinking for a specific purpose.

Read the above sentence 100 times. Perhaps just ten as that is all I managed.
You can give yourself a specific purpose. 'I want to own a really nice house, for example. Or you might be given an objective. 'Increase sales of deodorant to pensioners.' Then the hard part starts, self directed thinking. You have to decide how to spend your time and resources to achieve the specific purpose.

Practice. Practice. Practice. I set myself objectives that I will never carry out. Such as, what car would I buy, if I had to. There is no need to buy the car. Review your choice from time to time. Was it a good choice or do you change your mind with the weather?

We all know how to think. It is hard so usually we just go with what we feel. Practice thinking, try to do it for a few minutes at a time. Or perhaps intermittently over a days chores. Your brain. Your time. Your choice.

I would suggest you discuss your conclusions with others. We all do this when somebody asks, 'what would you do with a million pounds?'. A well thought out response, one which you have given critical thought to, will stun your friends.

Go for it.

(Advanced Critical thinkers ought to point their intellect at the global financial system, particularly the central bankers. Waiting for me to do it for you could prove to be expensive.)

No jokes or amusing stories because this isn't funny. 700 million of you have been equipped with everything you need to change the world from the comfort of your own home. I just need 14 million of you to put in a fraction of the effort I have. So, thanks to those of you who are. Roughly speaking, we just need another 14 million.

20 April, 2016

Accountability 102 (Stanford Experiment)

The Stanford Experiment was quite remarkable. In my opinion, it clearly demonstrated the ease with which anyone can go from normal to Nazi in just under a week. The Professor in charge went from amiable to Goerbles in the same time frame.

So, under similar circumstances, the human race goes from whatever you wish to call it now to George Orwells 1984, fairly quickly.

The experiment isn't a mainstream topic, the results haven't been endlessly discussed. The clever Facebook person summed up the problem far more concisely than I would ever bother with. Accountability.

No one was accountable to anyone. Which is sufficient to go from normal American man in his twenties to something far darker, in a week.

Whatever, who cares? Well may I posit that without anyone bothering to hold our governments to account they drift ever closer to tyranny.

Fairly obvious, once someone points it out to you.

So, dear reader, does anyone hold our governments to account?

We all, as individuals, should hold each other to account. Anyone claiming to be ' in authority' requires us to be extra vigilant and perhaps increase their medication.

One thing those in 'authority' excel at is forming committees and thus thwarting anyone from holding anyone else to account. For example many may say, 'it isn't my fault, it is what the committee decided.' Hold the individual to account anyway but do it firmer. Don't worry about fair, just send a clear message. The committee will hear it.

Please give it some (critical) thought and form your own opinion. Then express it, discuss it and refine it.

Could I please have more comments from people please? You can do it anonymously, yet less than 1% of you bother. Thank you to John who gave me additional information regarding the Nazi system / regime and nightmares.

So how can we practically hold governments, banks and huge corporations to account?

Try giving it some (critical) thought then do as much or as little as you like.

Bear in mind that, the biggest threat to us is not terrorists but our own governments. Please give this some undivided attention, when you get a moment.

You could also try to steer people to this blog. Or write a better one. I am happy to steer people over to yours.

You have fun fellow Earthlings whichever area of the planet you are currently taxed in and not allowed to leave without 'papers'.

18 April, 2016

Accountability 101

I have an inbuilt ability which I believed was the ability to think critically in real time during 'intense' situations. However, a kind and generous soul, has stated that my ability is that 'I hold people to account for their actions.'

Due to the nature of the blog, I feel the need to critically think about each comment before posting a reply. So I am.

Accountability starts with yourself. I suggest that you attempt to behave in a courteous, polite and professional manner. Balance that with a sense of fun and adventure and you are halfway there.

Now comes the hard part, you need to be able to judge, in real time, when someone is not behaving appropriately. Then you need both courage and strength of character to address that behaviour. To hold that individual, or group, accountable for their actions.

I know, I know, along with critical thinking you do this all the time. May I humbly suggest that if everyone did this all the time the world would be far different from what it is.

So let us give Accountability some critical thought.

Let us start with some common ground, please go and research The Stanford Experiment. Then give it some critical thought, then guess how many posts I am going to write about Accountability.

I will write posts about Accountability whenever I get the time and publish them immediately. I will both label and number them for clarity.

My bosses boss has read one or two of my blogs and was interested in my view of Master of Critical Thinking whereby I get to issue orders to superiors. This concept must be thought of in the context of Accountability.

Anyway, that is the plan. Well done to Mr Skinner for at least attempting to hold Dodgy Dave Cameron to account. If you cannot do it, I promise I will do my best to enable you to do it. If you can, please do it more often.

So, that is two special talents. Let us hope that God has given me the additional talents of teach and inspire. Perhaps some Facebook people can help get people interested in this blog? Or more likely, the Zero Hedge crowd. Or the Twitterers?

14 April, 2016

Hi Team, (5/30)

My skills profile is very spiky. R1, he knows who he is, has a great many skills that I do not have. He suggests that I add in 'stories', from my own life, to add interest. So here is one that I could easily have added into the transportation blog.

One very wet morning travelling in to work on a small capacity motorcycle, affectionately known as a slug, I noted incredibly long lines of stationary cars. I progressed to the front of the queue, police were directing traffic straight up the M1 towards Leeds. For my American readers, the M1 is a super multi lane highway with barely a vehicle on it, with no speed limit. Well, it was in the sixties. Things change.

Now dear readers, I wasn't about to travel on such a road on a bike with a single digit horse power. I had plenty of time to scan the area and parked the motorbike on the inside edge of the roundabout and got off, removing my helmet. ' You can't park there.' Said a girl policeman. I replied with a good morning and asked, politely, what was happening. ' You are getting on your bike and riding it up the motorway.' Said the girl policeman. From the point in time I was scanning what was happening, I was critically thinking and I carried on doing the same throughout. 'No.' Was my response delivered without emotion but to be honest I almost laughed as I had thought she knew me and was making a joke. We then repeated the same conversation another three or four times until a boy policeman appeared. He repeated what the girl had been repeatedly saying but in a deeper voice. I changed tack, 'No. What is the alternative because I am not riding that on a motorway.' No American will believe this story but bear in mind our cops aren't armed. Well, nothing particularly serious. The boy cop was puffing his chest up a little, either attempting to intimidate me or impress the girl. At this point two rather large policeman looked in our direction and asked if there was a problem? Law was on their side. Laws and rules are how the few 'big boys' control the many. Justice was on mine. I had given the boy and girl every opportunity to behave like human beings with an allocated role to play within a civilised society. I said nothing. For whatever reason, boy cop gestured gently with his hand and said that they were fine, not once taking his eyes off me. At that point on, girl cop was quiet and demure. Boy cop, with some guidance, chose to be a human being with a designated role to play and I broke some laws with the assistance of the boy cop.

I don't see what the above adds but like I say, my skill set is spiky. I have to justify to myself, not deleting it. So here goes. Once sufficient numbers of you can determine when to expend your efforts critically thinking, you might believe that you will be able to do what I do. No, when sufficient numbers of you can do what I do, we won't have to.

The four policeman were doing a relatively straight forward task. None of them had critically thought about what they were doing. Their immediate response to someone who had critically thought about it was repetition and aggression. They had been there 30 minutes and I had been there 30 seconds. If they had critically thought about dealing with small capacity motorbikes and scooters, I wouldn't have needed to make suggestions as to how I expected them to behave.

Anyway, back to the Ordinary Level Critical Thinking course.

Last week I mentioned being a better human being due to previous critical thought. I do believe that human beings enjoy and crave social interaction. The ones that don't are considered odd by all the others that are. The majority makes the rules, at least in this instance. (A subject for advanced critical thinkers to think about.)

Today, probably, Mr Trump or Kim Kardashian said something outrageous and on Friday morning people will be talking about how they feel about what they said. This will be a short conversation and a new topic will be required quite soon. Luckily, 'celebrities' say and do outrageous things regularly. So another conversation can soon spurt into life before quickly dying.

What if a celebrity mentions something that we have previously given some critical thought to? In this instance conversation does not die out so soon. A general debate erupts. The conversation becomes much more engaging. Much more enjoyable.

What if two people have given it some prior critical thought? I have no idea. I'll let you know. (That was what I consider to be a joke.)

Should the UK stay in the European union or leave? I don't know. I haven't given it any critical thought and neither has virtually anybody else. Yet somehow we will get to vote on it based on our feelings about what somebody important feels about it.

I strongly suggest the world would be a better place if when Trump said something we spent ten minutes discussing the issue rather than our feelings about the issue.

You take care

P.S. Well done to 83 year old Dennis Skinner for standing up to dodgy dave Cameron. Pity we all don't have the necessary minerals to do the same. Dodgy dave Camerons witty reply was that Dennis was old.

I overheard a conversation yesterday between a young boy and his father. The boy said that he wanted to be in organised crime when he was older. The father asked, public or private sector.

You all have fun

11 April, 2016

Critical Thinking (4/30) - What, exactly, Do I mean?

With Ordinary Level Critical thinking you can talk to an 'authority figure' as an equal.
So, police, head master, doctor, lawyer, politician, your boss and so forth.

With Advanced Level Critical Thinking you could, if you wanted, talk to an authority figure as if you were their boss. Basically, you can interrogate them and make suggestions as to how you expect them to behave.

With Master Level Critical Thinking you will be able to issue orders and have people reprimanded.

Every Friday I will publish another article guiding you towards becoming a Critical Thinker as described above. In total there are 30 articles, which cover all three Levels. The final article to be published on the seventh of October 2016 at 06:30 Pacific time. 

Thanks for your time.

Please exercise the power you regain both sparingly and modestly but with purpose.

The next blog relates to an incident with police where I refuse to comply with two direct orders. I start at Ordinary Level Critical Thinking but soon have to go to Advanced Level Critical Thinking. There was a moment where I thought that I may need to exercise Master Level Critical Thinking.

You all take care


David Watkinson B.Eng(Hons)

Do, or do not, there is no try.

08 April, 2016

Transportation (3/30)

The biggest purchase you are likely to make is your house. Now, that should be one thing that gets a great deal of critical thought. I'll mention houses in a future post.

The second largest purchase is a car. As I mentioned, I didn't bother with critical thinking until late in life. So cars were bought on a whim and I have no regrets. Until I did. After university I got a car with my first job. Then a change of role without a company car. My dad sold me his well looked after executive car, (Honda Accord.) which was brilliant until it wasn't. I decided I wanted a motorbike.

My critical thinking skills led me to a brand new motorcycle. (Suzuki GS500.) However, within minutes the salesman had sold me a larger bike. (Suzuki GSF650.) Two years later, I was offered a test ride on an ugly looking bike. (Yamaha XJ6.) Which was odd because I had only gone in to buy a rucksack. I bought that very same bike that weekend. So far, no effective critical thought. Within 9 months I was trying to trade it in for yet another brand new motorcycle. (Fuoco 500. Long story.)

Wow, quite a lot to follow. Basically, not enough critical thought. It took four years critical thought before purchasing my current steed. (Kawasaki W800.) Which I have had for two years without a single thought about swapping it for something else.

So what changed? Me. I went into the dealership, stated that I wanted to swap my current bike, I pointed to a bike and said I wanted that one and firmly stated my buy price. This time there was no up selling. My mind was made up. I had considered a great many options and made my choice. It was and is the most expensive thing I own.

It was far cheaper than the combined losses on the proceeding bikes and car. More importantly, I can look at and appreciate other motorcycles without feeling that I own the wrong bike. I enjoy riding my bike. I don't believe that owning or riding any other bike would make me happier. In summary, I am content with my motorbike.

Actually, I own two. The other will be replaced, when and only when, I have decided what to replace it with. (Yamaha YBR125.) I have decided that I do need two.

What about cars, you may ask. That is easy. For local trips, where a motorbike is not suitable, I use a taxi. For longer trips, the train or a hire car. Sometimes I hire a small car, sometimes a large car.

That is my current critically thought out transportation plan. It is vastly different from my previous plans where I merely thought that I was thinking. Which is the point I am trying to make, we all think we think. Fine, let's make an effort to make even better decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.

I hope the pros and cons of critical thought are becoming clearer. Once you are able to make effective decisions life gets much easier.

In later articles I will mention global issues and how self directed research and evaluation assists in understanding what is actually happening.

Best of luck in your endeavours.

(The stuff in brackets can be ignored. You should have not paid it too much attention anyway unless you chose too. Now for the advanced critical thinkers, how come I got a negative interest rate on financing the W800 over three years? Total price to pay is well under the retail price. Anyway, I will cover this later but not soon. Feel free to recommend replacements for the YBR 125, it must be road legal and cope with UK winters. Thanks in advance.)

Have a great weekend
Feedback (2/30)
Thanks everyone for the feedback.
There are concerns that this blog is not of a sufficiently high calibre. Which is fair.

I would rate it at Ordinary Level. Nothing I wouldn't expect the majority of 13 to 16 year olds to cope with.

I take the point that I could have spared a sentence to stir the juices of the type of people that would independently search out such a blog. I humbly apologise.

Let me make up for my error. Why isn't this taught at schools, college or university?

I will cover the reason later, much later.

An associate asked me which watch I bought? I suppose I could have mentioned that too. The curious crowd can look at it at http://www.finewatchesofchina.com/ga8378-bbb.html

Another serious point raised is that I haven't thought critically enough about this blog. Perhaps, but to those I say carpe diem.

Finally, after I bought my watch I came across T100 and T25. The curious can look here but it isn't part of this critical thinking blog. Feel free to make it part of your critical thinking.


Keep the comments flowing, they are appreciated

Just for fun, if you find a watch that you feel I would swap mine for, let me know. Upper price range is only £200 - comment on why you think that I would prefer it. Be warned, quarts watches with seconds hands will NEVER be considered.

03 April, 2016

Critical Thought (1/30)

This isn't just for University Graduates. This is for you, your friends and your family.

Nowadays, I tend to critically think naturally and far too often. It has made for a pleasant life but not an overly exciting one. However, as a teenager and in my twenties I didn't critically think and my life was far too exciting. Today, I am happier.

I believe that we do need to critically think to ensure our choices, over time, allow us to lead the life we want to live.

Day to day, most people do not think critically. Choices are made, options are taken and opinions are asked for. This is good, it means you get on well with people and you are getting on with enjoying your life. Critical thinking means pausing for thought. It means listening closely to yourself. It means seeking out information that isn't just given to you. It basically means, taking control of your own choices.

Perhaps a small example will help. Recently, a colleague showed me his new watch. I looked at my watch and liked his better. I could have just bought a new watch, one I liked as much as his. In actual fact, that is what I did. However, I did spend / invest a considerable amount of time acquiring a new watch. Actually, I bought two. Critical thinking allowed me to buy the right watch(es) for me.

So, I wanted a nice watch. The idea is to buy a watch, the right watch, that will serve me for many years. Such that I get full value for the time I spent earning the money to buy the watch. Not have a watch buying competition where I keep buying a slightly more expensive watch every time I can afford one.

So, I thought about a Rolex. Surely, the most famous watch brand in the world. Nobody can beat a Rolex? Actually, lots of companies produce more expensive watches than Rolex. Mostly ones I can't pronounce or even spell correctly. So, buying a Rolex does not guarantee a colleague won't top it. Critically thinking about what I wanted saved me several thousand pounds. I thought I wanted a watch that everyone would envy. Critical thinking made me realise that I wanted a nice watch. A watch that I thought was nice. A watch that I could wear that meant something to me. Other people's opinions are welcomed but they wouldn't be able to detract anything from the pleasure wearing it gave me.

I now am quite knowledgeable about watches. I know why I wear the watch currently on my wrist, it wasn't about money and prestige but it was about what I actually wanted rather than what I thought I wanted. Critically thinking has allowed me to spend my money and time to its best advantage.

Without critical thought I may have bought a fake Rolex. Very quickly realised that was a mistake and then bought something else. Within weeks scratched the glass, replaced the glass, scratched it again, then found out about sapphire crystal and bought another watch. And so on until I never wore a watch again or I had an actual real problem and wish I hadn't wasted so much money on watches.

That is basically what critical thinking is. You become an expert in yourself. You become very knowledgeable in the things that interest you. You invest your money and time more wisely. Leaving you more money and time to spend doing whatever you choose to.

Hopefully, you know that you make lots of poor decisions or that you would like to make great decisions more often. A reasonable excuse is that you haven't sufficient time or money and that you have no control over the future. You are quite correct.

Over time, critical thinking, will give you more time, more money and more control over your future.

Critical thinking helps with any decision, large or small. It helps you do your job. It helps save you money. However, it isn't easy. It is time consuming. The pay offs do accumulate over time, leading towards the life you want rather than the one you keep living.

So readers, how can I help you?
I would have thought more examples?
Perhaps, a brief write up of my recent watch buying saga?
Perhaps you have a question?

I shall make the effort to write something each week for you to consider over the weekend